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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Trying To Get Out Of The Struggle

I think I have found a way to get out of my struggle, but that means there will be some changes around here. First of all, this is no longer going to be a Toku only blog. Things are going back to free writing. I love many forms of media and I think trying to focus on one only really got me down at points. Then things got more bizarre when I tried to make exclusive posts for Herotaku. Also I will be focusing more on my Let's Play series which I have been so I feel like I should post those videos here and maybe they can start to grow some more. So this blog will simply be for my thoughts and this is mostly because I want to share them. I do think too much, but I want to make that a better thing for myself. I also believe that people should be putting more thought into what they like no matter how simple it is. Exploring ideas can be really worth it since you can find things that really meant a whole lot to your life. Like for example I looked back on how I got into Toku and there is a long chain of connections here. People would mostly say they got into it because of Power Rangers and yes I found Super Sentai first while doing some research and then that lead to Kamen Rider, but there was something before that. I got into Godzilla more than anything when I was young and I still watch those films, hell there are films I still need to watch. There was also the time when I left Power Rangers and get exploring in anime because I got big into that during the 90's and with Power Rangers not keeping my attention during sometime around the mid 2000's I simply jumped into something else. During the early days of my anime watching there was Cyborg 009, which was created by Shotaro himself the creator of Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and other Toku shows in general. So it is not that shocking that I got into Toku when I did since I had many precursors for it. During my time away I did take some writing classes as well both in creative and scholarly and I feel like it was coming back to me. It was my philosophy class this year though that really got me fingers back into motion because I was getting deep into my thoughts and kept on going and going. Also I thought this was going to be shorter as well.

So for this blog I am going to still be doing reviews and those will be more edited this time around. If I just want to get my thoughts about something out, I will do simple edits for those and try to get them out day one. Also starting around June will be my Toku watching as I will probably have a series of early thoughts for those and not episode reviews because I think those started to stress me out because there are some episodes that are hard to review at times in terms of content and I want to try to make the content parallel each other. Well I am feeling my writing groove coming back a bit and I mostly have to work on my sleeping schedule in check as well because with around forty hours of work a week along with recordings for the LP doesn't give me all the free time I need. Also I do feel I need days where I have to get out and hang around with people. Who knows that could lead me back to the movies and get back to watching more films for more reviews and such. I will simply have to see what happens and all I hope is that anyone reading this will be fine with these changes.

This is a link to a list of videos I have created so far, you can even check out the playlists to see how much we did. So far we have around 80 videos and they will be growing.


  1. It's ok with the changes I'm currently going through a struggle with my blog I planned to review both Ninninger and Drive, I've only got the Ninninger pilot on my blog Drive it's partially been due too my fault partially not and the more I read into the wiki I am like WHAT THE F--K HAPPENED HERE Drive had so much going into it granted I loved Gaim and it's probably in my top 3 favorite Kamen Riders along with Den-o and Double, so letting go of it was gonna be hard but I felt satisfied with the ending it got that and Riku was back in his element (similarities too Double) just wow and I watched episode 2 of Ninninger I am never going back to that episode it SUCKED!!!!! (still gonna review after the Drive episode 1 review) I subscribed to the channel tho

  2. Well, it's good that you're branching out and trying different things. I won't watch that any of the let's plays, mainly because unless it's really funny, it just seems boring.