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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 40 Review: Fore! (Spoiler Alert!)

Where the last episode ended was with Meteor and Taurus deciding on what their challenge shall be. Golf has been decided and tomorrow the two shall have a golf match, if Meteor wins the people shall have their souls back and the school will go back to normal. Taurus leaves, but Virgo is stopped by Meteor. We then cut to Gen and Yuuki who hear Mibu's story. It seems before her injury there were four hooligans doing whatever they want. Mibu was thinking of punishing them, but Yuuta thought that a club period should be made for them so they can do whatever they want without disturbing anyone. The four abuse it though and start to play with fireworks and have a barbecue. Mibu confronts them, but they don't take her anger very well and start to tease her. When sparklers are thrown at her it catches her off guard as she falls down some stairs. After hearing the news this causes Yuuta to change his views and sought out for punishing the wrong and with his new Switch he can do so as he fights for justice so he says. He brainwashed the four into his slaves and then begins his conquest for order. We get back to Meteor as he stopped Virgo to ask her some questions. He is curious on why she is helping the team since she gave Meteor the clue about the Pegasus Zodiart from before. Virgo denies this and vanishes. At night we then see Ryusei getting ready for his challenge, bad news is that Ryusei has no experience with golf. A new school day comes and this time the council is after Tomoko because of her make-up. She is saved by Emoto though who has recently got a room in the school. The two talk about the moon for a while and Tomoko mentions that they are similar in a way. Going to Gen, he is having trouble since Yuuta is doing all of this for justice, but he clearly sees that Yuuta is going mad since he tries to brainwash the girl who leads the council army since she didn't catch Tomoko. Gen comes in for the save and he tries to fight Yuuta, but he still can't lay a touch on him. Gen soon flees with Yuuki and the girl, Yuuta starts to brainwash more people, and make them search for the three. While they are hiding the girl shines some light on the issue as it seems that Yuuta is not acting in the name of justice, but for love? He seemed to have a soft side for Mibu even though they argued a lot and when he heard the news he was shocked by it the most. Gen now goes away to get Mibu and soon the golf match begins. Taurus acts all high and mighty since he doesn't put everything into it at first. Meteor is stuck though in the woods, but thanks to Meteor Storm he makes the ball crash through and make it into the cup before Taurus. The match ends with Meteor winning as Taurus over reacts and misses the shot, but he soon crosses on Meteor and brainwashes him! Back to Tomoko who came back from the moon she decides to show Emoto a piece of moon rock, but she starts to feel an evil presence. She looks into his room to see that Emoto is Virgo! She flees and drops the moon rock. Back to the school and the army has captured the gang including Jake. Also with Meteor as a slave all seems lost, but Yuuta's attention is caught by fireworks from the school roof. Mibu is the one doing it and since she is breaking the rules she needs to be punished, but even with Gen taunting Yuuta he can't hurt Mibu. He destroys his staff as it releases all the souls back into their owners. All seems well as Yuuta was ready to give up his switch. Virgo appears though and Yuuta tries to fight her... well him I should say. Sadly Yuuta lost and is set to the Dark Nebula. It's now up to Foure and Meteor to fight him, but even with Cosmic and Storm they are no match for him. He flees again and he gives Tauru's switch to Gamou. There Gamou gives Emoto the order to have no mercy and so he does. Emoto finds Tomoko and she wants to believe that Emoto is good, but he attacks and sends her to the Dark Nebula!
Wow a lot happened in this episode
First I have to say this episode was more of a surprise than I thought. First the duel between Meteor and Taurus was shorter than I thought, but it was a golf match with one course. It was good though as we see Yuuta hesitate in the end. Also seeing him turn on the deal was a good twist. Some people complained that they would think the Meteor vs Taurus would have more focus, but I knew that wasn't going to be it. The story was focusing on Yuuta since he had a sudden change of character. His story was pretty nice and I liked seeing how it got resolved. The turns made a lot of sense since his way of justice was odd. It makes sense he was just acting out of love since Mibu had a fondness of the rules, so Yuuta tried to make the school follow all the rules. Sure I still have to complain that Meteor didn't get much spotlight in this arc, but what Gen did was really good. Seeing him still doing a lot even out of the action is very good for a hero. He tries once more to help a fellow student and it works like other times. Which is another thing I am liking, Gen is actually succeeding in his missions to help people. These are Horoscope members and most of the times we just see them go berserk. So it's nice to see Yuuta turning to the side of good in the end and his end wasn't by Fourze or Meteor this time.
Another good thing was Emoto and holy crap I was expecting him to be some sort of Zodiart, but not Virgo. It does make sense though now since Virgo follows Gamou a lot and we did see Emoto with Gamou before. The most shocking part is that we learn that Emoto was the one who actually killed Kengo's father and not Gamou. This is a real page turner because all this time we thought Gamou was the one who was doing everything, but in the end he was just pulling the strings to the events. The scenes between Emoto and Tomoko were good because of how they seemed to be bonding a little. In the end though he is a Horoscope member and now he is out to attack other than hiding in the shadows. What's bugging me still is that he did help before, but why is he doing it? Does he still have some good parts about him or does he do more than we think? A quick note we find out that the Dark Nebula acts like a prison so does that mean that they people who were thrown in there are still alive?
The action was very little this time, but for it's replacement there was really good drama. The match between Meteor and Taurus was quick as I said before, but it works well. Then the last fight was Fourze and Meteor fighting Virgo. It doesn't last long though was Virgo is still more powerful than the both of them. Virgo also mentions that the Horoscopes' plan is in it's final stage, again why is he telling them this? There also wasn't much comedy this time, expect for when Ryusei begins his golf training. Overall there was a lot more drama, but it didn't feel like there was too much as things flowed at a good pace.
The fight did show aspects on Virgo's abilities as well.
Overall it's still a strong episode thanks to the drama. Fourze is really putting together a good story right now. The best part right now is Emoto since there seems to be two sides with him. He is helping, yet he still fights as a Zodiart. Yuuta's character was nice and his reasoning is understandable and thanks to the switch his emotions just went crazy like other Zodiarts. Then seeing Gen do more out of the action is always good for a hero. I give it a B+ mostly because there were other things lacking in the episode.
Next Time: Double Rocket States Kitta!

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