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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 3 Reivew: Devilish Trick

Beginning where we left off the last time Nara is completely ecstatic about his new powers as he has become a Mage. We then see Rinko checking on the situation as she asks Haruto about the Phantom. There Koyomi is wondering why Rinko is still around and seems to be annoyed by her. Haruto is happy to see her around since it's refreshing to see someone after being saved from despair. Haruto leaves to check up on Nara and we go to Department Zero where Kizaki found out that Rinko is in contact with the Mage, but he decides to let them be for now. Back to Nara and he is showing off his magical flame to the kids in the park. During his demonstration a host of a television show wants to interview him. The host films Nara using his magic as and everyone around is loving his magic. Tajima the T.V. host is impressed with Nara and now he wants to get Nara ready for a live broadcast. Haurto finds Nara and now Nara wants to show him his magic. He says the magic words and casts the spell, but nothing happens. He keeps trying, but there isn't even a flicker of fire. Haruto isn't impressed by this, but he takes interest when Nara tells him he got when the Phantoms attacked. Haurto catches on quickly that the Phantom Hellhound is behind this and tries to tell Nara he is being tricked. Sadly Nara doesn't believe him and thinks Haruto is cancelling out his magic since Haruto has said he is the only one allowed to be a Mage. Nara even accuses of Haruto of trying to send him into despair as things get a little violent and he storms off telling Haruto to stay away from him. With the villains, Phoenix is having a complete meltdown over the fact that Hellhound was defeated. Hellhound appears from the shadows (literally) as he tells Phoenix that he has the ability to enter shadows which is how he escaped death. Medusa asks him how his plan is going and so far the seed has been planted. At night Haruto is thinking what Nara said and does see he was acting like a Phantom since he didn't want anyone else to be a Mage. Wajima asks him about how they met and we are sent into a flashback. The reason why Haruto came to him one day is because he made the rings he has right now. Wajime is sorry that he made these rings since they are being used so that Haruto will fight. Haruto doesn't want that as he wants Wajime to make more rings so that Haruto can prevent a tragedy like the one he experienced. Back to the present as Wajime gives Haruto a new ring as it could "light" his way forward. Later that night Nara tries his magic again and this time it works. It's a new day and before Haruto goes to look for Nara, Rinko calls him as he is on T.V. Haruto sees him on a live broadcast and quickly runs out of the building. Nara begins the show, but his magic is not working and everyone is not happy with this. Haruto gets through security by putting the sleep ring on a guard and activating it. Nara starts to take some heat and there Tajima reveals himself as Hellhound as everyone sees the monster. Then Hellhound uses Nara to burn the book that gave him inspiration as now Nara goes into despair. Haruto then appears and transforms into Wizard, but luckily the camera wasn't on him as the people watching see Wizard fighting Hellhound. Wizard is dealing the most damage, but Hellhound hides in the shadows and attacks Wizard's blind spots. The camera is destroyed during this and soon Haruto uses the new ring and hopes for the best. It's the Light Ring as it makes an incredible shine that makes Hellhound unable to hide anymore. Wizard goes into Water Style and while in the form he finishes Hellhound with the Slashing Strike. Haurto then goes to Nara who is starting to crack up literally. He tells Nara that even though he can't use magic he knows someone who can as he will carry on his dream. The engage is activated as Haruto goes into Nara's Underworld. The monster appears in the library and rampages out of the building as Wizard summons the dragon. When the monster is knocked back to the ground, Wizard using Kick Strike along with the dragon, a Dragon Kick! Nara is saved as he now stays around with him being his assistant. The episode ends with Rinko, Nara, and Wajime taking all the doughnuts as Haurto gets none and Koyomi is now annoyed even more.
So is Wizard going to the two arc story style that the past riders series have been doing? So far we cannot tell since this was the first one, but even though Wizard starting with a one episode arc this two parter was very good. This episode follows what Wizard has been doing already and gave more different looks. The first thing I want to mention is how this arc didn't have much of a mystery. Haurto quickly caught on what the Phantom's plan was. I bet there will be times when there will be a mystery like the first episode. First I like how Haruto caught on since so many past rider series had obvious mysteries so it was really nice to see the main character see what's wrong when he first hears it. I knew from episode two that something was up, but I am surprised the show didn't keep holding onto that.
There was also some backstory with why Haruto and Koyomi are living in an antique store. First of all I wonder how Haruto found out that Wajime made the rings. Also why did Wajime make the rings, did he know about the powers they had? A good touch was seeing other materials which probably lead to rings like Water and Land. The best part is how Haruto wanted Wajime to continue making rings. He didn't want anyone to become a Phantom or to experience his pain. This just makes me like him more and more as he isn't just a cocky hero. Haruto is already a noble person and wants to save others.
In this episode Nara was completely tricked and was sent into despair, but it's way better than Rinko's. First I enjoyed how he gleaming with joy and even though he is showing off you can still feel his passion for magic. The scene where he accused Haruto of trying to trick him is understandable since Haruto doesn't want anyone else to be a Mage. It makes sense that Haruto could want Nara to not believe in his magic and when he was telling Nara to give up is like a Phantom destroying someone's hope. Then came when Nara fell in despair, being mocked by a man he thought was trying to help you, being seen as a fraud on television, and destroying his inspiration is way more understandable than Rinko crying over a broken pendant. Now Nara is going to hand around Haruto as an assistant. Another nice thing in this episode is how Rinko is being way too attached and now Nara will be the same. Koyomi is annoyed by this, but I wonder if it's jealousy (probably not, I think she doesn't like Rinko as a person and I would agree that it would be annoying to hear that commotion.).
Hellhound was really impressive. I haven't said anything about his design, but it's pretty cool with the fire look. What part of him looks like a hound though? Other than that his plan was really good. This was only a two arc villain too so I am ready for some impressive villains if someone like him can pull off a scheme like that. I mean there is embarrassing someone, but Hellhound puts salt in the wounds by showing he was in control of the magic and made Nara burn his childhood book. Another thing to point out is how Phoenix and Medusa acted, Phoenix went crazy with anger I mean my goodness calm down man. Medusa though was calm the whole time and mostly just watched Phoenix have a meltdown which was kinda funny. Going to that there were some good comedic moments like how Rinko was annoying Koyomi and how Haruto kept losing his moment to eat his doughnuts. I think next time he should ask Don to keep his doughnuts save (a reference to my first episode review of Gokaiger).
Finally there was the action and even though it's a little less than past episodes it was still fun to watch. This was the first time Wizard had a struggle as Hellhound uses his shadow ability to his advantage. After the Light Ring was used Wizard showed his moves again as he used the environment around him. He used them to hold himself so he can perform impressive kicks like usual. Water Style was shown and we see that rings like Defend can vary with different forms since this time it created a waterfall to protect Wizard from the flames. We also say Slashing Strike with a new form, but the biggest thing was the Dragon Kick! Again the effects on the dragon look good and those fights are very good so far. Still the finisher was just amazing to look at since the Dragon changed his shape, the fires were surrounding it, and we say an image of a giant Wizard as the Dragon looked like the foot. Overall the action was nice with showing new things and having the first feeling of suspense in a fight for the series.
I couldn't find the Dragon Kick image :(
So this episode was really showy. We got to see Haruto act like a hero even more in this episode, see a good and understandable reason for despair, a very good plan from the villain, nice bits of comedy, good action, and great effects. Wizard keeps impressing me and it's only the third episode, but let us hope this will continue as this episode gets the first A+ from me. Also a thanks to Henshin Grid for posting images it gets really hard to find some.
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  1. I can't say much that hasn't been said already. This was my favorite episode of the 3 we've seen so far.

    Still fabulous action, more character development so the despair felt believable, good variety of abilities with sleep and light and new defend and new slashing strike. But best of all GIANT DRAGON FOOT.

  2. I don't like how Orends Range is nit-picking with some of the effects. Did you read their reviews? They are completely worried that the show will soon show crappy effects. This episode didn't have the best looking giant monster, but I could tell what it was. They compared it to Hibiki's CGI which is way off.