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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 4 Review: A True Zyuden Sentai

In this episode we get the fifth member's focus episode as his past comes back and will this be the moment to get him on the team?
For the black member of the team his character is probably my least favorite. His playboy like style is okay and with getting angry like he did in this episode just makes me think of Gai from Jetman. Ian to me is just a watered down Gai and doesn't have many different qualities. He even has a little anger towards Daigo which again just screams Jetman heck when the two start to get together it's just another reminder. I know it's a way of referencing, but seeing a character be exactly like another just makes me want to watch the other series since Jetman did the playboy character with Gai so much better. Now this is his first focus episode and there are parts of his story I really like already. I mostly like his past of being a researcher and then having a monster attack him and his friend who is played by Gunpei (Go-on Black). The monster killed his friend when he missed the shot, but I was expecting that he accidentally shot him, it would make the story better since it makes sense that he would blame himself for the death of his friend. With this the monster just dodge the bullet. Overall I mostly like the character's past more than his traits, but I hope Ian will get better along the way.
Daigo keeps being a good leader since this time he actually finds out who Ian is before he reveals himself to the team. It shows that he pays attention and again this proves that Daigo is much smarter than he appears to be. He is very brave and sometimes that mean seem stupid and he doesn't know about a proper duel, but he easily knows how to talk to people and motivate them to do more that they could imagine. He even has a great uplifting personality that can bring some good laughs for the series. I am easily liking Daigo a lot as I hope he can keep this up even though the team is now fully together.
Now for a little rant right here. The team is now fully together which is great, but this could have been done much earlier plot wise. Torin sees that the team is together and it seems he wanted this so why didn't you have the team know each other? I can take hiding your identities cause of family, but from the actual team just makes things complicated. They could have easily done these focus episodes even with the team knowing each other since with Ian he has a grudge with the MOTW, with Shouji his father was very strict and seeing him use swordplay like he does made him angry, Amy had to keep her image since she is part of some high class family, and Nobuhara couldn't forgive himself for having his niece get hurt and having his own sister hate both heroes and villains. This is more personal for me, but I know I am not the only one who feels this way.
Going on with another disappointing element was the MOTW. I loved his theme and personality, but he didn't feel fully used. The monster had a phantom thief motif and every time he dodged an attack you hear a harp play, that just gave me too much delight than I thought I would have with him. He proved to be a big challenge for the team and then when they become one they easily take him out easily. To be honest it was just Red and Black who faced him at that point and they quickly went to the team finisher. Then his giant fight went too quickly. For a monster who is actually connected to a bug key point of the series as we learn that Ian and his friend found something at the ruins they were at. This is brought up when Sorrow is talking about his favorite solider being killed as he looks at some type of jewel. Even though this monster was very cool looking and was powerful, this episode just went too fast and didn't have enough time for anyone, but Daigo and Ian.
With the action it was good, but at the end it went by way too fast. I liked the first fight when the team struggled and at first seeing Black jump around. The second fight used the bikes for a short moment and then it ended already when Black tried to use the Kentrospiker and messed up. There was a great out of suit fight as I loved seeing the heroes having this struggle while fighting without their powers. I still have to ask though why they didn't use their guns since Ian does. The guns still have fire power on them and the four just use brute strength and heck Souji was using a wooden sword when we already saw that he used a real sword on his own. Then the fight where the team was together had too many quick moments and unlike the previous episodes they leave at unmemorable moments. The team finisher with Kentrospiker was really cool as it reminds me of Gaoranger's weapon, but fusing the methods of Go Go Five's attacks. The mecha fight was pretty cool with Kyoryujin Western as the shooting reminds me of Dekaranger and seeing the team use their fingers as guns is fun. Too bad it went by way to quickly again.
This episode was just way too fast and the previous episodes did have this fast pace, but it still had much better focusing. With this they put a little too much and it didn't play out that well. The fights were good it just went by too fast like the mecha fights to be anything memorable. Also I am not a fan of Ian's character as I hope he can be something somewhat more different and his plot point really had no big difference of method. I would give this episode a C- an episode that can be good at points, but as a whole and connecting it to the other episodes, it doesn't hold up that well.
Next Time: Kyoryuger's Richard Brown!

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