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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Poll Results #30

Did You Like Episode 37 Of Fourze?
Yes- 12
No- 0
Did You Like Episode 38 Of Fourze?
Yes- 12
No- 0

Did You Like Episode 14 Of Go-Busters?
Yes- 10
No- 1
Did You Like Episode 15 Of Go-Busters?
Yes- 12
No- 0

What Do You Think Of Beet and Stag Busters' First Appearance?
Awesome- 27
Good- 6
Bad- 0
Horrible- 1

Did You Like Episode 8 Of Akibaranger?
Yes- 12
No- 0
Did You Like Episode 9 Of Akibaranger?
Yes- 15
No- 0

Do You Like The New Format For My Reviews?
Yes- 15
No- 1
Go back to the original way- 1

Do You Like The Idea Of Goseiger And Gokaiger In The Same PR Series?
Yes- 7
No- 27
How Do You Feel About Goseiger Being Adapted To MegaForce?
Happy- 25
Ok- 11
Mad- 6
Should have used Gokaiger first- 6

How Would You Rate Big Bad Beetleborgs?
Great- 25
Good- 4 
Bad- 4
Horrible- 3

Do You Think Wizard Is The Next Rider?
Yes- 37
No- 2
No, it's Saido- 25
No, it's the Magic Painter- 0
No, it's the Tablet Rider- 0
Do You Like How Kamen Rider Wizard Looks?
Yes- 24
No- 0

My Thoughts
I am very sorry since the reviews are not coming as fast, but hopefully I should be back on track. For the next episode polls I will put them up when I have actually reviewed an episode. Sadly I can't say anything on the two Akibaranger episodes since I haven't seen them. I will get to them sometime though. This also goes for Beet and Stag Busters' appearance since I haven't seen episode 15 yet. I am happy with this new format for my reviews, it is much easier to do and I don't have to leave my thoughts at the end. I am happy to see that only Goseiger will be adapted for this PR series. First it is true that Saban cannot skip a Sentai series so Gokaiger will come next time. So far there is really good news on Megaforce and I hope Saban will make this a great series. I wasn't expecting such high ratings for Beetleborgs, I know as a child I would have voted great as well. I'm older now and this series just can't hold itself together (Oh childhood memories, I ruined you). There may not be Saido, but Wizard looks awesome! I love his design as its simple and the series itself is going back to some old trends in rider series. Fourze is very different and I like some of the differences, but it is pulling some strings that are ticking people off including myself.
Let's hope Wizard doesn't suffer the same issue Fourze got when he first appeared.

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