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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard's Magical Appearance

Luckily I have found wifi where I am at right now so for a quick post I want to talk about the new main rider, Wizard! It has been revealed today and even though Saido won't be real I am really happy to see this new rider. First I love the mostly everything about the design. I can clearly see a warlock theme thanks to the overcoat like look. One thing that I focus more on are the eyes of this rider. They looks very different from the usual rider eyes, but the bug theme is still alive. Also this rider will be using the form gimmick like Double and OOO. The base form is called Flame Style. How they will use the gimmick this time there will be rings. It's more like a combination of the Double and Fourze gimmicks. There will be forms, but the rings also can make different attacks. Going on with this is the belt and it's not bulky like Fourze's, but the hand simple looks odd. First I think this transformation would probably be quick since it's just need a hand scan or something like that. Switching weapons and attacks around should be easy for this rider. It's just the hand looks out of place, but it won't be distracting though unlike Fourze's gigantic mess of a belt. This is surprisingly a simple design, but it looks great. A nice touch that will be around is a red cape and capes can look awesome if done right. Also I like the chain on his side with the many rings he has right now. The helmet keeps a good bug theme and the red and silver works well. The chest pops out with it's red color and the overall black suit makes many more things pop out. Overall the design is good, the color scheme makes you notice many things about the suit, but the belt looks a little odd.
The weapons of this rider keep the hand theme which can be seen on the weapon. It's a gun that can also chance into a sword and this has been said by Linkara, but guns that can turn into swords are awesome! We also see two of the rings. The first one can make Wizard grow one of his body parts to attack the enemy. Then there is the copy ring which can make Wizard make clones of himself. Now I can really see how the Saido rumors started. I am looking into Naruto for my explanation because there is the clones and a character who can enlarge himself. So maybe someone heard this and thought of ninjustu. The magic theme works better with this though I think because of the rings which then makes me think of MAR (an underrated manga and anime series).
Overall I am full of excitement for this new rider. Fourze wasn't the best looking since he looked more goofy. This rider looks more serious and has good details. I like how they used the Wizard concept and I was expecting something else, but the design is much better than I thought. The concept of rings are really good because of their size and the hero can keep wearing them even out of suit (not sure about that). Even though the belt is weird, it's still very simple and reminds me of a standard rider belt. It's doesn't have many switches or inserts for many things. I really like how the rings will be used and I wonder if more than one ring can be used at a time. All I hope is that the weapons will be used with good variety unlike the Fourze series which is something I haven't talked about in my post for thoughts on Fourze. Also to the people who are comparing him to other riders and saying he ripped them off, just stop. First of all, all riders are under the same company so there is no ripping off. If something looks similar high chance it can be for referencing and you now how hard it is for anything to be original today. All I am saying to those fans is that just because he looks like other riders doesn't mean there should be hate. Kamen Rider Wizard will appear September 2nd and he will appear in Fourze's summer movie.


  1. Can you please do a review about the rider suits and even a top 10 suit design?

  2. I can do that. I want to take my time though because not only the suit has to look good it has to fit a motif well. So that list could come late this month or early next month.

  3. Oh boy this is gonna be controversial...I'm looking forward to it.

    But I feel like it needs to be a top 20 because between all the various main rider forms, secondary riders, secondary rider forms on occasion, and villainous riders there's a LOT of suits.

    Just got some figures for Alternative Zero and Another Agito and boy...are they nice. I'd have trouble ranking my favorite suits I really would. Good luck with it!

  4. 20? Well I guess that can happen. It will easily take more time no doubt

  5. Hah, yes that's true, it will take more time.

    I've been spending the past 2 days picking out S.I.C. figures to purchase. Some of those designs are quite a different take on the characters.

    I'm particularly fond of the various Blade re-imaginings. And I'm sorry to say, that while Blade's story has picked up a bit from ep.'s still not gripping me in any big way. Yet I'm almost compelled to get S.I.C. Garren!

  6. Well I guess Blade for me had the right story. There are great moments though that I have mentioned before like how the heroes use their actual strength. Oh wait I don't think you got to one of those really good moments yet. Well I guess there is something for everyone and Blade was right for me because I loved it's story and the ending was perfect.

  7. Well, I guess the story hasn't really hit its stride yet. I'm in that part where the previous main baddie is gone and the replacement baddie is now an almost ally and yet we're not sure...and it's just repeated fighting with the monster of the week without a whole lot of development happening.

    I think they didn't give enough time for the characters to really sink in from the beginning. Most of them have done an almost complete 180. Especially Tachibana. He started off as the mentor, went almost immediately to the enemy, then almost immediately to the inferior, then grew to be the comparably-strong rival....he feels like he's settled in on the role of tortured mentor now though.

    He's got more faces than the judge robot from Transformers: The Movie I swear.

    They've stopped making so many illogical decisions. And Kenzaki is actually the voice of reason now, speaking up for maybe-not-actually-Chalice. Kotarou is a RACIST DOUCHE now though...and not in any way the go-getter journalist he started out as.

    I feel like I'm watching a different show almost...since all the characters have been basically rewritten completely. But the shadow of the beginning is still there and it'll take a few more episodes to wash it out.

    I'm disappointed not to have seen even one form change by episode 20...I know they have them. At least 3 judging from the figures I've seen. Heck TAJADOR was intro'd in episode 20 of OOO. Overall Blade feels like it hasn't had a single F**K YEAH moment like that. I need those from my KR. Kuuga had 'em, Agito had 'em, and BOY does Faiz have 'em. Blade...not yet. Maybe later.

  8. Having now finished Blade, you are absolutely correct the ending was PERFECT. The story really hit its stride right past where I was when I last posted (~25-30) when they gave up on Mutsuki overcoming his demons (they never finished his storyline though! What happened to him as a child dammit!?) and the characters had properly settled into their respective roles while the story turned to focus a lot more on Hajime.

    The first 20-30 episodes of Blade were...quite bad though. Filled with illogical decisions and nonsense that felt like it was just an excuse move the plot forward, but considering how almost NONE of the plot points in the first 20 episodes actually AFFECTED the latter half of the series, in my opinion, they might as well not have existed.

    Have you seen the Blade movie though? Now *THAT* ruined a perfectly good ending. Unlikable characters, plot holes, and totally backwards characterization abound.

    Hibiki is looking good so far as well.

  9. Remember the Kamen Rider movies are like what if's. The Blade story still follows the ending from the series. I loved Blade fully, the overall mystery was well handled and it was great to see things go back and forth. It shown doubt and confusion which soon lead to bigger conflicts. For me the first F YEA moment is when Garren made his comeback and defeated Isaka. Haijime always had some focus and it is because he was the biggest part soon and they soon put focus on him as the show had other plots to go through. Blade also had great action for me since the riders actually defeat their foes in different ways compared to other rider series. Like when Blade and Garren took on the King Undeads. The Blade movie was ok for me I do agree on how things got swapped around. Blade ending really was perfect as it's sad and feels done, but still leaves on a big thought. I liked all four riders with Garren my favorite and this series just hit all the right notes for me from beginning to end.

  10. But the Blade movie didn't make any SENSE even as an alternate ending...because that assumes all the rules established in the show should hold.

    Among the bloody stupid things in the movie are (*SPOILERS PEOPLE*):

    Albino Joker can speak Japanese and go into human form without using the Spirit Undead card.

    Albino Joker has a priority OTHER than destruction, which is against established canon.

    The Human Undead did NOT give up the power. He used it to make Humans the dominant species. As there was only ONE of him, he COULD NOT have reproduced or spawned humanity any other way.

    FURTHERMORE any power was not "given" to the Undead, it was granted by the assumed "God". It would not be kept in cold-storage.

    The power was described as "omnipotence". If Albino Joker had succeeded, he would not have become a monster. He'd have just destroyed things with a thought.

    It was postulated IN THE FILM that a HUMAN was required to undo the seal on the power. But when Hajime swapped with Amane-chan the seal didn't make a peep. (This can be slightly explained by Hajime having Kenzaki open the seal before jumping in, but it doesn't explain why the power didn't just go kaput as soon as they think God doesn't know the difference?)

    The Rider System eats away at people that fight with fear in their hearts. And the chick CLEARLY had fear in her heart and thus should have had a very low fusion rating with her Rouzer, making her ineffective in combat.

    And almost worst of all...are we REALLY expected to believe that Jack and Four cards were used as stand-ins for initials? And they get Albino Joker to reveal himself on this evidence alone? A guy that has established trust with his team and was shown to do good deeds on a whim from 5 minutes into the film? REALLY!? This hearkens back to the ridiculous leaps in logic from the first 15 episodes of the series.