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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Akibaranger Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Super Malshina (Major Spoiler Alert!!!!!)

It’s time for some more Akibaranger as now Tsuu is no longer the lead villain anymore. Malshina has taken his spot and is now affecting the Super Sentai series by making them the Super Malshina series?!
I have to say this episode really surprised me. First was in the last episode where Tsuu was defeated by Malshina. I mentioned how fun Tsuu was and I was hoping for Malshina to be a good replacement. Well…… she already shows how much of a great replacement she is as she is back to normal. What I mean is that she is acting like herself from season one. Still confused…. well it seems that season one did happen actually in the story. The thing is that Malshina finally got to meet the true villain of the Akibarangers, their creator! Yes Malshina found a way to Hatte the man who made other famous Sentai series. This then leads to the man in the hospital bed, it was him the whole time. It seems with the Delusion world it can connect to another world, this is where Hatte is in so basically the real world. Malshina hides as a nurse in the real world and this got her to meet the creator and she made him start season two of Akibaranger! This then leads to Tsuu who was actually a character Hatte put in as Malshina was mad about this since she lost her lead role again. With each monster and episode though she was slowly building up more knowledge so that when she attacks the real Super Sentai series she can defeat them with ease.
This may be an even bigger fourth wall breaker than the last episode. I mean not only the series crawled into the real world, but they also remember season one. Malshina actually tells the three heroes about the original events in season one like how the Pentagon was originally looking for Nobuo and not Mitsuki. We see flashbacks of the previous season and this means this isn't a ret-con then. The first season still applies to the series as Malshina never lost her true goal to find the creator and give the Akibarangers and herself the freedom they wanted. It's genius, I really mean it. Sure I wasn't happy with the whole differences, but now they all make sense now. Even the whole scorpion tattoo comes back into play as it seems to serve a different role this time, but it still notes that Hakase is going to be the main focus for a while. Here's the messed up part though, Malshina now has control over her world as she is mostly using Hatte to do what she wants.
The number one thing that switched was that the flags of defeat now changed to the flags of victory and vice versa. So when Delu Knight was talking about taking the Akibarangers to their graves and talking about a happy life after the battle helped him in the end. Nobuo realizes that things have changed thanks to Luna boasting out losing quotes, but that actually got her an attack on Delu Knight. So Nobuo does everything that a hero wouldn't do, first he says his team was useless, tells Hakase.... no Hioryo that he will marry her, and then uses his teammates as human shields. He even changed his finisher to a simple bonk on the head and all of this got him the win as Delu Knight is already defeated again.
Going on with how Malshina was screwing the heroes was that she had complete control of their world now. This is why the scorpion tattoo came back into play and the whole reason why the show had a complete turn around in the plot. She still wanted to help the Akibarangers as well since in season one they actually worked together so that they can keep their show going. Now with Malshina being the writer now she makes things different. First is the Super Malshina series which is her defeating Super Sentai teams which leads to the Sentai Cafe being a memorial for the warriors who fought Malshina. Also she even made the heroes lives follow a very linear path. Moegi had to deal with her husband since he came back for a sudden reason and Nobuo had his mother to deal with. There were even so many little details like Moegi's fan fiction being changed to Malshina fan fiction. She really drives deep with her plan and I do feel like she did go a little too far, but I guess that is what still makes her the villain.
The biggest thing I extremely loved in this episode was actually Luna for once. I complained about her a good amount of times in the past episodes because she wasn't really acting like the other two who were trying to be like heroes. This time however Luna actually steps up and becomes a better person. With the death of Super Sentai she was seeing that her friends were in despair. Also thanks to Malshina she wasn't helping them at all as she made them forcefully leave the team. Still Luna fought hard and even though she was using her role as an Akibaranger for a stepping stone she was fighting to make the people she met smile again. She was trying to save the franchise for them. This was pretty much what I wanted to happen in the Powerful Rangers episode and I couldn't be happier. She even tried to fight Delu Knight without the suit. I will still say it took a while, but now I like her as much as I do with the other team members, a big hooray for Luna!
Overall I am really really happy with this episode. Season two is actually a real continuation of the Akibaranger story, Malshina has really stepped her game up, the huge switch around, the big fourth wall breaker, and Luna being way more enjoyable just made me way too happy. I am excited to see how things will end in Akibaranger as I give this episode an A+! Also sorry about this shorter review, I kept losing my work because of bad internet connections.
Next Time: What the heck is that?

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