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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kamen Rider Spirits Manga in America?! (Update)

It seems that Vertical Publishing has put up a poll for what manga should be brought to the states. Kamen Rider Spirits is in this poll! So far there are over 600 votes for it and it's in the lead. first I am amazed to see that there is actually a chance for this coming to the states. I would never think a company would even want to release it to the states since Kamen Rider doesn't air on American broadcasting. This is a chance though for rider fans since this is a great manga series. I have read a couple of chapters from scans, but they take too long to update. So if you want to see Kamen Rider Spirits in the U.S.A vote for it in the poll and spread the word. Now for some reason the poll has been taken down. This is what has been said on Vertical's Facebook "The poll has been officially closed since June 29. We are now removing titles we are not interested in and titles that are not available to us." So why was it up today? Still no word on what has been removed so keep your hopes up there is still a chance.

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