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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 38 Review: Determination

Continuing off where we were last time the fight against Aquarius still doesn't go well, but she retreats after Gen yells at her. Ryusei finds out that Gen knew about Elien (Not sure if it's Elleen or Elien, but I will go with TV-Nihon) being the Zodiart and wants everyone to know about it, but Gen wants to help her. Back to the test the four next students are picked to continue further. These four are Elien, Kengo, Yuuki, and Yuuta a new character. During the rest of the day Elien starts to think to herself and is still mad about Yuuki cheating. She even starts to attack people, suddenly Meteor appears and fights her. Meanwhile Gen is on a search to see why Yuuki got in. Gen even talked to Yuuki about the situation and she was silent about it. Back with the fight Elien is going back and forth with her anger. When Meteor mentions Gen she snaps back to her true self and retreats. One thing that was very interesting is when Gen talks with Gamou about the test. He gets too friendly with Gamou and this soon angers Leo. During the night Leo attacks Gen out of the blue. Now we get to the final part of the test as it is a race and there are two teams of two. Kengo is with Elien and Yuuki is with Yuuta. The Rider Club also watches over because of the Zodiart attacks. During the race Elien starts to play dirty and attacks Yuuki making her fall down and break her leg. When she gets back to Kengo Gen appears from the sky thanks to Fourze and the Rocket switch. Gen found out what really happened during the test and why Yuuki got further in. It seems that Yuuki had to hide the camera part because she was given a green card to do so. Kengo also got this card and so both teams had to deal with a challenge. After hearing this Elien has a change of heart and helps Yuuki. She transforms into Aquarius and heals Yuuki's leg. The competition continues normally then as both teams make it to the finish at the same time. All seems well, but when Gen tries to befriend Elien she refuses. This is because she is a Zodiart and she has to follow orders. Gen and Elien fight afterwards in the rain and it was a really good scene. Gen finds out how to defeat her which is by destroying both of her shoulder plates at the same time. These give her healing abilities and when they were destroyed by using Claw in the Cosmic sword, Gen finishes her off with the Cosmic finisher. It wasn't the same flashy one from the other times though. She vanishes then as Virgo picks her up and she is spared and just has her memory erased since Libra found Taurus, Yuuta. The episode ends with Kengo and Yuuki talking with Elien as they befriend her pretty quickly.
Both of these episodes were good to watch I have to say. First Elien is like Motoyama from episode 15 and 16. Both had a chnage of heart, but in the end they still had to fight. This time Elien had control of her thoughts though so that fight had more drama to it. I really liked this character, she had strong passions which blinded her from the truth. Then when the truth shines right in her face she quickly realizes what she did. It was a great redemption part for her and still seeing her fight was pretty sad to watch. Now she does get her memory erased like Gotou. This time it works a little better because of the development she had from this so it's sad to see that she doesn't remember the past events. Gen even had a hard time fighting her as he starts to tremble when he defeated her. Overall her character was very strong in this arc and I looked liked it better to see her continue being a Zodiart just because of her connection with Gen.
Everyone else did good as well. Gen was being himself like always as he always tries to help. It's always fun to watch him dig around for info. Yuuki wasn't as annoying as usual as she stayed calmer than usual. That is mostly because her scenes were more serious. The new character Yuuta had a nice introduction, he just seemed to be a random character, but I had a feeling that he would be important soon. That will be for the next episode, but I was hoping we would see some good traits from him before he goes evil. Ryusei did little as well. What he had though was worth it because seeing him have trust in Gen is appealing. It shows that he has changed from fighting solo all the time. He is opening up and even trusting others who want to help. Leo even had a shocking part where he just goes crazy and attacks. It was very different than what we have seen from him before. So character interactions were good as it helped the drama build up to a really good scene.
The action was little, but as I said before a lot of the scenes helped to act as build up for the final fight. I really want to talk about it since the rain is always a nice touch (One of the most memorable fights from Kabuto was the rain fight.) and seeing Gen and Elien stand off like that was awesome. This also adds on to Gen once more since he had to know to defeat Aquarius for a while. It's like he knew he could have to fight her and when he did he knew he had to finish it. Elien didn't hesitate at all either as she gave it her all. the first fight with Meteor was good since we haven't seen Meteor in his normal form that much anymore. The final fight stole the show no doubt and it was great to see that freeze moment when Gen gave the final blow.
 I mean the use of the Planet switches are very low right now.
This was a great episode thanks to the great character Elien and the dramatic fight. I give it an A for these reasons and I hope we can get other episodes like this. Since the two arc way is being used for the Horoscopes right now so I want at least the new members be memorable.
Next Time: Now that's Taurus!

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