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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 41 Review: Heartless (Major Spoiler Alert!!!)

The episode starts with the villains as they are wondering about how the riders have been getting support. Through the discussion Hayami finds out that Emoto is Virgo. We also learn that Emoto was the one who helped Gamou start his plans. Gamou gives him the orders to attack like the previous episode and he will. It has been three days since Tomoko's departure to the Dark Nebula and everyone is worried about her. Soon Tachibana gives the team a call saying that he thinks Tomoko was attacked. He even thinks that the others could become targets and will be in more danger soon. He wants the ones who are not connected to this to leave as Gen, Ryusei, and Kengo will stay. They will not withdraw though as they want to save Tomoko. The conversation then changes to about Cosmic form when it is mentioned since Tachibana wants Gen to access the form without the use of friendship. Gen doesn't agree, but Tachiaban insists since friendship is dangerous. The next day comes and Tachibana was right. Shun, Jake, and Miu are attacked by Virgo giving them threats. Virgo soon appears in Gen's classroom as well and tries to take Yuuki away. Gen transforms into Fourze and fights and soon after they are teleported away, Meteor joins the fight. The two try to fight Virgo, but he is too strong and he soon gives Yuuki the same death threat. The gang also learn about Tomoko and he soon leaves afterwards. A small roid tries to follow him, but it is quickly destroyed. In the Rabbit Hutch the team is having a hard time since Virgo is very serious about killing them. Members start to leave as the only ones left are Gen, Ryusei, and Kengo. Soon Tachibana appears in person in the Rabbit Hutch! He comes to see if Fourze can still go Cosmic, but sadly he cannot so Tachibana will give him special training. They go out to a mountain area where Tachibana gives Gen a challenge to take and destroy a vase that he holds. The challenge is much harder than expected though as Gen has to use Fourze. We then see Hayami confronting Tatsugami about Gamou's plans since all the details haven't been clarified yet. Hayami is having his doubts and Tatsugami attacks him for it. Hayami transforms into Libra and summons Dustards, but Tatsugami doesn't use any Zodiart powers and take down the Dustard. Hayami then backs down. Back at the training it is cancelled soon as Kengo has found something out. There is a strange sense of energy coming from Tachibana's hands. It's the same energy from the destroyed robot. Tachibana then pulls out the switch and transforms into Virgo! Ryusei quickly attacks with Meteor Storm, but Libra appears to help. Ryusei is then defeated and sent to the Dark Nebula!
First I must talk about Emoto since we now know that he is Tachiabana. This is really mind boggling since Tachibana helped out the gang so why is he Virgo. Why is Emoto helping both sides? Since he is Tachibana he knew Meteor identity the whole time! I am really surprised on how they are using Emoto, he is doing a lot more than I thought. He also did many evil deeds which lead up to the events right now. Another thing that is interesting that Hayami didn't know about Emoto being Virgo. Tatsugami knew so why didn't Hayami know? This shows more secrecy in the group and seeing Hayami being doubtful in the whole thing is nice and this could make him turn a new leaf. Tatsugami also had an impressive scene with him kicking major Dustard ass without any powers. Now Tatsugami's rage could mean three things, Tatsugami is just very loyal to Gamou, Hayami could be getting close to something, or just both. We even got a little look at Gamou's Zodiart form and we all know he will be a force to reckon with.
One thing that got a great adjustment was the action. There was a little more switch action in this episode as we got Fire States and Double Rocket States. Fourze even used other switches for a little a while in both action scenes. It's just nice to see this switches in action mostly since Cosmic has been hogging the screen time. With Cosmic in active though more switches were used which was a good thing. The best part was Double Rocket States being used in the series for the first time and hearing Gen say "Nadeshiko" was a nice nod to the Megamax movie. the first action scene was nice since we got to see more of Virgo's powers. He can use these spheres to throw at his foes and they act like black holes completely destroying any material. Then there was the training scene and seeing Tachibana pull off many tricks was nice and seeing Gen having more training is nice. Even Meteor was used in the training as he fought Gen. Tachibana had many tricks like spikes in the hills, Meteor's bike the Powerdizer, and even the M-bus that shot at Gen. Overall the action was much better than some of the past episodes.
The drama was also at it's best in this episode since things are getting more serious. Seeing the team actually being threatened like is a big change. Shun and Jake were simply attacked, but with Miu her friend Jun could have been killed. Yuuki was completely scared of Virgo and so were the others. I did like Miu though as she stood up and tried to bark back at Virgo. Then the scene where the club is falling apart was really sad. It was very impacting to see the team starting to split up like this as they are right. Virgo is serious and to protect themselves they need to back down. Gen even lets them go since he could tell they were speaking what they thought and probably even agreed with them. Ohsugi even gives the three some nice motivation which shows a different side of him since we just him be a clown and trying to punish the gang before he joined the club. Yuuki's was really hard to watch because she was really thinking hard, but she wanted to live for her dream. Ryusei was acting like his old self since he learned about Tomoko. It reminded me of when he went straight into action when it regarded Aries and it's nice that those shipping scenes are actually leading to something.
Overall this episode was really great. The suspense and drama is really getting to it's highest points right now since the series is getting closer and closer to the end. Emoto is also becoming a much bigger character than expected as his actions seem very confusing right now, but things will be explained well I hope. The action also had a step up thanks to the suspense that has been getting added in. Virgo is a really tough villain as he has been mostly hiding in the shadows most of the time. I will give it an A for showing more emotions of the characters and using other switches for once.
Next Time: Sagittarius!!!

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