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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Episode 6 Review: Turn it Down!

Well for this episode of Megaforce we get a performance from the monster and the Pink Ranger as they use their music as weapons. The world cannot deal with the crazy music from the monster and even our heroes are heavily affected. Sadly I have to say this concert is a flop.
The major problem with this episode is that it didn't take much freedom from the stock footage like the other episodes did. In the Goseiger episode Red and Pink were heavily damaged by the horrible music since they were very sensitive to sounds and with that blasting completely loud they were getting hurt by it. In hear the two rangers were just closer so it hurt them more in the beginning. That really makes no sense since the other rangers are humans just like the others and every other human except some of the old timers were getting hurt by it. There was really no good explanation for this as the episode just went on without it. Going back this could have been a great moment to learn about the powers the team have since there could be side effects to having them. Heck recently Gosei hasn't even talked that much which is another disappointment. Gosei could have easily made something for the team to counter the monster's music so that way they could use the stock footage in a much better way. There also wasn't much splicing around with the two different footages which again is a disappointment.
Another thing I must bring up with the bad use of explanations was how dumb things got in this episode. I mean wow this one got really dumb. First with that really bad singing from both villain and hero which I will bring up later. The monster uses his music to spread it around over the whole world and boy there were many stereotypes being seen then. I laughed because of how bad it was not for just being funny. Then somehow the three rangers fight with no problems even though that music was at a complete blasting volume! Then the final thing was that Emma's singing stops the music in that area. Goseiger did this as well and either way it's dumb. So yea this episode of Megaforce was way too close to the source material and why episode four I have to ask?
Then for a focus episode it wasn't much as the only big thing we learn is that Emma can sing. Also really badly it seems since I can so tell that is not her real voice singing. It's so out of place and doesn't fit her at all. Again this could have been avoided if the series used Gosei for this episode. Troy had nothing special either so this episode had no focus on any big traits. I will say I did like seeing Gia being comforting for the others as this helps with her caring personality. Sadly this wasn't a Gia episode so it wasn't the major focus. Overall there should have been a more target focus for this since it just made things seem to spread out and not giving any big impressions.
I will say I did enjoy how the villains worked in this episode as the leader thought what to do for this task. He sends Vrak because he knows Creepox is not suitable for the mission. The MOTW is more ravage and won't listen to force as he has tons of free will. So Vrak is sent to trick and reason with him so that his powers could be used for a much bigger way. As I said before the use of the villains is good right now as they are showing that they are powerful and smart. We know that Vrak and Creepox fought the Rangers before as this will hopefully build up to a something. Now they are closely based on Goseiger, but there are slight changes that make them different.
Overall there isn't much to say about this episode other than how it's the weakest one so far. Nothing felt big except for the villains. The heroes were just there this time and didn't leave any big impacts. It was way too close to the source material and episode four of Goseiger is not a good episode. So yea they could have picked a better episode to work with or at least splice episode four material with another one. I will give this a D since parts are still okay.

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