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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 42 Review: One Friend (Major Spoiler Alert!!!)

With Virgo sending Meteor to the Dark Nebula, Fourze tries to fight back, but Virgo retreats with Libra. Hayami is now doubtful of Emoto and what his intentions are. Also Emoto is worried about his plans since Gen still hasn't went into Cosmic by himself. Gen and Kengo are completely dumbfounded that Tachibana is Virgo since he is acting as an ally and a villain. Later the day we see the group not used to being separated from the club. Shun and Miu start imagining Switches, Jake runs away from Gen, and Yuuki is still afraid. Gen talks to them and motivates them to be happy and nothing else. Back at the Rabbit Hutch, Kengo is trying to help Gen get into Cosmic, but no luck so far. Since things aren't looking good, Gen wants to continue the special training with Tachibana. At first this seems completely stupid, but with evidence that Ryusei is alive which is the Meteor Storm top still spinning. Gen wants to trust Tachibana and to befriend him and soon Kengo agrees. With Gamou he seems to be getting suspicious of Emoto since he has sent Meteor to the Dark Nebula. Emoto tells him that Meteor is useless now and he found out who has been helping the riders. He talks about Tachibana and the Anti-Zodiarts group as he tells Gamou that he will get rid of Tachibana. Before Emoto leaves he is warned by Gamou about friendship will bring him to his end. Soon Tachibana returns to train Gen. This time however, Tachibana is using Virgo's powers. During this fight Gen tries to talk with Virgo and trying to convince that he is a good person, like Tomoko tried to do before. Gen keeps on talking about how Ryusei and Tomoko are still alive. Virgo tries to ignore Gen and goes on about how friendship ruined him. Gen is a man who gets strengthened by them, but Virgo got strong from killing his friend. Gen sees that Virgo is actually sad with all of this and those powers are only a reminder of what he did. Things get serious quickly as Virgo is going to finish the training with a big attack. Virgo keeps scolding Gen that he should fight alone and before the attack hits Gen he goes into Cosmic States! He survives the attack and uses the finisher to destroy the vase. Tachibana is glad to see that Gen achieved Cosmic by himself, but Gen did it differently. Gen didn't do it alone as his bonds kept him strong. At first Gen couldn't go cosmic because he had doubtfulness in his heart because his friends were off the team. That didn't matter though the bonds are still alive even if they aren't on the battlefield. After Gen's speech everyone comes in and they have overcome the fear of death. Yuuki wants to continue on fighting and get her dream, Jake changed his mind from what Gen said to him, Miu got scolded by Jun that she should continue fighting, and Shun will protect Miu no matter what. Tachibana is amazed that they have done so much for Gen and then he finds out the truth of friendship. Gen tells him that friendship is simply finding buds and nothing else. He tells Tachibana that if he gives up he would never meet anyone else to help to get through the tough situations. With that Tachibana admits defeat and brings back Tomoko and Ryusei from the Dark Nebula. Emoto then reveals himself in front of the gang and says he was betraying the Horoscopes. He also tells Gen that he should continue protecting his friends as they two become friends. The Horoscopes soon strike though as Emoto is shot by an energy arrow and Sagittarius appears. Emoto tries to fight, but he ends up protect the gang from more arrows. Gen and Ryusei fight Sagittarius and Emoto then gets everyone out, but he takes Kengo and himself somewhere else. At the roof of the school Emoto tells Kengo the truth about how he killed his father. Before he could anything else, Leo and Libra appear, and Emoto continues to fight. During the fight he tells Kengo that the goal of the Horoscopes is to collect all the Horoscope switches. Back with Fourze and Meteor as they are completely outmatched as Meteor is shot in the shoulder and Fourze is defeated before he could perform the finisher. With Emoto as he took the fight somewhere else, he is soon defeated and is slowly dying. Before he dies he is happy that he can at least die knowing he had a friend like he did in the past. The next day comes and Emoto gets a proper goodbye on the moon. Ryusei puts Tachibana's mask on the moon as he promises to fight as Meteor. Gen will keep his promise to Emoto and Kengo hopes that Emoto can apologize to his father beyond the grave.
This episode has the same improvement as the previous episode, but it is slightly better thanks to some great writing with the character Emoto. I have to admit I wasn't expecting Emoto to be a big character, heck I thought Tachibana was Kengo's father. It makes sense now how Emoto was doing all of this though. With Virgo's powers he easily teleported to the M-bus and helped Meteor. Also the M-bus is where other victims have been sent to as they are in a state of sleep. Emoto really was strong, but he was conflicted between what he did in the past for power. This was his way for trying to redeem himself and that was to stop Gamou so he gave Kengo the gate switch so that Fourze could be discovered and made Meteor to help in the battle. I really love knowing that Emoto knew a lot of things and did try to tell Kengo everything. What made him more strong was how he tried to push Gen further. Then there was him learning the information he needed all of this time. Emoto was a really big plot point character, he did a lot, and having a strong character overall will make him very memorable. Heck even Gamou was sad to know that Emoto is dead.
Continuing on the drama point of this episode was how the others were acting. They have been fighting for a long time so it makes sense how they feel right now. Then seeing how they resolved their fears was a strong scene. Gen is always enjoyable as always because of how he can understand people. He is reminding me of Kuuga more often now. Gen keeps to himself and no matter what he won't change. He also can get to people's hearts and have them realize things they should have. Even Gen had to realize something and that was how bonds stay intact (reminding me of Persona now). He was separated from them on the battlefield, but that doesn't mean he could see them again. He is a very nice guy and only wants the best for everyone and after getting those doubts out of his heart he could finally achieve Cosmic by himself. So not only Emoto learned something, the others, and Gen have moved on and completed something that not many can do.
The action was on top thanks to more switches being used, having Virgo fight very seriously, and seeing Sagittarius. I love seeing the switches being used and this time we got some good combinations. First was the Board and Stealth switch. Board gave Gen flight and Stealth made him invisible and he tried to get Virgo that way. Also Magent States was used along with Launcer and Gatling to make an all out attack combo. Sadly those good thoughts were easily countered by Virgo. Virgo easily knew where Fourze was and he used a black hole to absorb the big attack. Then continuing with Virgo we saw a lot more from his fighting and boy was it good. Virgo has really strong abilities and it scares me to remember that Emoto said that there are two stronger ones than him. The whole training was really great and the directing of both the scenes from both episodes were near flawless. Then there was Sagittarius who is Gamou he is very deadly with his bow and I love the use of arrows as they can be more deadly than other weapons if the user is skilled. Gamou is very skilled and his has fast firing time, can fire multiple arrows, precision, and accuracy. These four things make him a very hard foe and I can't wait to see him in action more. Finally there was Emoto's last stand it was a basic fight overall, but seeing Leo and Libra not holding back on their past ally was hard to watch. Further more I know Horoscopes have fought each other before, but this was straight up murder this time. They didn't have a fancy way of doing it like how they thought the Dark Nebula was used. Sagittarius just straight up shot him and then Leo and Libra finished him off.
Overall this was a very serious episode and thanks to great action and drama it's a very memorable episode as I hope it progressed the series greatly. Emoto is probably my favorite character because of how a hidden star he was and soon shining incredibly. I give it an A+ for a well paced episode with a huge turning point. RIP Emoto
Next Time: It's time for my Horoscope to appear!

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