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Monday, May 7, 2012

My Super Sentai: Kowai Sentai Monsterranger

I had this idea in my head even when I was much younger and only knew about Power Rangers. Originally I thought of this to be a more mature ranger series, but when I started to write it is about the time I found Sentai. My idea had constant changes now since I tried to follow some of the Sentai cliches, but do them differently. You can say it's like Go-busters in a way since it starts with a team of three and the team have armlets. I think I got all the gears moving so I am in the middle of typing my own Sentai. Monsterranger has a little connection to Go-onger with the different worlds, but there was another one. It is called the Monster World and it mostly symbolizes hell. The creatures are called Remnants as some used to be human souls. Thanks to the environment of this world it changes their form. The theme is mythical or movie monsters as I will follow many parts of mythology and any type of movie monster made in any type of cinema. The king of the world who is called the Dark Avatar wants to expand his people to other planets and his first sight is Earth. On Earth though there is a  warrior who has been awaiting for their arrival. A human male who somehow know of the Monster World. Red Vampire is the leader and is named Alex he is a very silent person, but he speaks loudly with his sword. The plot will revolve around him the most since he is the one who formed the team. His goal is to find all the five warriors who can wield the armlets and so far he got two others to join him. Josh (Blue Werewolf) and Sarah (Yellow Siren) are saved by Alex one day during the first attack of the Remnants. The armlets react to them and their greyish look changes into a blue and yellow armlet. Alex constantly trains them, but Sarah isn't very open to him. She thinks he is hiding something and it does seem that way as he doesn't talk much about how he knows about certain things. Josh is very relaxed with this and knows the protection of his world is more important then bickering with his team. Throughout the plot though they do find out about Alex's past and spoiler alert he is actually a monster from the other world. Back in the Monster World there was a war as Renegades tried to overthrow the Dark Avatar. Alex's true name is Alucard and is a vampire. The truth is revealed around the tenth episode as he meets another survivor who has turned to the side of evil.

The villains in the series are pretty noble and trust their leader the Dark Avatar. The Avatar himself is in an orb state as it is stated that he is in a healing state. With a portal he can send his warriors to Earth and there they can fight. Sadly the portal is still going through some upgrades and so only a small amount can be sent per day. Luckily he has commander who can teleport between the worlds. His name is Warp and is based on the myth of teleportation. He is the warrior who trust his king the most and follows whatever he says. Along with the commanders is Heca who is based on a hecatonchires a beast with many faces and arms. The past Renegade is called Unknown as he is a form of life that cannot be identified. He is insane ever since the war and is sent to just be a way of killing the team. When he fights Alex he knocks him out of the transformation and the Remnants never saw who the leader was before. He quickly knows it's Alucard and the team is shocked to learn that he was lying. Alucard flees and Unknown is happy to learn that he is not the only Renegade left. He turns into his own part of the villains as he fights both the team and the Remnants. The team quickly regroup with Alucard and forgive as he tells his story. He was sent to the Earth to find the other warriors. He survived a bomb attack and heads off as he reaches the portal after a brutal battle with Unknown. With new members being found the Dark Avatar actually finds one by himself as Heca steals one of the armlets. He creates his own warrior with the chosen human, Kerry as he is the Black Shaman. Soon he is broken free from the Dark Avatar's control and joins the team. The last teammate is White Loch, Ashley and she joins with no hesitation, but has much to learn. The full team is formed around the 20 mark.

Monsterranger for me is way of bringing back old methods of Sentai and mixing with new things. For instance this is a big spoiler, but I am planning to kill the leader. The Dark Avatar fully heals and attacks with a much bigger army as the portal has been getting the upgrades. Alucard fights the Dark Avatar and almost wins, but Warp interferes and fights Alucard. There the Avatar takes his chance and stabs both Warp and Alucard. Warp is killed by the attack, but Alucard struggles to continue. The Dark Avatar decapitates him and leaves with a victory, but his own people begin to question him. The team are shocked to find that Alucard is killed and his armlet is missing. The next warrior to take his place though is Unknown as the armlet reacts to his human half and reverts him back into a human being. Unknown's real name is Kean and the armlet fully reacts to his power. He fights with two swords unlike Alucard and will try hard to finish Alucard's dream. This is going to be a more serious series, but I still want to try to put some humor in. Humor isn't my strong point at times so it could feel flat. I am thinking there will be around 50 episodes and won't try to put too much filler in. I want the series to feel more dynamic than episodic. Tell me what you think and tell me if I should edit somethings around. I will discuss of the weapons and mecha in a later post.

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