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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 22 Review: Everybody Loves King (Spoiler Alert!!!)

Man has it been a while since I have done a Kyoryuger review. Well I'm finally back with this series and I will try my best to do a fast catch up. For this episode it continues off where the episode twenty-one left off at. Right now the Kyoryugers are getting Plezuon prepared to become a Debos Hunter, but Debos has a plan in their hands.
The first thing to highlight in this episode is how Debos reacted to the current situation. Chaos knows that there hasn't been enough emotions gathered to fully restore his master. With the fear of Plezuon though he decides to jump the gun as he tells Dogold of a plan. Dogold takes Virus away to use him and this also requires the water Lucky carries around. The plan is to mix the water with a huge amount of it, so they use a dam for this. When the dam is full of the restoration water they will plunge Debos' body in the water, hopefully reviving him. It's a really last minute plan and I like this. Chaos is taking a huge risk by putting the leader into the crossfire right away like this. Now does this plan work though?
Meanwhile the other villains are going to attack the base where Plezuon is at. They do this by sending a Computer version of Virus so that he can interfere with Plezuon. This happens while he is being upgraded to be more suitable to fight Debos. Sadly the team fall right into this part of the trap as the only person in the base is Yayoi who hasn't shown any fighting potential. She is the granddaughter of the past Violet, but she doesn't look like a fighter. So the Computer Virus attacks her and starts to slowly destroy the base from the inside. To make things worse he put Plezuon into a deep sleep as Debos plans to bury the dinosaur in the rubble of the base. Now for those who are thinking how they even found the base, that was from the last episode were Virus puts some gunk on Ian's shoes. This gunk pretty much makes the other Virus who does look a little silly as it's the head of Virus with some shades and in a tux. Again the added plan was a risk, but thanks to the other plan it does make the new plan a little more safer to do.
Imagine if computer viruses actually attacked you?
Now for the heroes as we get a little more from the new character Yayoi and surprise she has a huge interest in King. Wow it's like I didn't see this coming at all, I mean it wasn't like there was a massive hint from the last episode..... oh wait there was. I will say the reveal of this was rather funny though as it just gets worse and worse for her. It starts with Ian seeing her watching Daigo from the security camera, she gets shocked and drops her folder which contained pictures of Dagio, and then her glasses fall off and show projections of King. Poor Ian though he thought he had a chance and seeing all of that really broke him up. Later on she gets some confidence from King because she is a little worried about being her grandfather's replacement. Sadly even with that reinforcement from the leader she cannot stand up strong. I bet she survives, but the base starts to crumble down as she stays down quivering in fear. There was a huge hint that Yayoi could not be ready as her grandfather did mention he is worrisome about her being his replacement. I do know what becomes of her so I can't wait to see how she jumps into a fighter.
Now for something that came out of nowhere and it doesn't even get good payoff. When Ian finds out about Yayoi gushing over King there is someone who isn't happy about this. I was thinking this would cause Ian to try to be more of a hero, but I guess he just got used to rejection and dealt with it. Nope the person who gets more attention with this was Amy. Amy is quite mad that Yayoi is after King as there is jealously in the room. Now before anyone goes screaming cat fight, nothing really happens with this. It just seemed to be a gag most of the time as you hear the sound of a kettle when you see Amy's angry face. Ucchi confronts Amy about this as Amy is quite confused on how she feels. This even carries onto the battlefield as Amy stares at King in the middle of the battle. She is thinking on how she should feel, but she decides to just fight since she hasn't come to a solution yet. Really what is with this series wanting every women to fall in love with King. Even for Amy when they hinted at her with Souji and Ucchi so what the hell is going on? I guess the only reason why these girls are going for King is because you know "Hail to the king, baby!"
Now as for King he doesn't notice that two women are gushing about him as he stays the usual King. He does start to talk with Plezuon a bit more and is easily bonding with his new partner. I also like seeing King bonding with the Dinosaurs, it's just nice to see him being friendly to everything possible. Now sadly this doesn't get much focus as I feel there should have been. Heck they easily could have done some scenes with King and Yayoi talking with Plezuon. It easily would have been better than the Amy subplot we got. At least that would have been more concrete than having a love triangle for no reason. So yea I feel the whole love angle of this episode could have been completely redirected as it would have been nice for the newer character and not just forcing some arrows of love flying around.
For the action it was okay until a certain point which I will get to later. The beginning of the fight is mostly with henchmen and those Chaos monsters from before, sheesh how many times will these guys be used. To make it worse the series is still using two monsters from before with Virus having most of the attention. Again it was just an okay fight and then I did start liking it more when Debos' body came into play. Dogold and Virus went for an immediate attack so the team wouldn't summon Kyoryujin to stop Debos's revival. Torin even got into this fight as he teamed up with Ucchi against Dogold. The other five take on Virus and it was disappointing. They just had one attack on the guy who just blocks it since he has better defenses now. Then Red just uses the Deinosgrander which he drills through Virus and then the team finish him with four brave slashes. I did like the finisher, but again it really wasn't a fight just more of a quick finish. Now with Virus defeated he decides to go giant and the team use Kyoryujin and try to stop Debos, but they are too late.
I have to say for the big monster that killed all of the Dinosaurs, it doesn't look that scary. Now I would admit the atmosphere did make it seems a little more intimidating. The darker screen and the music made me think of a Godzilla movie. Debos rampages around the area as he just blindly attacks even killing Virus in one attack. How the team handled this was good since they just didn't retreat right away even though the heroes including the dinosaurs were afraid. It actually goes back to the episode with Kyoryu Grey where Red learned to fight with his fears. I even like how the fight went about, it was very one sided and for once there is some suspense in this series. Debos really takes down the heroes even with Raiden Kyoryujin. Even with a silly appearance, how the show used it was very effective as this was the only part I really had a lot of fun with. Again it was that feeling of suspense as the big monster himself as finally appeared while our heroes are not ready yet.
Overall this episode really reminds me of episode sixteen just slightly better. I liked what the villains did in this episode and the little scenes with Yayoi were nice. So many other things just didn't have that impact though and even if I did like the ending of this episode it still was rather sudden. There were some useless moments that easily could have been replaced, mostly with Amy's scenes. The whole episode really just felt below average until the very end which did bore me a whole lot. So I would give this episode a D+ as for a big episode it really was missing that huge impact until the end.
Next Time: A new Kyoryujin!

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