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Friday, July 13, 2012

A New Gavan Movie?

Your eyes are not fooling you, a new movie for the Space Sheriff is coming out and the past Gavan will give his title to a new one. When I first heard about this I thought the next actor would be a young and pretty guy like rider and sentai have at times. The new guy though looks good for this role though. I like that he will have his own jacket and won't just be following on what Gavan is. His appearance is a little older, but he looks like a man. By that I mean a guy who looks like they can actually fight like the Riders from the Showa era. The new character will be his own person and who knows this could bring back the Metal Hero franchise. There could even be a new Gavan series if this movie does very well. His suit also looks a little different to the old one since he doesn't have much of the colors. It seems this will be the last time we will see Kenji play as Gavan and I can't wait for him to mentor the new one before his leave. By this picture the two could even be fighting together for this movie. The new Gavan movie will come out October the 20th.

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