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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 26 Review: Burning Resentment

With the Debos army back from the dead, Chaos has created a new commander, his name is Endolf as he represents resentment. Will this new villain be able to defeat the Kyoryugers, or will their new power be able to counter him?
The first thing to talk about is Endolf and I am already liking him. First his emotion is resentment and that idea alone can really work well. He is really insane when he fights and holds nothing back. I also love his motif being a melting candle as it represents his burning rage. Even the colors show an angry character, he is mostly red and that alone shows that off well. Along with the touches of white gives off more of the candle look. There is also some blue which I don't know why it's there, but I am happy to see it there since it does help give some color balance to the suit. I will say he did leave a good impression at the end of the episode where he lets Plezu-oh strike him down so he would resent the team even more. Also the fact that he is the first monster except, Debos to survive a giant fight. Finally his gun and short sword leaves more nice touches.
Another good part of the villains for this episode was Aigarion, I am happy that he is continuing with his anger side or if it is, it's not clear yet. Even before he snaps he was really good in this episode. First he really got intimidating, he provoked Ian very well. He kept making him remember Ian about the friend he killed. Now for Ian I thought he fought over this, but to have someone smearing it right into your face is different so I can see why Ian got mad. Also his fighting got a whole lot better and is just being a better villain in general. He shows his strength and can work with the new guy while Dogold couldn't. Then with the part when he has black eyes I do think it's an after effect from when he got angry. This I am up for since him getting angry was my favorite part about him so far. Now that can come up again and again in the series, count me in!
Chaos is also getting a stronger foot on the situation since Endolf is a little out of control, he is completely fine with this. Endolf was made with Debos' and his burning passion to get revenge. So this is pretty much Chaos' way of letting lose, he is mad and let his emotions come to life. I would like to think that he is going to use Endolf with the other villains cause I would like to see the possible combinations. Now Dogold didn't do well since he gets too hot headed. With Aigarion he worked well with him as he perfectly thought of a plan to get Ian's resentment. Also with Lucky he is not liking the new guy as of right now. I guess it could because of how he is acting and him forcing him to make him giant wouldn't make a good impression either. Yet, Lucky still worked with him to bring him back to a normal size. So overall the villains got a great portrayal and it's all thanks to a new villain.
Now I am fearing that is arc could be leading to King becoming one of the biggest examples of red focus, but at least in the beginning he wasn't stealing the show. King wasn't even in this episode for the whole majority, so I'm happy with that. This episode is an Ian focus episode and the last time there was one it was great for him, but the actual episode was bad. This time however this episode was very good and it easily made Ian more likable. Ian had to work as the leader this time around and it was done well. With King being a human dinosaur which is creative I will give them that. Now I would have been more happier if other teammates got more focus, but hey Ian is the most ignored character in the series. With how he was presented in this episode though, he needs to get more focus.
Ian did show leader like qualities before and he did a great job with saving people before and this episode shown more of that. King wasn't himself and he even fled from the fight so Ian had to quickly save his team. He got rather creative with using the batteries and performed some risky stunts to get the job done. Then I can see why he thinks he's not ready because he is still mad about how his resentment got the best of him. The others did help him realize that he was ready enough since he is a smart guy and he did just save everyone from being defeated. Now when the second fight came around Ian was not fully into it, but when he realized something he got his grove back and became a great leader. He told the others what to do and it really worked out well. Also how he fought Aigarion went much better than last time. If Ian can get more episodes like this one he could become my favorite hero in this series. So what exactly is happening with King?
Now there is something I am worried about and it's with King, what a shocker I know. There is a new battery and it's just for King only..... So I am worried this is going to be the Carnival Mode I have been hearing about. I saw some pictures and I don't like it at all. That is for later though. So this is easily flashing the card that King is going to be overpowered again. Now what I do like is how King has become a human T-Rex. It was rather odd to see and I got some laughs with this. I even love how he is still King since he fights for his friends still. It's just he has bestial instincts only and doesn't think like a person. I do wonder how this will play out in the next episode as I like that King is now a problem. It's like there is actually some more development this time around.
Now onto the action portion of this episode. First I really liked how the villains did, Aigarion and Endolf really let loose and that was the most fun I had. The heroes did equally as well, Ian easily had the best moments. He was doing the usual back-flips, but the camera direction really made it fast and flowing. Then the second fight was great as well, Ian did great to help his team and they performed like he commanded them to. Also the new song was an okay song, I didn't care for the singer, but the instrumental was very good and it did have some impact. Then the effects work was top notch, there were nice mixtures. The best example was when Ian and Amy got the big attack on Aigarion, it was the perfect blend of the colors pink and black/purple along with the spirals. Mostly the fights really just got me excited which is something the series haven't had fights this strong in a while.
This was also good to look at as well.
Even the mech fight was done right in this episode. First they couldn't use Kyoryujin so they had to use Plezu-oh. They even equiped Parasgun and Zaktor. First it was mostly Ian's mech as he tried to shoot him down and he remember what happened last time, so he used a big blast and used Zaktor for a follow up attack. I was actually surprised Endolf caught it, so good surprise there and then top it off with him taking the hit. The best part it wasn't just a quick special effects fight, it had a nice blend of using the suits. Also with Ian in charge he did excellent here as well. Again if Ian is going to be like this, we need more episodes like this then!
Overall this was a very good episode and for me that is a surprised. I loved the twists in this episodes like King becoming a human T-Rex and the villains have new powers. Fuse that with some good development for Ian and very kinetic action that got me pumped. It's been a while, but I give this episode an A-
Next Time: It's Carnival Time!! yippe.....

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