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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Go-busters Episode 10 Review: We Are Family!

The episode starts with the team in a deserted area as the grunts are trying to sneak around. The team is getting ready as they get their weapons ready. When the first shot is fired the team jumps into action by dodging the laser and attacking the grunts. At the base there are no readings of a Megazord or a Metaroid even with a large enetron spike somewhere and Nick is the one panicking this time. More and more grunts appear as they suspect the high amount of enetron was used to create them, but why? With the amount of foes increasing the team morph into the Busters and continue the fight. We go back to Nick who is still stressed out and Usada expects he has some sort of date. Nick says that's not right and then talks about how Hiro works too much as he slams the desk. After the opening credits we see the team killing off the grunts, but more keep appearing. Yoko is getting frustrated by the increasing numbers and Ryusei begins to overheat a little. He hides and begins to cool off. Sadly though a grunt finds him and tries to attack. When Ryusei dodges the grunt he starts to go into overheat mode and sends it flying with his punch! He gets out the blaster and shoots down the grunts and he even begins to destroy more than the grunts. Now Gorisaki starts to freak out, but at least the fight will go quicker and Nick hopes for that. Soon the base gets a message from the police about a robbery and it is by the Vaglass as a video is shown of Enter driving away with cargo. Ryusei finishes off the rest of the grunts and then faints.
Back at the base, the commander tells Hiro and Yoko that Enter's used the grunts as a distraction. What Enter got was a material called Deltanium 39 as it is used to create Megazords. Instantly Hiro thinks that Enter is beginning the construction of the new Megazord and since he has the blueprints it maybe true. What is needed though is to have a Megazord transfer the material to the cyberspace like they do with enetron. Commander knows that Enter will make another move and tells the Busters to be ready for that time. Nick is a little happy to know they are only on alert and tries to get Hiro to go somewhere. Hiro declines the offer as Yoko walks in. Nick tells her that Hiro's sister has an art show opening today and wants Hiro to show up. He knows that the exhibit is just an excuse though since his sister called many times before to try to get him away from fighting. Ryusei figures out that Hiro will simply ignore her since it seems better than arguing with her, but Nick is not happy with this and will go on his own. He will try to talk to her, but Hiro says that she hates him. He still has his hopes up and heads out. Yoko is worried that Nick is going, but there is no need to worry since he has no sense of direction. Going to Enter as he reports his robbery of the Deltanium to Messiah and he wants it in the cyberspace now. Enter says that he will get it there and leaves.
We then see that Hiro was right as Nick is already lost. He tries to hitch a ride, but no one will stop for him. A taxi stops near him and in it is Rika. Back to the team as Hiro talks about how Rika never liked machines. She never went to where he parents worked since she was afraid of the Megazords. The commander then pops in and tells the team that she not only rejects machines, but she also rejects the Vaglass and the Center. Nick is then talking to Rika as he tries to convince that he is fighting for an important purpose. She jumps to conclusions as Nick won't tell her where Hiro is and she says that Nick is separating her from her brother. Next is Enter getting human hostages and they are given the metal cells and become his slave. Enter then sees where he can get his next roid and the reading is caught. Nick is told about it and the team get reports on it as well. They see the human hostages being used to protect the Deltanium as the mission is to rescue the people. Hiro will go into the building, Ryuji will fight the incoming Megazord, and Yoko will take the sky. Nick then heads off, but before he does he decides to take Rika with him. With three minutes before the Megazord appears Hiro gets to the building, but he hears Rika call out to him. He first yells at Nick for bringing a civilian to the scene, but he soon approves of Nick's decision to show Rika what he does. Rika then tells him that he doesn't have to fight and he is only being tricked to fight. The discussion is cut short as two people run out of the building while being chased by grunts. He shoots them down and before he heads into action he tells Rika that he decided to fight as he transforms and runs into the building.
When he gets further inside he finds the Metaroid and damn does it look awesome or what? With Yoko she tries to attack from above, but there are too many people around.  There is only one more minute left and inside the fight begins and he tries to shoot the roid, but he has super speed and dodges the attack. He tries to slash Hiro, but he flips backwards to avoid it. Both then go into super speed and clash multiple times, but the roid gets a hit on Hiro sending him to the wall. He tries to attack again, but the same thing happens, but he this time he gets shot. With only seconds remaining, Ryusei has to defend the people from the Megazord since if they get transported into the sub dimension they will not survive. He transforms his vehicle into the beast mode and fights the Gamma Megazord. Rika sees this and begins to scream in terror, but Nick calms her down and tells her she needs to watch. While the team struggle he tells Rika that the reason why the Busters fight. It is to prevent any more casualties from happening and that the team has a lot of burdens they carry from their past. The team is not doing well as Yoko cannot attack the hostages, but they use themselves as shields, Ryuji cannot take on the Gamma roid by himself, and Hiro's speed is decreasing because he is human and fatigue will decrease it. The roid goes into super speed once more and Hiro throws his gun forwards and dashes to the roid. They clash some more, but Hiro is constantly being pushed back. While still being in super speed though he gets the sword onto the blaster and uses the special buster finisher as he gets the roid off his guard as he is destroyed.
Things seem to get a little better as Yoko gets all the hostages knocked out, but Ryuji cannot distract the Megazord for much longer. The only hostage left is a kid who is on top of the Deltanium and the Megazord is ready to transport it. Yoko is stopped by some grunts and Usada tries to stop the zord by firing, but it simply fires back at him. Hiro gets to the roof and uses his super speed to save the child from being transported. He cannot move him and it is up to Nick who flies in and saves both Hiro and the kid, but the Deltanium has been sent to the sub dimension. Enter appears to con congratulate the team, but in the end he has won this match and leaves. The metal cells then disappear from the hostages and even with the Deltanium gone everyone has been saved so it's a successful mission. He gets the child back to his parents and Rika finally sees what Nick has been saying. She sees Hiro take off as he gets into the 01. He then appears with the Ace and slashes the Gamma bot away from Ryuji. Now the team combine to make Go-buster-oh and start to walk towards to the zord even with it being shot at. When they slash it once they use the Dimension Crash to finish the Megazord. When the fight is over, Nick and Hiro go back to where Rika was, but she has left. Nick is sadden and thinks he may have said too much, but Hiro thinks she understands as he shows him a picture she has drawn of the family. Nick is still not happy, but Hiro shows him that a red cheetah is in the picture which symbolizes Nick. We end the episode with Nick in complete joy to see that he is part of the family.
Episode 10 is another great episode as we finally see Rika again. I have to admit I didn't like her character at first, but this episode clarifies on her reasoning. It really changed my opinions on her and seeing her change her mind was very touching. Reminding me the drama was near perfect as we see some more screen time for Nick and he does great. He does push Rika a little much in the process though he shows her what the team is really doing which again is a very nice scene to watch. The fights were great mostly with the best Metaroid in the series so far. It's said he didn't have a name, but I bet it was Gun Roid. The design was nearly flawless and he had super speed like Hiro. He gave Hiro a great challenge and how Hiro wins was excellent as he uses strategy to win the fight. The mecha fight was good as well since it the Gamma bot and those are the best so far. Gammas are the strongest as they both get what Enter wanted. Going to Enter he gets a little payback from the last episode as he throws a lot of things in the team's way. Overall the drama and action were nearly flawless and it was very nice to see Nick shine in this episode, I give it an A-
Next Time: Now it's Gorisaki's turn!


  1. Pretty good episode. The episode establishes a bit more of why Hiromu is fighting and what the deal is between him and his sister. During the first 9 eps, I didn't care at all about Hiromu. While he was a deep character, I felt like there was no reason for him to be in the show. Ep 10 portrays Hiromu more importantly, which is great. And I seriously wished that this had been established much earlier on. This does make some of the earlier eps a bit more interesting to watch.

    I hope the show continues to make use of Hiromu the way ep 10 did. And I also hope that Ryuuji will be made a bit more important in ep 11. While he too is interesting, he's still a character that I've yet to feel like I should care for.

    Yoko is slowly getting there. She's directly tied to both Hiromu and Ryuuji's character, so she's kinda like the middle member of the group. Now that I understand Hiromu a bit more, it makes various interactions between him and Yoko more interesting. However, her interactions with Ryuuji still need work imo.

  2. I agree and I think the series is focusing on the buddy roids more often for a couple of episodes. 9 had Usada and Yoko and 10 has Hiro and Nick so 11 is Gorisaki and Ryuji. I really wished they didn't make a straight path like this as I wanted some mixture. Right now the series is a little above average as I love the style of the show. It's using some of the sentai cliches and making something new like how the solution of the problem can be a win and lose situation. Which is another thing I am amused by is the realism in this series.