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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard Rumors: Upcoming Riders

Only four episodes in and we already get rumors about the 2nd and 3rd rider and the final forms for Wizard. First is that Wizard could have two final forms as they are based on the metals Adamantite and Orichalum as these two rings will be set on a Knuckle Device that can also act like a machine gun and a cannon. This will be the first time that a rider will have two forms that will count as the final form. I wonder if these forms will get the Dragon treatment like the Wizard's main four forms though? If this is true Wizard will have ten forms total which sounds alright since Double has 12, OOO had too many to count, and Fourze only had six forms so it's in the middle. Next is about the upcoming riders and it's said that it will be like Hibiki as there will be five new riders. So far there are only rumors on the 2nd and 3rd, but they sound really interesting. First is Witch as she will look like a female Wizard. Holy crap this could be finally it, the first official female rider in a series! Her weapon will be a broom that can transform into a sniper rifle! Also she changes forms with a necklace that will have clear jewelry. I like this idea since Fourze had Nadeshiko who is basically a female Fourze. This could mean there can be some interesting combinations with her and Wizard as they could be the same form at the same time. Finally the 3rd rider is going to be shaman that has a Summoner and a Samurai form. In Samurai form he can access great speed for a certain time and the Summoner form can summon Phantom he has defeated in Samurai form. If I have to guess Witch sound very possible and will appear in the series before the movie since rumors say the 3rd rider will make his appearance in Wizard's summer movie which will be a while. I actually think he will show up in the next Wars movie, but that could be for Witch. These new riders sound very creative and this makes me wonder who the other three riders will be, does the White Mage count?


  1. Umm... this is a fanmade character. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if it's any consolation, there is a rumor of five Riders total for Wizard, with one of them being female.

  2. Oh, wait- never mind. Just ignore my comment.

  3. that's fine. Thanks for the comment though