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Friday, July 6, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 37 Review: Pass or Fail

Well I hope I am getting back into reviewing episodes because I need to catch up. I will probably do two or three per week. Either way I am looking with Fourze now and it's pretty good. First the plot for this episode is that the school is giving a test for students who want to enroll in a space program. A test is given out to the students and only a selected amount are chosen. Gen and most of his classmates get in. For Shun, Miu, and Jake they just hang at the Rabbit Hutch. There is also a new character as her name is Elleen. She is an American and has trouble with speaking Japanese at times. The tests begin and even Makise makes a quick appearance and he seems fine unlike another past swticher. To begin the selected students are in a confined space for 72 hours! During this time they make paper cranes and then an alarm is triggered to see how students react. Ryusei completely flips out, but everything gets calm soon thanks to Kengo. Sadly his pain kicks in again, but then a new Horoscope appears! It's the Aquarius Zodiart and for some reason she heals Kengo. At first Gen doesn't notice and they fight, but he starts to notice her healing powers when she can heal herself. She even survived the Cosmic's limit break. Gen also notices that it's Elleen because of her bad speech. Now part two of the test begins and Ryusei is kicked out for freaking out, but he keeps that a secret. There are two teams and they have to build a robot in three hours. Gen's team has issues since Yuuki cannot find the camera parts and they soon have to improvise. Elleen isn't happy with this at all and goes back to the confinement area. There she finds something and starts to attack Yuuki when she appeared to get her plushe. A fight begins, but even with Meteor around the two cannot finish her off. Before the episode ends Elleen tells Gen that Yuuki hid the camera parts to make herself look good since she thought of the improvised robot. Then the episode ends with Fourze and Aquarius fighting.
First thing I want to mention is Yuuki. She is getting really annoying and this episode didn't help that out. Back then it was okay at times, but now her yelling is getting quite annoying. Yuuki isn't a bad character though because she has a lot of spirit that makes her bearable. Elleen though is a much better character. I love the little mess ups she has and the casting for her character is dead on. Also she can be strict, but it's only to Yuuki since she hates carefree people. This is because her father couldn't get into space and then the man who replaced him was a person who didn't try as hard. Elleen wants to be in space because of her father not making it and she likes effort which is why she helps Kengo. This also goes to why she hates Yuuki and now she thinks Yuuki ruined her chances she will fight anyone who sides with Yuuki. Gen is also in a better form because he is noticing things more often. He saw the healing powers and realized that Aquarius helped Kengo and he noticed the bad speech. Overall the characters were in good form and their interactions were very well done.
She has an "A" and then Gen gets the letter "F" (I see what you did there)
The villains have a higher motif in this episode, but it doesn't play much in the episode. With the tests the students are being pushed to their limits. Then with Hayami he is looking for the next Horoscope and the test makes it easier for him. Elleen has been a Horoscope for a while though and she isn't getting along well with Hayami and she didn't even want to fight Gen at first. This is another reason I am liking Elleen, her passions is a great characteristic and she also has a soft side. Like other switchers though their passion is taking over them. Which is something I find funny because Horoscopes shouldn't be having this issue since they have a modified switch, but since the new members are younger it makes sense.
The action was alright. The first fight was quick, but I did like seeing Gen notice things and going straight for a finisher. The second fight had some odd quirks. First is with Libra he just pops out for a little while and then Meteor attacks. Libra is barely in this fight at all. Luckily we did see Meteor use the Fire switch which was nice to see. Another nice thing to see was the double finisher with Cosmic and Meteor Storm. Overall though the action was used to build for suspense since Aquarius cannot be defeated by those moves. There wasn't anything though that had great action feeling though.

The episode was a good watch. The new character Elleen shines very well as her character jumps out a lot. I loved seeing her get angry because it really seemed like she was losing it. Her desires also help with this and I hope to see what her conclusion will be like. Yuuki is annoying, but she is important for the plot in this episode and has a good heart. There are some good funny moments like Ryusei flipping out and Elleen with her bad speech. The action was used well for suspense, but they went way too quickly and the only showed some flashy things to try to support it. Overall the episodes works better with characters which should be more important than the action, but there wasn't a good balance. I give it a B-
Next Time: Fighting in the rain haven't seen that in this series yet (correct me if I'm wrong)

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