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Monday, July 23, 2012

Movie Month: Kamen Rider Double Returns: Kamen Rider Accel Review

My first movie review was Skull's part in the Double X OOO movie and I reviewed Eternal's movie, so why not continue with that. This is the first Return film with the awesome rider, Accel. It takes place during when Akiko and Terui are married, but right now things aren't going well. Terui is focused on work a lot and still treats Akiko the same way he usually does. He still calls her chief which must feel odd at times. Soon during Terui's shift a bunch of Dopants appear and they attack a woman. He defends her by using Accel's powers, but after the fight she escaped. The reason they are after this woman is because she is in a ring of thieves. Terui continues on his search and he soon finds her again. The Dopants appear again though so Terui kicks their asses like the badass he is without going Accel. To make things worse the girl is handcuffed with him, but that's barely a handicap for him. Things don't go well as the Commander Dopant comes out. The Commander Dopant is a bad cop who has shot Aoi's father in the past. He puts a bomb on the girl, Aoi and shoots Jinno! Now Terui is the blame for the shooting and the Commander wants the girl to return an item she stole or the bomb will go off. So now Terui has to help Aoi and keeps his hide safe as other officers are hunting him down. Things get worse when it gets covered in the news as Akiko thinks Terui is interested in Aoi. Now she jolts out, but sadly Shotaro and Phillip are held up by other officers. What is this item that Aoi stole and what will happen to the rider and the others?
Pros- Terui is still a badass in this film, hell it makes him look more badass. He gets some great fights both in and out of suit. There was a really nice blend of action in this film and it gave it some freshness to the film. The Commander Dopant is a great villain, I won't say who he is, but it's pretty obvious. His character is exactly like Ryu when he begun to fight, the only difference is that Commander turned to the dark side. Commander will only clean up trash and his back-story is similar to Ryu as well so he is a FOIL for Terui. Seeing these two fight were great and the dialogue between them were great as well. There is a new form for Accel in this movie called the Booster form. Even though I liked Trial more, the Booster form is still awesome. The bright yellow color really stands out and I like the chest plate and the visor. It increases the bulkiness a little, but it fits the overall design. Not only we see Double return we also get the lovely magician Lily (play by Nao Nagasawa) and her scenes were short it's nice to see her character return. The new character Aoi was interesting, but nothing special. I really did like how she helped Terui and her ending was good as well.
Cons- If you thought Akiko was annoying from the series, holy crap she get's ten times worse here. I never really found her that annoying in the series, but my goodness she really got me mad this time. I know jealousy can make people over react, but she constantly goes crazy. There was also a running joke about a divorce and it just never hits right. She really just got in the way this time.
Even in that movie she got annoying
Overall- Akiko was pretty bad in this movie, but at least she calmed down soon enough. The film is really fun though and I will give it a watch. There is a nice blend of action with out of suit fights and suit fights. The new characters were pretty fun and the villain was damn good. I know some people may criticize me for liking Commander so much since he can be cliche at times. That part I don't really care about though, I actually like some villains who just want to take over the world or just want revenge. My reason is because their actions counter that flaw. It shows passion in a villain when they do what they do. Mostly what I am saying you should like a villain for what he is doing and not focus in on the cliche. Overall I give it an A- because even with a big annoyance the film balances very well with action and drama. Also Accel is awesome!

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