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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 24 Review: Ice Cold Tears (Spoiler Alert!!!)

Back to Kyoryuger and the big bad Debos has been defeated along with Chaos and Dogold, but Debo Iceage is going to get revenge with his new power. Will the Kyoryugers need a helping hand this time?
To start this review is well another problem I have with the series. It is really bringing up a lot of last minute details. This time it is with Yayoi as she is having second thoughts about being a Kyoryuger. This is because she thinks she will never reach her grandfather's expectations. She can be one now since Plezuon has accepted her and the Doctor is ecstatic. So last time she faced her fears and found her bravery, but she still needs more soul searching before she can fight. I was fine with her problems in the previous episode, but here it just seems like the writer wanted to make a problem other than the monster of the week being stronger than usual. Then with this new plot point she really cowers in this episode and it made me not like her at all. She was even crying so many times and it's good that she found her bravery because if she didn't she would have been crying a whole lot more then. Also how it got brought up was so fast and they really raced right through it. Overall, I still like Yayoi, but this episode did make me not like her as much anymore.
Going on this episode really didn't cover anyone else except Amy a little since she did help Yayoi with her confidence. Even King was taking a break from stealing the spotlight as he had a good relaxing nap at the hospital. I actually got a laugh when he said he was just in the hospital to just get a rest when I thought he was actually hurt this time. Other little moments was Nossan having more old man jokes and Ian being the helpless flirt like he always is. At least each character had a little something in this episode. It didn't feel like people were ignored and were still interacting with the episode which hasn't happened for quite a while in the series. So there wasn't big coverage for every character, but again at least they had little things unlike being completely ignored in an episode.
Now with Amy I guess I found out why the sudden plot point of her having a crush on Daigo came up. I guess it's supposed to make a little friendly rivalry between the two that's the only thing I got. I guess this could be explored with a little more and could make some little jokes, but personally I would have liked it that Amy didn't have this crush, but Yayoi still thought she did. Yayoi would have kept it to herself, but whenever she is around Amy she tries much harder. Then there could have been some good dialogue moments where Yayoi is very passive aggressive with Amy. Here Amy just helps Yayoi with her confidence even though she wasn't helping out that much in the beginning. She catches on how Yayoi was afraid of expectations, but she was one of the people who didn't help. She basically said she will be fine since she is the granddaughter of a great hero. It would have been nice if she apologized from saying that, but oh well at least she helped Yayoi to fight.
One part of the episode I really did like was how the villains were in this episode. First Iceage was out for revenge and he actually had a pretty good plan, but too bad he got a little too hungry for vengeance. His plan was to freeze people when they cry and this easily could have been done while in the shadows. Iceage wanted to kill a Kyoryuger though and Yayoi was just around holding onto the gun during the time. Then the best thing happened, Aigaron got angry and it was glorious. Since he cannot cry anymore he had to store his sadness up and he started to experience rage. I know Chaos and Dogold are alive, but it would have been nice to see Aigaron become the new anger warrior. He really went berserk and this time his power boost makes sense since this is the first time he got to this level of anger. I loved how he was fighting and him being more of a threat is great. Then he goes for a suicide attack.... wait what?! He just died and that could be the last time we see him. I could at least he went out with a bang. I'm sure he will be back just like the other two villains.
Now onto the fight it was pretty good for the reveal of Yayoi becoming Kyoryu Violet. She easily shows her strengths and this time they play the theme song and it fits nice here. The team got a new member so of course the team theme will be playing here. Now sadly it was just a reveal fight as I was hoping it would be more of a team fight. It would have been great to see at least her team up with Amy since she helped her get to be the fighter she is right now. Yayoi acted like King in this fight as she jumped in a took the glory many times. I will say I do like her when she is fighting, she has a positive glow and already got great fighting moments like her facing a horde of soldiers by herself. Still a little more team interacting would have been better to see than just Yayoi being the King of this episode, at least the team had the finishing move.
For the mech fight it was an okay one. It starts out with King using Plezu-oh with Bunpachy as there were some good use of the suit for a little while. Then it shows a pretty bad looking CGI effect for the mech as it bashes the giant soldiers. Then the team come together to make Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin and fight even more giant soldiers. Now at this point there was a moment where I thought things were going to get really good. Iceage changes the environment with his ice powers and the area got a little darker. This usually means the villain was going to have the upper hand for a while, but here it was a quick exchange of blows and then the team beat him hard enough to cancel the snow. I really liked how the camera work was for that little moment, the darkness made somethings like Iceage pop out a little and there were some great angles. It's too bad it was just a quick moment because it could have made this fight above average at best. The team just finish all of the foes with the finisher which still does look cool and I do like how they have a freezing move to keep their foes in place.
Overall it's just a decent episode since there isn't much to look into for this episode and personally it didn't need much to be a good one if done right. It easily could have been Iceage becoming a more stronger monster and freezing the team up. Also with Aigaron having his rage would have made the team face a good challenge, it would have been great if he got King off of his feet. Then Yayoi is the one who saves the day and they could have had this development moment for her, but she realizes it herself when she needs to save the team. With this it tried to add on somethings that were not needed and whenever they had something good they quickly blast it away, literally with Aigaron. At least Yayoi is still a good character overall, but again the writing could have been improved to make things feel above average so I give this episode a C.
Next Time: Luckyuro becomes the new King!

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