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Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 10 Tokuatsu Hits of 2012!

Well it's almost the end of 2012 and it sure was a great year. Somethings weren't as great, but Toku got a lot of amazing things this year. So I am looking back on what shows, movies, or anything related to Toku made a really big impact on the year.
10. Power Rangers Super Samurai
Now everyone knows what I feel for Samurai. Super Samurai fixed a lot of things for me, but it's still a below average series. The biggest reason why I even bother putting it on is because Saban is back and this felt like more of a comeback. I see more fans now and with a younger fan base growing and the older fans still supporting the franchise there is a lot more to come. Because of Samurai's success with getting fans we are going to get Megaforce soon next year. Which is something I can't wait for.
9. Super Hero Taisen
Now this film gets a lot of mixed feelings from fans. For me personally the story was really bad, but I will save my thoughts for the review. Now since I don't like the film why is it on the list. Well the premise was really good. A war with Rider and Sentai how awesome does that sound? This premise alone gave us some really good fights that will never saw. It's nice to see our heroes together and there were ton of things that went with this idea. First is the song We Are Brothers, it's such a touching song and really gives the feel of the past moving towards to the present. Second there is a sequel coming and good news it's not going to be based on this film. So does film even count in the continuity? Either way a lot of things in the background supported this movie and I hope the next one will be better in story telling.
8. SH Figurarts
This year was great for this figurine series. There were tons of call backs to older series thanks to Akibaranger bringing two of the Jetman into the figurine line. Also Fourze was around this time and with some good designs we got the States, Meteor and Meteor Storm, and Zodiart figurines. Gokaiger and Go-busters also had a good time with this. I personally cannot wait to get some of these guys for my collection that is for sure.
7. Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
Go-busters is a history making series, but for the wrong reasons. When the series began it was good as it played somethings differently than the usual Sentai series. Sadly it didn't do so well for the core audience so things got changed and boy it got messy. The series still stands being average, but so many things were taken away. The series started to use messages that the series and franchise have done so many times, a new mecha was forced into the toy line, and characters were ruined with the new plot. The only thing I hope people remember Go-busters for was it's mecha action since it nearly  perfected that.
6. Gavan G
Now why I am only putting a character on the list. Well I haven't seen the Gavan movie yet so I got no opinion on it. What I do know who the main character is. Gavan G is a very good call back to the Metal Hero franchise as the torch is passed onto a new Gavan. This was easily a big comeback and I hope there will be more since I really liked the character. He was in Go-busters for two episodes with episode one having actual focus on him. He was an enjoyable character and reminds me of other heroes from the franchise. With rumors saying he will be coming for the next Taisen I can't wait to see him decide which side he will be on.
5. Gokaiger VS. Gavan
Let's continue to talk about Gavan. The start of his comeback came in an amazing anniversary film for the Metal Hero franchise. We got Kenji Ohba to relive three of his roles for this film and we had our favorite pirates the Gokaigers help him in battle. What got me to love this film a lot was the beginning, Gavan defeated the Gokaigers! Don't mess with older heroes or you will get your ass kicked. The film shows why old heroes will never die out and will live on in the hearts of many fans. Along with great action scenes and a memorable team up with Metal Hero and Sentai, again I can't wait for Taisen Z!
4. Kamen Rider Fourze
Kamen Rider Fourze came at a very good time. First the series was good I give it B. The action was mostly good with great moments sprinkled in at places. Then there were his movies. He was in Superhero Taisen, but he had the Megamax movie which is 2011 I know, but it started a film career for a certain director. This same director came for Fourze's summer movie and again I haven't seen it, but there is ton of love for that film. Overall Fourze did a lot as it came at a really crucial point of history of Tokuatsu. Also the most recent crossover movie he has with Wizard is getting good criticism as well.
3. Kamen Rider Wizard
Wizard is at a really strong beginning for me and if you seen my reviews you know why. I love nearly everything about the series as it has an amazing main character, villains that can be very deceiving and strong, and each arc is given a unique take which reminds me on how Double did things. Wizard's first movie also got tons of good criticism I mentioned before and I bet his summer movie will get the same love. I am going to stop here since next post is going to be about Wizard.
2. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Sure Gokaiger was mostly in 2011, but it did last until 2012 and boy were the last episode amazing. We got Basco's last stand (don't get me started on how he is coming back.), Warz Gil who was a much better villain than his son, characters that were basically comedic to bad ass awesomeness, and a great pay off in the end. Gokaiger shows so much love for the franchise, but it makes sense since it was a Sentai series, but what about a parody series?
1. Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger
Topping the list is a series no one saw coming and that is Akibaranger! I mean really when the news came out about a new Sentai along with Go-busters were speculating on what it could be. When it was revealed people were rather confused and it makes sense at first. After watching the first episode you know exactly what you are watching. It's a parody series for the Sentai franchise and just wow it was amazing. A low budget series with some of the best humor seen in all of Toku. The writing itself is top par and I love the references as some were hidden well at times. There were rumors of a second season coming in 2013 and I want it to happen so badly! Well that's 2012 for Toku it had a lot of great things and for me it's one of my favorite years.

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