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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ressha Sentai Toqger Episode 11 Review: The Emperor Of Sparkles!

In this episode of Toqger the gang head on to a amusement park as they take an off day for the time being. Meanwhile, the darkness has been formed to make a track for the Emperor, but he doesn't seem to be around, so where is he?
I have to say this episode had much more screen time for the villains while the heroes literally had barely anything to do with this episode. I mean Right did have a little bit of things, in the end though he was just acting like himself and didn't change. So an episode with a reveal of the main villain really has barely anything to talk about that is a bad sign to begin with there. At the very least in Kyoryuger when the big bad was revealed I had much more to talk about. Wouldn't it be better for the track of darkness being formed and connecting to a town since it couldn't controlled. The team then find out there is a Shadow Line and head there to take down the usual monster of the week and then the surprise of not seeing the usual monster would have been better. Sadly this episode has useless filler throughout the whole beginning of the episode and then the emperor of darkness is just around. Couldn't this episode at the very least have a child with the gang and try to cheer the child's day up, like really this show needs to have more substance to it, especially for the reveal of the main villain!
This seems to be worth showing.... ugh
I can say I do like how the villains acted when the emperor was not on the train as they become frantic, well two of them at the least. Meanwhile Schwarz and the emperor's right hand man are completely calm. This episode does lead to the other big villains to be doing something other than being in the shadows or making a wedding dress. Reminding me of that, Gritta runs away which was expected because it's been like since the beginning of the series since she has been afraid of seeing the emperor. Again everything is just going as expected with no twist to spice it up. The villains even come at the expected time when the emperor was going to say his name because then he can say it with his henchmen around to make it a dramatic effect, again predictability ruins that though.
This lamp monster has a sweet design though.
So the emperor of darkness is around and yet I rather call him the emperor of sparkles because he just loves the sparkles! Literally he has a whole line of dialogue about how much he loves the sparkles because they are so bright. Now I can see why he takes a fascination with them since he's been living in darkness for his whole life, literally. Then what he wears is well, interesting... compared to the whole cast of monsters with a steam punk theme, I would think he would have something to represent that. Maybe his monster form will since it has been revealed that he is not human and just has that form for some reason. I can say he does get my interest which is because of how silly he is and not the fact he is threatening. Why is Gritta afraid of this guy? The series makes this guy look like a fool and then they just do the really cliche ways of making a villain seem scary. Right stares at him and his eyes turn pitch black and then he can use force powers that knock everyone down. Also it doesn't help that he doesn't even want to fight or kill off his enemies because he finds them interesting. This is just a boring way of revealing a villain as I am questioning if he is threatening or not.
The action in this show was a bit more than the usual flair and that is only because of how the villains fought. We got to see more of the generals fight and again I do like their style. Just like Schwarz, Baron and Noir still do carry their style while fighting. Noir just uses a parasol and she is wearing a dress and everything. She has very limited movement and this easily made some of the stunts a bit slow and odd to look at. Does she still have her style, yes, but it's not good for the flow of the fight. Baron has a similar style to Schwarz as both of them are swordsmen and Baron does keep his posture rather still like the other general. He does use the cane part of his sword well to trip people up or make some quick twists. Also he can even use his hat like Oddjob how can I hate that. Baron can even use his hat for an energy blast. The mech fight was pretty much the same, but with a new finisher and it's just a team up attack. Diesel-oh at the very least does something different, but Toq-oh does the same. So the action a bit more to it, but it's only a little above average.
Zett then does reveal something that was predicted at the beginning of the series, the fact that the Toqgers have been devoured by darkness before. So it's pretty much a confirmation at this point since I think a person like Zett can easily tell when people were devoured by darkness. High chance the five of them somehow escaped because of their imagination! I bet they didn't even fall into the darkness, it was more the fact that their city or station fell into it and they were just around during that time. So we have a bit of progression right now, but it's nothing big since the show already talked about it in the beginning! The ending of the episode was interesting though as Zett sends his monster to make the Toqgers not see the train. I guess his power is to cloak things in darkness since he is a dark lamp. Right is the only one who can still see the train probably because he didn't get hit by the dark light or he was strong enough to resist it. Sadly his other teammates cannot see the train anymore so what will happen now?
I'm surprised I had this much to say about this episode since there was barely any meat on the bone yet again. The series just thought that revealing the main villain would be enough to make the episode interesting. I will say it does make it interesting since we have a new character in the scheme of things, but interesting doesn't always mean entertaining. It's more like I want to see more done with him and the things they are hinting at right now. So far this episode didn't really do much with Zett other than what happens at the end. Overall this episode didn't feel like much because we literally wasted the beginning of this episode on seeing the team having fun at the amusement park. This episode gets a D+
Next Time: Reuniting never felt so good.

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