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Monday, March 16, 2015

A Struggle...

This is just a personal update because I am having troubles with current Toku shows. I am still liking Kamen Rider as I didn't get that far into Drive, but I am hearing some interesting things about that show. I have also seen Mach in clips and pictures and I am not a fan of this guy. Then there has been my problems with Sentai as many series have just been a drag to watch. I couldn't even finisher Toqger and I am being told that Ninninger is even worse... I think I am just going to take a break from current Toku and focus on older series. I will be going back to Double and probably take some time with Stronger as well a series I really wanted to try to watch. With Sentai since I got the Zyuranger DVD's I would love to do reviews for that series and I should go to the other Dino Sentai Abaranger. High chance these will come by Summer time. Meanwhile I will still be keeping up with Herotaku and working on my Let's Play channel. I hav really kept my focus on video games since I am having that torch being relight thanks to some great friends and I can still find great games even if there is a swarm of bad ones at times. I'm sorry for a lack of work, but keeping my school and real job have been hard as well. Things have been tiring and back then Toku was the thing to get me back in the mood, but that is not working anymore. So I will post a link to my channel as I am having tons of fun with that even if there are some problems with that, I got a good friend with me so getting to play games with him is nice.


  1. I also feel I could do a reset for the overall blog. Could just move onto a new one and start out fresh. Maybe I will just make it a personal blog where I will just randomly type articles up along with reviews. I bet that will help me get my writing groove back. Again if this does happen, it will be around Summer.

  2. "I am being told that Ninninger is even worse" Wait what? I thought the general opinion was that Ninninger was good albeit flawed.

    1. I heard the first episode was good and then everything went downhill already.I really don't trust the general opinion. I get this stuff from friends of mine who are fans as well and I trust their opinions very much because we do share thoughts at many times.

    2. Understandable but I still recommend you watch the first episode to get some sort of first impression. The show does have some problems particularly in the character focus but I'm still enjoying it.

    3. Yeah I checked out episode 2 now I know the pressure you felt with Kyoruger and I can tell this year is gonna be hell if I don't just tap out worse of all is that I'll fell like crap for not finishing I'm not posting any more episode reviews till I get Drive's first episode out of the way I will review older shows this summer probably Double which so far has been amazing IMO

    4. Yea this is exactly why I need to look into older series, also I just had an amazing trip in Boston which really got my spirits back up. I will easily be getting to older series like Double, Aba, Stronger, Zyuranger, and maybe more in the Summer

  3. Replies
    1. I have tried... not impressed by costant CGI

  4. What is wrong with Mach yes his voice is kinda annoying and he can get a little arrogant not trying to sound rude or anything guess whose just as arrogant Haruto aka Wizard. Also he is kinda similar to Diend and Deadpool so 2 instant pluses there, that is . As far as Ninninger goes I have posted a review of the 1st episode on my blog is it as bad as HeyletscopyDen-oger whoops I meant Toquger which is currently my least favorite Sentai (srsly f--k that show) no in fact it's way better in fact I read your review for Kyroyuger and I will admit I am a little worried that it will go that route but it's not as bad as people make it out to be IMO as far as episode 2 and onward go I'll get back too you when I watch episode 2 after I post my review on Drive's first episode but I can't blame you for doing something different though

  5. I am sorry to hear that current toku isn't doing it for you, but could you at least give Ninninger a chance? I understand that you trust your friends' opinions, but maybe you might enjoy it if you give it a chance.

    1. Oh I will try, but it's not going to be the first thing I do.

  6. Sorry to hear about your struggle.
    Hope everything turns well.

    I'm sorry to hear you didn't finished ToQger.
    It has gotten a lot of mixed review, where people really hated or liked it.
    Most people criticized that series was really boring.
    Personally, I really enjoyed the series for what it was.
    It wasn't perfect, but it's one of the better written sentai I've seen in last 5 years.
    It may not be the most ambitious series (it does go on to my Top 15~20), it did its job very well. I really enjoyed it. It was a fun ride.

    As for Kamen Rider Drive, it's a mixed bag for me.
    It's not terrible (unlike Kyoryuger), but it's not very good either.
    The episode formula can be very repetitive and pacing is bit awkward.
    I do like the concept of Rider riding a car instead of bike, but it just doesn't feel to right.
    It doesn't feel like Kamen Rider series, but more like Metal Hero series, particularly Winspector.
    At least it's not horrible and despising, which is big saving grace, considering Sanjo's last work was abysmal abomination (*cough* Kyoryuger).

    I'm really not enjoying Ninninger.
    It has lot of bad elements that reminds me too much of Kyoryuger; personally, I think its worse.
    I do like the mecha battle though and suit design is pretty decent.
    Overall, this series does nothing for me.
    I rather watch Power Rangers Dino Charge, which IMO is best toku series currently airing.

    Looking forward to see more Double review along with Stronger.
    I'm also looking forward for Zyuranger and Abaranger as well in summer.

    Hopefully, you will get back to current toku series with next year, where it will mark 40th anniversary of sentai!

    Take care.

  7. Dino Charge is good, but I'm holding my breath for the second half.

    I understand not liking GARO (I like it), the CGI is a dealbreaker. But man, the fights there are awesome. However, I felt Season 4 (Makai no Hana) suffered from a lack of a ongoing storyline, it felt too self-contained for me.

    I'm liking Season 5 (Gold Storm) more plus Masashiro Inoue as the main villain, he's doing a bang-up job so far.

    Changeman is also good review material, it's like In Space, but for a older audience.

    1. Masashiro Inoue is the villian well that takes The ONORE DECADEO meme too a whole new level I really like Changeman though