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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Movie Month: Cho Den-o and Decade Review

I have briefly mentioned this movie and I don't like it at all. So I am now going to tear this movie apart because I hate so much. Well the plot of this movie starts with a kid named Yu as he is having trouble getting used to the country life. The boy is bullied and wants to go back to his old home. He runs outside one day and finds himself mixed in with the plot of this movie. It seems Deneb is around for some reason and then Mirror Monsters from Ryuki attack? Soon New Den-o appears, but he gets beaten up by a new evil rider named Shilubara. Shilubara is some sort of Oni who has the power to transform and why.... because of a time distortion.... The time distortion is also the blame for why Ryotaro is much younger now. This also gives an explanation why Zeronoes isn't around as he vanished. Well that Oni wanted something called the Trump Stone and Yu has been holding onto it for a while, but he doesn't say anything. In the train none of the Imajin are around because of this time distortion and the group go looking for them. Urutaros, Kintaros, and Ryutaros are in an older time where they posses the three arm monsters from Kiva? The time is like an edo period and there are warriors who are fighting off the Oni. Even Decade is in this time for some reason. As Sieg is with them which is understandable because that did happen in the end of the Den-o world arc. The scene was useless though, Decade and the gang make a quick appearance. So now all that is left is Momo and if the villains do get the Trump stones a giant ship will be released. Will the heroes be able to stop the Oni from unveiling the ship?
This is now the final form for Den-o, Climax form with wings! (sigh)
Cons- I'm going straight for the cons because there are so many flaws to talk about with this movie. First the whole time distortion plot points are lazy as hell! They are just thrown in for a quick explanation and we are supposed to be fine with it. Heck they could have just said it's Decade's fault and that would make more sense. Reminding me of Decade this movie suffers a similar flaw that Climax Deka had the other hero only gets one fight! Kiva had a quick appearance and then he comes in the final fight and so does Decade in this movie. It just makes him useless to the plot and I can't believe not having Decade is a bad thing. I also want to talk about Cho Den-o its so cheap. First I barely care for Climax form it's a mess of a form and adding wings is barely a change! Now this is the final form while the Liner form isn't anymore..... The character Yu is annoying because his character is sooooo cliche. He's a city boy who doesn't like the country blah blah blah. Also his interactions with the bow girl is pretty bad as well since her character is not that important. One thing that is weird with this movie is some of the stuff that happens. I know these are superheroes I am talking about, but my god there are so many dumb things. First there was the new form for New Den-o. It's called Vega form and it happens when Deneb goes into Kotaro. So yea even though New Den-o doesn't have the same buttons like Den-o he can have different forms, it doesn't make sense. This is why I liked seeing the other Imajin turn into weapons for New Den-o which I will talk about when I go to that movie. There is one scene where the girl tries to fire an arrow, but she is injured and the boy helps her fire the arrow. This arrow gets made air time and it somehow hits a rope so far away. I'm sorry, the boy isn't that strong and the girl is injured. Those two couldn't do that, it would make more sense for if an Imajin was possessing the boy. Now the villains of this movie, if you saw a previous post I hate these two movie riders. They have nothing special and they play out like how you would guess. They're brothers and they are evil so yea that's basically it. These two don't even have any connections to the other characters which just make them completely pointless and Goludora falls for the worst plan ever. The worst part though is the ending and we find out more about Yu, trust me it will get you flaming mad.
It's sad, these two have good looking designs, but they are so plain and boring
Overall- I know I should have a pros section, but no for me I completely hated this film. The plot is thin, the new characters are boring, and Decade barely does anything! This movie is like Climax Deka, but with nothing good about it. I give it an F- and that will probably be the only time I will give anything that grade.
This somehow made three more films!


  1. ok on these three movies that this movie spawned

    Episode Red: BORING BORING insert sonic the hedgehog quote to describe the pacing of that one "You're too slow"

    Episode Blue: actually pretty good (Den-o is the only Kamen Rider show that while I haven't finished have seen enough to form a legit opinion on and I like it but I can't deny the issues like the Imajin arguing got old very quick though I am watching Kuuga W and Gaim but only on the first few episodes on all of em.

    Episode Yellow: Hated it Diend Complete form looked awful in my book (considering the music that played in the background when he transformed too it just add a freaking lever and he's a slot machine) G Den-o look kinda cool (I like most of the designs from Den-o I disagree with well #3 and #1 of you're top ten worst Kamen Rider designs I love Gun Form You like most Den-o forms have to look at it for a bit to see whats going on Climax looks ok in my book) but Reiji and Eve have t be some of the worse villains ever speaking of which The whole Time Poilece thing Bull$#*% where were they in the Den-o TV show and other movies why haven't we heard of them until now and why arrest everyone from the Den-o TV show when the've clear been doing a better job of protecting the time flow then they have also Reiji was an @$$hole bottom line just don't watch it if you haven't

    1. I have seen all three of the films, Episode Blue was easily the better of the three. Episode Red could have been good if there was a bit more Zeronoes. I don't hate Diend well as much as I do with Decade himself. At least in Episode Yellow Diend did have some silly moments that got me to laugh at the very least.

      For Den-o overall it was okay, but the plot takes it sweet time and the comedy can start to get annoying at points because of repeating jokes. I still liked the characters, but the movies really killed Den-o which is sad because I don't want to hate it. Every time though I have to talk about Den-o, I have to mention the after movies because wow they can get bad. At least I can say good things about Episode Blue, maybe I should pick up the Movie Month again and get those three done for a review, probably should re-watch Den-o first though.

    2. well looks like we have similar issues with Den-o yeah the arguing scenes got old episode red did it best though that and I hate how every signal fight scene takes 2 episodes long and I can already tell If I make a top 10 list it would be in the top 3 (Double is the only one that I've scene that I can tell is when I've seen enough will be in my personal top 3 and I've only seen 3 episodes of Double