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Monday, December 30, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 34 Review: The Great Revival

This episode ends the stone gathering quest as the last stone as been found, but it seems it's in Hell? Can the Kyoryugers somehow fish the stone out?
For an episode that brings a big reveal it's very underwhelming and there are many reasons why. First is how much is crammed in this episode, we got Tessai and Ramirez with the team, a new MOTW, flashback scenes, the actual retrieval of the stone, Daigo's dad, the usual action, and a new mecha to show off. With all of this here, it would have been helpful if this was a two part arc. The whole fishing thing easily could have been a nice gag to work on. I can easily see a Sentai that is trying to do comedy have an episode where they are fishing. It can be peaceful and the imagery can be the funny parts as we see the heroes and the villains slowly waiting for something to get on the hook. Then it could easily put in the action parts along with more comedy like having the heroes and villains soon fight with their own fishing rods and start flailing their hooks around. Another option would have been getting the stone out from Hell which would work as the team fighting off demons or since it's Debos Hell at least some past monsters. I did like what they did with the MOTW as he waits to get what he wants as the team try to attack him, but that easily could have been expanded on.
Now for the character appearances there was the two spirit rangers and Daigo's dad. They barely get anything at all. The two rangers are just there and it's much worst than how Yayoi got treated in the previous episodes as we don't even see the other two out of suit. Did something happen because if they are around to do the voice work, why not have the actual actor actually be there? Even for the action part it's barely nothing as the action was already low to begin with. Soon Daigo's dad appears to get the stone out from the lake and he does this with a magical ocarina that he was looking for the whole entire time. He uses this to play a melody and soon a hook connected to a chain pops out and he starts to fish for it. Now I did like how the father did appear as he helps his son punch Dogold out of the episode! After that though, Daigo just steals the show from his own father as he gets the stone out of the water.
This is just another example of how Daigo is suffering though main character syndrome. The whole scene with his father it's just Dagio and him. Everyone else is off fighting the villains and we don't even see that as much since the important thing is Daigo and his father. Then the whole wanting to help Torin thing is easily shown with everyone, so why not have everyone help reel out the stone?! It's a small thing, but showing the whole team get the last stone and then revive Bragigas would be nice to show for a superhero team series. I am really really getting tired of Daigo just hogging the spotlight in these important episodes as everyone else is just on the sidelines fighting. I know Daigo is connected because his father is heavily involved, but it shouldn't be that hard to show the other members of the team help out.
Another reason why this should have been a two part arc is because of the back story we get about Bragigas and it's pretty good. I will say it did take too much time and that did cripple the episode then, which is why I highly recommend the two arc system. With the flashback scene it shows the final battle between Debos and the Voltasaurs. The major reason why I do like this is that we get to see a lot here. It's not just exposition for the sake of being exposition. We see the destruction of the many Voltasaurs we never seen and it even connects back to the amber stones. The stones are actually the tears from Bragigas and then his sadness turns into rage. He uses a monstrous move that goes through a monster and then sealing Debos. Sadly Bragigas was out of strength and the monster dragged him down along with himself. This style of story telling does remind me of how the Kaiju films gave emotion to the giant monsters, now I would have liked it better without the heavy narrative though. That scene shows that Bragigas is a big figure for the other Voltasaurs and he does show a nice and caring side to his brethren. Daigo's dad even says that Bragigas is a father figure to the others and that is shown in that one scene, so I will give this episode that.
With the villains there is really nothing to talk about only that Chaos had different intentions that everyone else thought. Chaos wanted some fossil and I know what it is since the flashback scene does make it obvious. With that, everyone villain got shown in this episode, but a lot of them had little to nothing. Lucky was just being Lucky, Aigarion and Candy just fought with the Chaos lackeys, and Dogold was just knocked away. At least have Dogold have more of a fight since I would love to see Daigo's father completely fight him. The MOTW was pretty nice and he was a heavy defense type. He was also a very focused fisherman and the episode did play with that as I stated before. He took hits and just continued to fish, it didn't get me laughing in anyway possible, but I liked it. Most of his action scenes though was him trying to take hits and nothing else. His design was pretty good and he easily looked like he would have some interesting moves. Sadly this couldn't be true as the action really got cut down in this episode.
The beginning of the action was nothing and it never really got higher than that until the mech fight which still wasn't much. The whole team fight the villains and when it focuses on Daigo, it barely ever shows the fight at all. The worst part is when it cut back to the team winning and all of the sudden the lackeys just collapsed. It's like the writer couldn't think of a way to have the other members be involved so he just had this useless fight in the episode. As I said before then the MOTW just kept taking hits and that was working until the big finisher comes around. This scene was just so quick and that was just an overall problem for the episode, the pacing was horrid! The new finisher isn't even much, it's just the Victory finisher with the two spirit rangers, yea.... You know to actually make this seem important you have those two character be important to the episode!
The team revived, Bragigas and it's time to show off what he's got. I do like the design of the new mech, he's big and strong and that is shown with his size and bulk. I even love his ability to use other powers whenever he wants to. Sadly all he did was use two powers and we quickly moved onto the humanoid form. What would have been better was see Bragigas combine the powers and use them in different attacks or at least trying to chain them together. Basically Bragigas is the heavy type mech and even in his humanoid form that is shown. He was a large halberd like weapon and that is what was shown the most. Again why not show off the powers Bragigas can use in humanoid form? They did when he wasn't, why just use the ax? This made the fight so boring because it played out like you would expect. The foe tries to attack, it does nothing, the mech just wails on him, and the finisher comes. The finisher wasn't even that special as it's just a slash move. There was a new song, but it just sounded so standard and didn't make me excited whatsoever.
This episode had a lot of things going for it, but it just crammed everything in and didn't know how to execute everything. The flashback scene was fine, but took a little too much time, the overall action was very low, Daigo ends up hogging the spotlight once more, Tessai and Ramirez being around didn't add anything, and Bragigas and Gigant Bragi-oh had a very boring reveal fight. I give this episode an F+ It fails as it's just so boring and for what should be something important to the series it was very rushed and didn't feel that important at all. The only reason why this isn't a complete failure is because of the beginning scene. This is easily my least favorite episode in both personal and critical reasons.
Next Time: Another reveal right after another..... *sigh*

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