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Friday, October 11, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 23 Review: New Bravery (Spoiler Alert!!)

Continuing off from the previous episode, Debos has been revived and is easily defeating our heroes, but could there still be hope even without Plezuon?
Alright the first thing I am going to cover is a big problem I am having with the series. This is of course the main character Daigo. Now I am not saying he's a bad character, he's a lot of fun and provides great moments for the series. There is an issue though, it seems like the writers... well to be exact writer is only focusing on Daigo. The previous episode shown this well with the random Amy subplot. The beginning of the episode as King being the only one standing up from Debos' attacks and he controls Kyoryujin Kung-Fu by himself. His bravery even makes Debos afraid of him at one point when he was standing his ground. What happened with everyone else, they were unconscious and later on they rest up as Daigo goes on his own. Now I do give credit for King helping his teammates to get some rest, but he is the one who needed the most. Overall, the King is really taking his throne with the series right now as he seems to be the only strong character as of now.
Now of course we got some Yayoi development and it was good, but some of her reasoning was odd. She finally finds out how the be brave and uses that to help the team, well for her it's to help Daigo. The whole time she was saying Daigo, Daigo, Daigo! We get it she loves the guy, but I would think she would consider the whole world because Debos is back! She even knows this creature destroyed a whole planet before and sees that bravery does really help. The destroyed planet lost because they didn't have bravery...... again this is another issue I have with the series. They are treating "brave" like it's energy while it's an emotion. I get the idea because bravery does give people hope and I understand that. Still I think they need to change their wording because I would like to think a planet full of people had brave people. I like Yayoi realizing this as well as she steps up for once and jumps straight into Plezuon and giving him the strength to blast out of the destroyed base, but it could have been done better.
I even have a way to make it better as well. Daigo still fights Debos by himself, but the fight takes too much out of him. Even Daigo falls to Debos and is in grave danger. The rest of the team then go onward to find Yayoi and Plezuon. When they do find Yayoi this is where she hears about Daigo almost dying. Then the same thing will happen, she will find her bravery and she would still help Daigo as she then even finds out he still goes into battle. King would have came in with Gabutyra and fought Debos alongside with Bunpachy. Then the five other members would fight the normal enemies on land. Then they save Daigo with Plezuon when he escapes from the base. It easily fixes the whole King focus issue as the other characters would have done more this way. I'm sorry, but I think the other heroes should be doing more in a superhero team series!
Onto some positives now as the villains have trouble with controlling Debos. This is because he is incomplete and doesn't know how to function fully. This leads to him attacking his own allies at the beginning of the episode. Chaos knew of this risk and would easily do it again since it did prove to be very helpful in the beginning. Chaos even has a way to control Debos which is to shrink him down and keep him tangled until he has calmed down. This is really making me like Chaos a whole lot, he is really thinking out his plans and takes risks when he has to. With the other villains being moronic at many times it's a breathe of fresh air to see a smart villain in this show. So I hope Chaos can continue to be the major villain of the series.
Onto the action now as it was really well done here. I did like the first fight with Kyoryujin Kung-Fu trying to fight off Debos. It was interesting to see how Debos can take hits and yet still counter while taking that damage. Debos is basically a tank and just keeps charging through. I also did like King just charging and firing at Debos when he came out again. I mean King doesn't even have his transformation battery and here he goes shooting at the giant who destroyed the whole dinosaur race! Again it's the bravery and stupidity of King once more, but again those moments are still good. Then the fight got a whole lot better as Gabutrya and Bunpachy show up to fight Debos by themselves. It was great to see those two mechs fight the giant since they were using the actual suits of those mechs. It was a great moment for those practical effects!
Then I really did like the transformation for the team in this one. They gather in a circle with their batteries and transform. The role call even had a little boost as Daigo as yelling very loud as he was talking straight to Debos. It was a simple on land fight with some good cutting away to other moments. I did like how some takes were one shots as something can happen off screen and then we see the camera panning over to the other parts of the actions. The team even gave the villains a bullet hell as they fired their guns continuously at the foes until they flew into the sky. Now I do have to question is why did they use the generic fight them for this moment? I mean you think the theme song would fit perfectly here or the other good action song. So what, now they decided that they were using the theme too much and just didn't use it for once, sheesh this series is an odd one. I mean Debos is around this is the big bad!
We even had the reveal of a new combination as Plezuon combines with Gabutrya and Bunpachy to give us Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin! First there was a nice fight with just Plezuon-oh as it gives Debos a good beating before the new combination. I really do like this new mech. It does have some size issues, but the direction for it was handled very well. I actually like seeing Gabutrya's tail sticking out from the back as I can see that being used as an attack. This was a huge one sided fight as the new combination is too strong for Debos. Now I was expecting a full retreat, but nope the team perform their finisher. It was a damn good one I have to say as I love seeing the spirit form of Plezuon coming out and attacking. This even destroyes Debos, up the big bad we were building up to got defeated as he only appeared in two episodes..... Now there was something strange at this part as something on Chaos' hand appeared and I bet it's the possible next villain or maybe Chaos will become stronger? Still having Debos already killed seems a little anti-climatic since now what the villains do, just fight for revenge at this point? I will say though, I did like the battle tune during the fight.
This is a good ending to this arc for the series. Yayoi had a good note to end on and the series will continue to focus on her so that next episode is going to be good I can tell. Also the action was really good which the last episode missed out on as well. Sadly there are still story elements that bog down the episode and the series with the biggest being the King focus. It's not that hard to have the other members be important in an episode like this? So I would give this episode a C+ it had good things, but there is a lot lacking as well.
Next Time: A new Violet!!!

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