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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 25 Reivew: Nightmare on Lucky Street (Spoiler Alert!!!)

Well with the only survivors of Debos being Lucky and Candy, Lucky decides to take his....her revenge (I'm not sure) on the Kyoryugers by performing what Freddie Kruger does best.
This is pretty much a comedy filler episode, but I will say I did have a couple of laughs here and there. So how does the comedy do, pretty good I have to say. First the idea of Lucky appearing in your dreams over and over again and replacing certain people is a little creepy. He or she replaces most of the female characters in the dreams, except for Amy's and Ucchi's. For Souji his dream is with Rin as they are on a date and then all of a sudden his friends come snapping at him for this. For Ian, one of his dates turns on him and other women start to attack him, for Nossan he gets attacked by his costumers when his sister gets replaced with Lucky. Even King gets affected as his dreams as his own friends snapping at him. For Ucchi his lord is replaced and Amy had the team attack her as well. So how is Lucky doing this and why?
Well first the reason why Lucky is doing this is to get the Kyoryugers on their weakest side possible. Without any sleep the team can't even fight properly as we see that simple henchmen can beat them up. For once King gets pummeled, finally he is not invincible! Amy was actually the only one who could fight the troops. Soon Ucchi appears, but even he is affected as mentioned before. At first he had a good shot, but then he fires on his own team and falls down the stairs. This was my first laugh because I wouldn't be surprised that Ucchi could overcome these nightmares, but even a trained samurai has problems with his sleep. This is when we discover on how Lucky is entering dreams, he created his own monster for the second time.
The MOTW is a really lame one, first the whole dream power isn't the most unique thing in a Sentai or just entertainment in general. Again this could have been done differently if they just kept them up and then the team just had to overcome their nightmares, but nope they can't sleep and can't win even in their own dreams. Souji even said the pain in his dreams hurt him in real life, so this really screams Nightmare on Elm Street right here, hey good timing to be reviewing this episode on the week of Halloween! Going on the design of this monster is really lame as well, the head is okay, but the body is so lazy. It's just a one piece pajama that the monster wears, I mean really they couldn't make a whole suit for the monster. The head is just a simple sheep's head with a monster face. I can at least this monster shows off the theme, but I would have rather seen a really scary creature to be messing with the team's dreams. Again if they are doing some Elm Street here, I say go for it!
Also for a change of pace, this wasn't an episode where King didn't steal the focus. He really didn't have much to do with the episode. Souji was the true interest of this episode and I am happy with that. I will say it doesn't really improve or develop anything about his character as he is the same as he was. He is still rather blunt and truthful about everything. Rin did have another appearance in this episode and she did help out, which was just giving Souji a strange wake-up drink. Again I think it would have been better for them to win in their own dreams, but this did lead to the best moment in the episode. The team gets powered up thanks to the drink and they decide to finish things quickly and boy did they do that! They rushed through their transformation, roll call, and even the overall battle. It's really odd where I am happy with the fast pace for once, sadly this episode has bad examples of this as well.
Also have I still love Souji's sword skills.
The whole episode really has a terrible pace and it really felt like it was building up to nothing except for the quick fight joke. The beginning of this episode really rushed through dialogue and shown as Souji's dream really quickly. The other dreams were just shown as quick moments as it would have been better if the guys kept it a secret from another and just say they had nightmares with Lucky. Like the dreams had something to do with a secret they were keeping. This would have worked along with them facing their nightmares and such. Ucchi's dream was shown and I was fine with that cause I had fun trying to imagine what his dream was. Again some dialogue would have helped this dream moments or have the dreams be silent, maybe they should have played like a silent film from the 1920's. So yea they really rushed past many things in this episode which is sad because if they took sometime they could have had more fun with the dream motif.
Even the advertised three mecha fight really was nothing which really got me mad. I mean seeing the three mechs fight together is a first for the series and this is what we get?! First I got to wonder why waiting for the new base was important, I guess Plezuon was helping Yayoi and the Doctor with building it? This was a useless moment in the speech of this episode so it really didn't need to be in at all. I mean replace it with another line like about how the team have to stop Debos at any cost. The team were thinking that things were going to be okay since it's only Lucky and Candy around. Torin said something rather harsh, whoever tries to revive Debos must die is basically what he said. I mean damn Torin that is rather harsh. I know Debos isn't a good thing, but now I can just him killing anyone who just stumbles around to Debos. So yea back to the mech fight. Each one of the mechs only had one hit! Pteraiden-oh and Plezu-oh had one attack as Kyoryujin had the finisher. Also the animation for Kyoryujin was awful, it looked way too computer animated!
So what does this episode rush through everything for? A sudden plot twist! Chaos, Dogold, and Aigaron are still alive. Even Debos is alive as his heart and soul are now in Chaos as the castle now still stands as well. So everything is basically back to stage one..... The past episodes really built up to nothing then! What is the point of  having these big wins if they villains just go "We're back!" It just pointless! Also how the episode ends teases us with a new upcoming villain called Endolf who is will represent Resentment the opposite of bravery. If they wanted to do this kind of twist, just play this episode out normally then and have the teaser be the new villain reveal. Save up the twist of the rest of Debos being alive for later. It would make people wonder if the new villains is something more than a new villain, he could have been a revived version of one of the past villains. Overall, I am really mad with this because now this episode makes the past four episodes feel useless!
This episode should have stayed as a basic comedy episode. I mean if they took their time with the episode they could have had funnier moments. This episode had some good laughs and I do like how Lucky gets the team off guard. This episode really downgrades though thanks to the bad pacing, terrible fighting moments, and sudden twist at the end. To top it off then this episode alone makes the past episodes look useless in many ways, so yea this episode gets a D. It's still not the worst thing ever and I still laughed here and there, if there weren't any good laughs though this episode would have gotten an F.
Next Time: Well that is unusual....


  1. so basically Bad CGI ended the episode right there.

    1. Pretty much, then came the sudden plot twists that easily could been it's own episode, even though it wasn't a good twist.