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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Akibaranger Season 2 Episode 10 Review: A Villain's End (Spoiler Alert!!)

Finally gotten back to Akibaranger as I have now gotten to episode ten where the Shogun is somehow stuck in the delusion world as our heroes think the Super Sentai franchise and the world is now safe, but Tsuu is still ready to let his delusions go on.
Actually the sad news is that this was probably Tsuu's last episode. I will get onto that big reveal later, but honestly I am quite disappointed that he isn't sticking around for the whole series. Tsuu was a really fun villain as he had a large amount of creative ideas thanks to his Super Sentai knowledge. The knowledge he knew though was mostly for the villains as he was a fan of the heroes' foes. I was quite impressed on how far they went to show more tropes of Sentai villains even though season one did a lot with that as well. The best example was episode nine with the whole calendar scheme and the previous episode where famous villains were rounded up into one monster. Tsuu even attacked Super Sentai series by changing Dairanger into Chinaman and making a fake evil Sentai with the Gouraigers. So I will personally miss this character and I hope the next episode can really explain what connections he had and maybe reveal his identity outside of the make-up.
Now onto how he was portrayed in this episode. It was still Tsuu all the way through even when he was stuck in delusion world. He thought he has found a way to break the walls between the two worlds and will be able to escape. To do this he makes a monster based on Akibaranger's past foes, the Chief Clerks. This brings the alpaca monster from season one. Sadly Malshina only tricked him and had him create the new monster so that she would escape from his control. Malshina then starts to shoot down Tsuu and even though I haven't watched Dynaman I am guessing his death was close to the villain he is heavily based on, General Kar. So his defeat was a big twist of the series as Malshina now has full control and has gotten her people back as even her grunts return. Then after his defeat he becomes a normal person in the real world now and the old man we were seeing before is now dying so again I am curious to see what actually happened.
Now with Malshina back in control after he very well done betrayal she also gains some more things to help her out in her battle. First is that she keeps her powers and can still be a masked villain and even though she lied about the monster being able to break reality he does do something though. The monster summons some sort of black slime that can revive a strong warrior back from the grave. With this Malshina brings back Deluknight from the dead. Now this isn't the same Deluknight now as his appearance takes a more terrifying look. He has darker shading in his armor as this does work well to make him appear to be a darker and stronger villain. On top of that Malshina as only been with Tsuu to get more Sentai knowledge from him as she gets it all from absorbing all of it in the end. So now Malshina as the Chief Clerks back, brought back Deluknight, and has acquired all the knowledge from Tsuu. She gotten a lot more dangerous so she is a good replacement for Tsuu.
This episode was mostly for the villains or I could really say a lot of the episodes really focused on the villains this time. Well with that the Alpaca does return to fight our heroes for the first time in this season. He isn't a weak cute monster though as he is an Inoue villain! Nobuo brings this up as the monster attacks itself to make a handicap which is a famous trope for his series. Also it's funny that this time he is a villain who is confident in his strength was originally a monster that couldn't even fight. Another nice joke was how Nobuo reacted to seeing him saying that he looks like a Chief Clerk should and looks like he was done by the same designer. It's a great nod to season one as we get an old villain who gets a complete change of character and is used for the plot twist for the series again.
As I said before this season really has strong moments for the villains which was in the last season of course, but the major focus was for the heroes. I mean the beginning of season two did have good character moments for our heroes, but as the series progressed their parts were done. I will say the next episode will probably have good character moments since the Super Sentai franchise is vanishing, but I would have liked more of a balance still between heroes and villains. The only type of hero scenes we had was the three relaxing and living their normal lives again because Tsuu was inactive. This was the struggling point for me because the humor was really there to keep my attention in the beginning part of the episode. I will say the better half is worth it, but Akibaranger usually keeps a good steady ride throughout the whole episode.
The final thing to talk about was the action as again this was in the better half of the episode. The MOTW did act cocky and he had that right since he juggled around Red just by kicking him around and easily slash the team up with his spatulas. Then there was the moment where our heroes acted like two female Sentai members. Where Yellow did Dekayellow, but just threw a rock..... Blue actually had the more accurate attack even though she did Abare Yellow's attack even though she is a blue warrior. I did love seeing her fly around and then going too far, thus crashing. The best part though was a new cannon finisher as all six powers become one as we get a much better cannon reveal in this season. It's a combination of the two cannons as it really does show all parts of well which is surprising since both cannons looks very different and the idea of six parts working well together is amazing. There was also the struggle portion where Deluknight came back and his swordplay as changed a little probably because he is more evil and powerful now.
Overall the second half of the episode was the really great part of this episode. The first half was okay as the most fun I had were the scenes with Tsuu in the beginning half. The later half really had a good twist and it may not be as strong as season one's big twist it still has impact since a villain has been defeated and Malshina has taken her spotlight back. I would give this episode a B.
Next Time: Malshina gladly takes her throne.

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