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Monday, January 6, 2014

Kyoryuger Episode 36 Review: Fly Like an Eagle (Spoiler Alert!!)

Chaos' plan continues even though Gadoma has been defeated as the gates of hell are open and he summons back the dead and brings what Torin should have been. Can Torin face this impostor and can he be his favorite thing?
As I mentioned many times before, I was not a fan of Torin.... well that was in the beginning. Here there at least a character I can start to like other than a bird creatures just blurting out "Brave!" Now I still don't find him to be a good commander character like Doggie from Dekaranger, but again there is a character coming around for Torin now. It started when the team found out he is a Debos monster and now here is a monster being a hero. In this episode we then see what Torin could have been if he stayed with Debos. It's a far more darker and eviler looking Torin and that works nicely for him to face. Along with what happens with Torin in this episode, confronting what he could have been does show the contrast of his decision of good and evil. So with Torin just being a commander character, now he has become a Sentai warrior!
Reminding me of Doggie, Torin has now joined the non-human characters who have become a Sentai warrior. With Torin I do like his struggle for thinking he could not be able to do this since he is a Debos monster. That part of his life has been hinging on him since he decided to battle his brother, Chaos. Also with the fact that he couldn't make his own partner, Bargigas stop from going berserk and lead him to his death. Going on he has been seeing more and more human beings become a Kyoryuger so why would he? Now I would love to see the whole team tell him he can do it, but it's mostly Daigo.... at least Souji said somethings too. Even have the extra three rangers tell him he can do it like Yayoi did. It would have easily made me like it much more if everyone was supporting him.
Now I will say this is a Torin focused episode and Daigo didn't steal the spotlight from a reveal, so there is that. Torin even had action before he transformed and it was awesome to see him and his other self fight each other. They flew in the air, exchanged sword slashes, and there was a good struggle. It's also thanks that we had anticipation of this evil Torin from the past episode as he defeated both Cyan and Grey. Now I will say I was hoping this evil Torin would be a new main villain, his reveal reminds me of Endolf as he has that good entrance like he did. I could easily see evil Torin be like a powerhouse villain, not a smart one, but just listens to what Chaos says. I guess it's great to see Torin defeat his possible evil self showing that his decision to be good was the better choice. Maybe this is that same feeling I had for the past couple of episodes, they feel like two parts being rushed into one. I will say this one feels more like a one off episode than the others, but there is still some pacing issues like with the mech fight.
Now the reason why there is a new and evil Torin is because of Chaos once again. Chaos probably made Mad Torin like the usual way, but he has back up. With the gates of hell open, past monsters are returning! Really this is just used to show more action because I guess the writer couldn't think of more drama for the episode. It's odd, lately the series has been rushing some fights or not showing them whatsoever. Here it's the same monsters we have seen before and now we get more focus on the action. Heck the Armed On weapons came back in this episode, remember those?! I can't believe how long it took for these weapons to come back into play and they still interest me more than the new weapons we have right now. Nossan uses them as he also gets Souji's and Amy's to combine with. Carnival mode does make it's appearance too, but who cares about that, new Sentai warrior!
Torin finally finds out that he does carry the same bravery that everyone else does, he even sees that he was the first one to get it since he had since he wanted to save the Earth and not destroy it. I really don't know why his silver gun had to change colors so drastically since he becomes silver.... Also why does he get a special gun also, I will ignore that though since I know the reason, toy sales! With this different gun, his transformation music is far much different as it's more rocking than the samba music. I do like this difference of music as seeing Torin rock out with a gun is funny, but cool at the same time. With his fight we got a new song, which I am do like a lot more than the previous new songs we have been getting. Also it's nice to see everyone having a fight, but why not have them team up with Torin to face Mad Torin? There were some great effects going around here as well with his reveal fight, yet they did get lazy at some points like not fully making an effect for Silver's special gun attack. His big finisher though is must more deserving of focus though as it traps foes in a triangle that Torin made with his sword slashes as he flies forwards and slices through the enemy. It's simple, but thanks to some touching on Mad Torin when he got trapped and the overall black surrounding did make it have that epic dynamic.
Now with the mech fight, it was rather boring. First of all that song played in the two previous episodes is not around and is replaced with a very generic fight song. The humanoid form is not used at all as Gigant Kyoryujin is used right away and it's a really slow fight. The mech is too big and cannot move that well and either way there was only one moments where the mech blocks and strikes back at the foe. We quickly moved onto the big finisher which is a insanely big cannon finisher. I need to say this, I can like special effects if they are at a small amount like with Silver's finisher. Here it's just way too much. There was even a moment where all the mechs appear and blast at Mad Torin as it's just a bunch of lasers and CGI mechs. With the new finisher, the cannon arrives, the mechs surround it and put energy into it, and then it fires. There is just a little too much going on as I will say at least I can see the mechs now. Also I was fond of the rainbow effect the blast gave when it hit Mad Torin. Overall a boring mech fight with an okay finisher.
There really isn't much to talk about in this episode since it's pretty simple and that's a great thing! The episode focuses on the main part of Torin becoming a Kyoryuger and many previous episodes of Kyoryuger miss this point a lot of times. They try to shove way too much in episodes and it just clouds up the great parts of an episode. Here the strong parts are great because there isn't a lot fogging it up. I can still have come criticisms here and there, but the overall focus is strong unlike episode thirty-four. Torin becoming a Sentai warrior is nice and how the series built more on the character does make it a better reveal. All that was needed was more team focused moments as there are just too many filler like moments in this episode. I would give it a B for these reasons, hopefully the series is done trying to reveal so much now.
Next Time: Swordsmen swap (why does that sound dirty?)

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