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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard For 2012? (Update)

Once again the rumors are appearing and it says that with the next Televi-kun it will show the new rider, Wizard. It seems that the rider franchise is going to Magic like Super Sentai did with Magiranger. First I even thought of a magic rider and called him Magi. I was planning to mix some Magiranger tributes in it, but with this new magic rider I could have to scrap the idea. First I am happy that we are getting a magic rider because there hasn't been a mystical rider other than Hibiki. I think the timing is good because with Go-Busters which is a Sentai series that is making new turns so it's Kamen Rider's turn to do the same. I am disappointed though because if it is true, Kamen Rider Saido won't exist. I think the Ninja rider would work better because he can tribute Henshin Ninja. Now all I wonder is how Kamen Rider will use a magic theme and I hope it doesn't try to make tons of Harry Potter references. We will see when the issue comes out in the 30th of June. Well it seems the Ninja will stay hiding in the shadows since Kamen Rider Wizard has been confirmed.


  1. Kiva was also a mystical rider

  2. oh whoops, srry about that. Still that's only two mystical riders there should be more imo