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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Go-Busters Episode 14 Review: Cosplaying Never Fails

I know the last review I did was for Go-Busters, but since this is the series first two parter I wanted to finish it. Well the story begins where the first part ended with the new Hornroid coming out and fighting the team. His attacks work immensely this time as Red and Blue Buster's Morphin Braces are destroyed by the sound waves. Yoko isn't affected by this for some reason, but she soon starts to power down. When she hides to get a boost from her candy the Hornroid finds her and takes her hostage. He takes Yoko with him and the Busters lost this battle. Back at the base they get a call from the Hornroid saying if they get in the way of the Megazord Yoko will be killed. At first it seems the team is focusing on the Megazord and this starts to worry Nakamura and she tries to change her mind by showing what Yoko's big surprise was. It was a birthday party for the Buddyroids since it is the day when they were first operational. Hiro and Ryuji are moved by this, but they were planning to save Yoko anyways, all they have to do is save her before the Megazord appears. The two heroes sneak into the building and get a plan to disguise Hiro as Enter. It works for a little while, but the Hornroid catches on because of Hiro's heartbeat. A quick attack is needed as they do and Yoko is given a little boost. She escapes and now before two minutes they need to finish the roid and they do so. Now they fight the enemy Megazord and use their mechs at first, but soon combine into Gobuster-oh to finish it off. The team continue on with the party for the roids and even though it isn't a surprise anymore things still went greatly. Where is the commander though? We finally find out what he has been doing as he meets the new Buster and his Buddyroid!

First thing I want to mention is that Enter didn't appear at all in this episode. It really felt odd to not see him at all. It would have made the scene with Hiro dressed up as Enter a much funnier is the real Enter actually saw it. The episode doesn't feel as rushed as the last part as things run more smoothly, but the mech fights are still going way too quickly. A lot of other things went well in this episode like how the Hornroid was. This one was more of a challenge because of his shock waves. The reason why his shock waves did so much damage to two of the Busters is because of the last roid. His shock waves are simply like an add on and when the second when is applied it will hurt the target. Yoko wasn't hit by the first one so that is why she could fight on. Which brings me to another point with the kidnapping it makes sense since Yoko could have easily make the fight a win so getting her was smart. Sadly I don't think the Hornroid noticed at all because he just finds her when she was recharging. I like it that he quickly thought of a new plan, but I was hoping he would plan the kidnapping because he noticed Yoko wasn't affected by his attacks. In the next fight the Busters are immune to the sound waves because the two got their Braces fixed. It was a quick fight, but it works because it was meant to be one. They needed to finish him off quickly so that they can fight the Megazord. Now onto the Megazord fight, it was short, but still good. I liked seeing that the team remembered about the shock waves and they quickly cancel it out with Ryuji's own shock waves. Overall the roid was used somewhat right, but he got lucky and then he is easily defeated. The fights were good with the first one showing that the team can still pick up after themselves even when injured because Hiro still fights even with a broken brace and visor. They even got a comeback for a while, but then Yoko got kidnapped. The second fight was the best showing the great teamwork of the team and the mecha fight helps with that as well.
Something else that was well done is how the heroes were reacting to the situation. I liked seeing them still thinking about the operation and their teammate at the same time. Hiro and Ryuji were even reflecting on the past hours and it was nice to see Hiro realizing his mistakes because of what he said to Yoko in the last episode. Ryuji even cried a little when he saw the surprise which supports his brotherly image, showing that he is happy of what Yoko was doing. I loved watching when the two went to save Yoko because this is their first sneak in mission. We usually see them look around or when they enter a building they attack when an enemy is spotted. This is the first time where they have to enter without being spotted. It was a nice change of pace for the heroes showing some more of the spy motif. The Buddyroid interactions were nice, but not as good as last episode. Their scenes were pretty quick this time with Usada freaking out and Gori helping out with maintenance. Nick didn't do much which felt a little odd, but oh well he was still around at least. One thing I always liked it how Mori kept noticing that the commander wasn't around. A great point for the roids is when they jump into action and help the team. It shows that he is an important part of the team, but it was nice to see the other two working without him. Nakamura also stepped out a little because she worried for Yoko. It's just nice to see characters like these interact like friends, mostly the spy shows and movies always punish people who try to make friends or further relationships.
One final thing to talk about is the new Buster. This is Beet Buster and he is played by Hiroya Matsumoto who was Magiyellow. First thing for sure is that he sounds different and we didn't get to see what he looks like, but his personality jumps out already. He reminds me of Basco a little because of his arrogant behavior. By the sound of it his acting seems somewhat better, but I will wait when we see his face. The design looks pretty good a nice gold color and having the usual black like the other Busters. The helmet stands out because of the horn and by the previews for the next episode their weapons looks interesting. With his Buddyroid Stag J he is voiced by a good actor. Sadly we didn't hear much from him, but this is Yuichi Nakamura the voice actor who does the voice for Hazama in Blazblue. At first when I heard about this I thought it was going to be Yuuto, but I quickly realized it wasn't. Stag looks impressive and his appearance is much better than the other roids IMO. Since he will be more of a combat roid he already looks ready for battle than the other three and gold and silver never fail. He also has a nice addition of black for his body so overall his design works greatly. 
Overall this episode was very strong even without Enter. Thanks to strong bonds between the characters and a pretty good villain. The fights were quick, but worked with building suspense and a dynamic feel. Also the episode gets me pumped for the new Busters. So I give it an A- because even though the villain was good he mostly got the upper hand because of luck, but the pacing is a lot better than in the last episode.
Next Time: It's time for new Busters!

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