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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 39 Review: Laying Down the Law

With another new commander appearing, the Taurus Zodiarts is controlling the school with an iron fist. This episode continues from the last arc as we see Yuuta from the previous episodes with a new personality. The episode starts with the student council hunting down a student for breaking the rules of the dress policy. Gen and Jake interact and still think that the old one is still in order. The student council has changed the policy now and soon Jake and Gen have to get rid of their old outfits. Meanwhile Kengo, Yuuki, and Tomoko meet up with Yuuta for special classes for the space scholarship and since Eline couldn't make it, Tomoko is her replacement. There we see that Emoto from past episodes is the teacher. There Kengo asks Emoto about anything about the switches and mentions that they are being used for evil. Soon Gen, Jake, and Ryusei confront Yuuta and are challenged. Yuuta faces Gen and Jake in their specialties and owns both of the two. Also they have to obey commands since they have signed a contract. We then see Taurus' powers which is control as Gen cannot even attack him. Ryusei didn't challenge Yuuta yet, but when he tried to fight him as Meteor, Yuuta didn't feel like fighting. By the next day the school is changing more and more thanks to the council. Gen and Jake have changed their looks completely and without Gen being able to fight he plans to find things out about Yuuta. To do this he gets himself and Jake into the student council and even though Jake didn't want to at first he changes his mind when girls start to adore him for catching students. Gen also gets another member and gets him to talk a little. He mentions about the past president who is in the care of the hospital right now saying that it's her fault that Yuuta has changed. Soon the boy starts to freak out saying he wants to quit. The gang split up as Gen and Yuuki go to the hospital and then Kengo, Tomoko, and Ryusei try to catch up with the boy. Yuuta gets to the boy first and takes his soul and makes his body in his complete control. The two get to the hospital and meet the girl named Mibu who seems to like how rules control people so there is a suspicious aura around her. Meteor fights Taurus again and before Meteor is defeated, Virgo intervenes saying that Meteor could be more useful. The episode ends with Meteor challenging Yuuta to a match of golf which is Yuuta's specialty.
The new commander Taurus is pretty interesting so far. First I like how we got to see a little introduction from him in the previous episodes. We didn't get much from him, but we got some simple character traits. This works well because we see a whole new side of Yuuta. He used to be carefree and peaceful, but for some reason he has changed into a dictator. Another thing that is nice about him is how calm he stays. He actually listens to orders sort of like Elien, but this time he doesn't struggle with Hayami. His powers are very different from the others and I like how he doesn't have things like the others. He has more mental powers similar to Aries as he gets complete control of the school. It's just this time he can hold onto that grip thanks to contracts and his student council being his little army. Overall he is pretty good so far and I hope his story conclusion will be good since the character Mibu gets my interest as well and there should be a good connection.
Emoto gets seen again and even though he doesn't get much screen time his scenes were interesting. This is because it pokes at that he is connected to Gamou and knows of Kengo's father's death. Kengo asks him questions that connect to the main issue and his answers were very vague which could mean something. Also I really liked how he talks about Gamou being the sun, Kengo's father being the Earth, and him being the moon. Emoto is turning into an interesting character since he seems to know more than we think. Another thing that was pretty good was the student council. I like seeing them hunt down people it gives the school a new image. The group really acts like an army locking on a target and they do catch them. Mibu is interesting, since she gets some creepy points for her injuries and the hospital that she is in. She even gets weirder thanks to what she says about the law and how schools were originally there to teach students about the law.
 The comedy also got some points because of the challenges and how the characters acted to the situations. First I was expecting Jake to do break dancing for his part, but then Gen's part was double dutch? It was random and it got a quick laugh from me, but it works since all we mostly see Gen do is fight creatures and befriend people so he could have other skills we don't know about. Then seeing Yuuta completely defy physics and winning each competition was odd, but funny none the less. Then we see Gen in a school uniform! It's amazing how different he looks without that black clothing and his hair style. Even Jake has a complete change and seeing the gang get shocked by their appearances was pretty good. Also give points to Gen because he knows he is out of the fight, but he still tries to do something.
The action was meh at best since like other episodes they were pretty quick and before anything good could happen it cuts away or it ends. Like Meteor jumping in the first fight, but Yuuta just leaves. There was a second fight and Meteor was having an advantage for a while. He left himself open while trying to go into Meteor Storm. Taurus then tries to finish him off and I like how he knew about the other form of Meteor this means that new commanders are informed about the enemy, but why aren't they informed on who Fourze is then? Sadly the second fight got interrupted as well by Virgo. There the challenge was then set and the episode ends right there. I have mention this before, but Fourze is still having the worst times to end an episode. It tries to leave at a suspenseful point, but at times it just gets annoying. We are also going into the 40 episode mark so we are getting used to where an episode will end, but the series still pulls sucker punches on where they end the episode.
Overall this episode is pretty good, but that is mostly because of the drama. The action is starting to get dull at times in the series and I am not liking how they are treating the 1st part of an arc at times. They are building things up constantly for the 1st part and then sometimes the 2nd part can be a mess because there is a lot to cover. I hope that this won't happen, I have a feeling that I could be disappointed. I still give it a B- though for some nice characters and good moments. One more thing I will be focusing more on Fourze for a while since it's going to end soon and I want to catch up so I can do the whole series review close to when the series will end.
Next Time: Fourze turns into Caddyshack?

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