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Monday, March 18, 2013

Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 26 Review: School for Wizards (Spoiler Alert!)

In this episode of Kamen Rider Wizard we now see that Medusa is finally taking a task on her own. She finds a Gate at the school, but there is more than a Gate there as our heroes find Medusa in a school outfit?
The first thing to talk about is the confusion between this problem of Medusa in a school. Now in the beginning, Kousuke had a hi-jinks moment where he tried to chase down the girl. He looks around and scares many high school girls and after a fight with Medusa he does find the other girl. This leads to him being arrested since he was terrorizing a school girl and shoved a cop down to the ground. It was a good funny moment as I love this running gag of the gang getting arrested. So far we got three people, Haruto, Rinko, and Kousuke. Then going on with the confusion of Medusa and the other girl makes tons of sense. If you saw one of your biggest foes right after knowing an attack was just made you would think that cute girl could actually be a monster. So this plot point goes into some more comedy, but before I go into the other comedic parts I will talk about the girl who is confused to be Medusa.
This character is not in fact Medusa of course, it's actually Misa's, the Gate that was soon replaced by Medusa, sister. Her name is Mayu and we see that she is more on the gentle side. We learn about her throughout this episode. Now hearing her story doesn't help with the confusion since she came from another area. It wasn't said exactly where she is from, but again when Haruto hears about this information it doesn't help his thinking. Later on we find out everything since Rinko looked up information when she heard from Kousuke about Medusa at a school. She finds out about that Mayu is the sister and she is very shocked to see her sister become a monster before her eyes. I can tell this is going to build up to something great since this is like in episode fourteen and fifteen when there was a Phantom who used his Gate's memories to an advantage. If Medusa told that Phantom to use that as a way to get a Gate there is no doubt she is going to do it as well. Overall I have high hopes for both of the sisters as Medusa can easily trick her and she is very powerful and then Mayu can easily be broken down when she learns more.
Now onto how Haruto got in the school. He used the Dress Up Ring to get a school outfit. I love seeing a ring like that getting used for another time. It's like the Sleep Ring, it has more uses than one would think. I was thinking Dress Up was only for the fancy suit and top hat. I would have to ask though couldn't Haruto use the ring for Shunpei then since we know rings on other people's hands can still work. It would have avoided the whole cross dress scene. Yup, Shunpei pulls off a Phillip on us and boy it's equally as hilarious. Shunpei had so much confidence when he pulled the look off and I have to ask, how does he pull it off? I mean he has a better figure than some girls I know. All that he needs is to swap sexes and change that face and he would be a much better girl. I have to ask how he found the uniform, but again those details don't need to be completely detailed. Going on with this we saw some more comedic moments as the two try not to get spotted by Mayu. Shunpei had a loud scream when he got spotted and then Haruto had to use a shoe like it was a phone. So I had a good amount of laughs with this episode.
Well for this episode there wasn't too much meat on the bone. So I am already moving onto the action portion. The first fight was with Kousuke and Medusa and we see more of Dolphi and Falco as it was used with the Dice Saber. Dolphi had the six and then the bad luck strikes again as Falco gets a one. I am actually impressed with how Beast dealt with Medusa. He got a big hit on her, but his bad luck strikes again as I said before. Then later on it was a fight with Medusa and Wizard. She summons Ghuls which soon leads to Wizard using all the dragon forms once more... I know it's a strong spell, but it has been used a little too much. It did get some creativity thanks to the new song and seeing each form fight off a group of Ghuls so there was always something to look at. Then Beast came and then it ended about at that part since Rinko came along. So the action doesn't seem as much, but it did get some little spices here and there.
I guess I can talk about Medusa in more depth since this is her focus episode and how she is getting along with Sora right now. She has no trust for him what so ever and since the last time she was used by him she wants to do things on her own now. I bet she had a talk with Wiseman about the most recent failure and she was then decided to go find a Gate. Sora now is watching over her and is having fun seeing what develops. I still love this playful part of Sora and even when he's not getting into the action he still gives a lot to make the episode more enjoyable. Also I love seeing Medusa taking on a plan as she did attack before, but this time she is the only one. I will say I am slightly disappointed that she really went straight for the Gate like some of the usual Phantoms, but I guess she is getting tired of things so she is going for a full assault.
It's another episode I enjoy a lot. It is easily building up to something great with Mayu and Medusa since who knows how this could change things. Who knows Medusa could change targets now. The comedy was well done with Kousuke messing up and then Shunpei and Haruto trying to hide themselves. The action wasn't the best, but not bad just didn't leave a big impression like some of the past fights. I still loved the idea though as things did feel more basic, but in a way that is good since how Haruto gets in the school is more spy themed than most of Go-busters. I will give this the first B+ since as I said it was more basic, but the idea is very good and I know it will build up to something with a heavy impact.
Next Time: The White Mage appears once more


  1. Sheesh, my favorite episode since the Flame Dragon reveal and ya give it a B+?

    This episode is by far the funniest Wizard has ever been. The shoe phone, the cross-dressing, the fact that Shunpei actually PULLS OFF the cross-dressing, Kousuke's antics, Rinko pretending she doesn't know him...they all work for the first time in the series it feels like.

    But beyond that it had Shunpei being proactive and useful, Rinko doing more real policework, more chaos in the Phantom ranks, a tease of Medusa's history, and the usual great fight choreography.

    How can you say All Dragon is getting over-used? It's no more overused than any of the other Dragon forms that I've been complaining about for ages. I'm frankly really happy to see the focus moved more towards interesting choreography than flashy effects as they were doing for so many arcs in the recent past.

    Beyond that we got to see some new ring usage in the Dolphi dice attack and Dress-Up ring. Though it would be nice to see a number other than 1 or 6 come out of Beast's sabre...what is that thing? The second coming of Tatsulot? Feels like that frickin' thing could never roll anything but Wake-Up Fever.

    That aside, it's like this episode was checking off a laundry-list of everything I like about Wizard. Think I'll re-watch it before this week's episode for the full experience.

  2. Well since it's reveal the all dragon has been used for four arcs in a row and I can tell it could happen again. I do like that this time it was used with the Ghuls. It can be your favorite episode that is fine, for me things felt more basic for this part of the arc. I so know that the second part could be something really big though. I will agree about the comedy it was very well done. It's just the cross dressing thing has been done before, but what got me laughing is how Shunpei was acting. So originally seeing him cross dress didn't get me to laugh, but how he was doing it made me laugh.