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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 22 Review: Show Me Your Moves! (Spoiler Alert!!)

Starting off from the last episode Fourze was kicked down to the ground as he tries to talk to the Pegasus Zodiarts. Gen thinks that Haruka since it said the wrong words, but she walks away. Not before Meteor gets one more good punch and blows her away! Virgo then appears, blast the two riders, and takes Pegasus away. Meteor then leaves after he catches a feather from Virgo and everyone else thinks that Haruka is the Zodiarts. Going to her at night we see that she has some pain in her stomach which was the same spot where Meteor punched the Zodiarts. With the Horoscopes we see Hayami mad at Virgo because of her assisting the unknown Zodiarts. This is what Gamou wants though as this unexpected guest could be the next Horoscope member. The next day we see Kijima a student of the Bit Club (a comedy club I guess). There he tells the gang that Haurka has a motion when she lies and that is the touch of her right cheek with her left hand. After being complimented by Gen he goes on with a little comedy act. After seeing that he got the time wrong, Jake gives him a little shove, but it hurts him more than it should have as Ryusei notices it. Ohsugi then comes running to Gen and is asking him about Haruka taking a day off. When Gen hears this news he says that his stomach hurts and leaves.
With Ryusei he leaves the gang and transforms into Meteor. Gen then gets to the gym looking for Hakura, but she isn't around it seems. The same guy from before tries to get him into kick boxing, but Gen just wants to see Hakura. Then the Metal Dopant (no really it's the same actor) gets a little ticked off by Gen just glancing off kick boxing. He tries to punch Gen after some taunting, but Hakura catches his fist and stops the fight. She may have helped Gen, but she wants him gone. The only way that is going to happen though is that she throws away the switch. She says she doesn't know, but she does her usual hand motion when she lies and Gen picks up on it. The two start to bicker more about what she really cares about and she will show Gen what it is by fighting in the ring. With Meteor he gets the spot where the feather told him to be as Virgo wants to see who Meteor is. The two start to fight as Virgo gets the first hit and meanwhile the fight between Gen and Hakura is going on. Gen has no style of fighting so he gets beaten up pretty easily, but still tries to talk some sense into Hakura, but she is knocks Gen out with her kick. Back with Meteor as he tries to attack Virgo with his Limit Break, but she easily dodges and blocks the attacks. Already back to Gen as he is woken up by a splash of water as he sees Hakura packing up. There he tells her to come to school so that he can give her some guidance.
The Zodiart still attacks though as it takes down another challenger. The next day Hakura does come to school as she looks worried. When she opens the door she sees Gen as Fourze and she tries to leave, but when she finds out its Gen she comes back in. She is very confused with what Gen is wearing, but if he has to fight to get rid of the switch he will. He taunts her to reveal the switch, but the only switch she had was the fire alarm switch! The breaking of the fire alarm switch was Haruka's fault as she accidentally kicks it out of anger and hides it in her bag. She also says that she lost Kijima's fan from before and when she meant she didn't know what a Zodiart is she was telling the truth. With the club Jake seems to be a little bored as we see him scaring the roids with magnets. During this Kengo tells Jake to be careful with Magnets because of all the equipment and after Shun makes a quick statement about the Magnet States, Ryusei gets an idea. Back with Gen apologizing to Hakura as it seems he told the whole story to her. Gen then notices a letter of resignation as its been with Hakura for over a year. The reason is because that Hakura thinks that she cannot make a living with kick boxing. Gen helps her though as he tells her that he may be making friends and fighting monsters, but the two come together. Before he could finish his speech he is called by Yuki about the real switcher.
The gang is at the Bit Club's show as Kijima is pleased to see them. Ryusei just goes out and accuses him of being the Pegasus Zodiarts. He talks about his watch being slow and it could be of strong magnetic forces. Something as little though cannot be proof though, but Ryusei quickly fires back with the attack from Meteor. Kijima plays along, but he pulls out his switch as it goes into Last One. Gen asks why Kijima was framing Hakura and he replies of how fun it was to twist words around and she stole her fan which ticked him off. Miu gives Gen the order to defeat Kijima as he transforms into the Pegasus and Gen transforms into Fourze. The fight is taken outside and Ryusei goes into hiding so he can transform. Things don’t go well though as Kijima chases Jake and there he finds Ryusei. Jake then pulls off some of his moves and dodges the attack from the Pegasus (Impressive). Now with Meteor out of the fight since Ryusei cannot transform Gen comes back with the Water and Beat Switch. Kijima though kicks back a sound wave (how is that possible!), but luckily Hakura shows up to help Gen. She also makes up her mind and will do both things at the same time like Gen does. Fourze uses the Spike Switch now and Hakura helps Gen by transforming into Hurricane... oh wait wrong character. She helps by showing Gen some of her fighting moves as Gen successfully pulls of the kick and many other attacks.
Kijima tries to run away, but Gen chases him with the Wheel and Stealth Switch. Gen then uses the Claw and Shield switch as he blocks the attacks and counters with the Claw. After dodging more attacks he uses the Hammer Switch and hits him while in the air. To finish things off Gen goes into Magnet States and uses Railgun Bomber! Ryusei is disappointed that he didn't go beyond Last One, but he does! Virgo then comes in and throws Kijima's body into the Zodiart and it brings the birth of the Cancer Zodiart! The two Horoscopes then leave and Ryusei is still disappointed because he wasn't Aries. In the Rabbit Hutch the gang is congratulating Ryusei of solving the case, but the only way he found out is because of Virgo calling the Pegasus a boy. What's bothering though if Virgo meant to do that or not, either way she appears to be the toughest Horoscope so far as she brings success to the villains. In school it seems that Hakura has found a way to combine teaching with kickboxing as she is teaching kickboxing and will make a club.
That's episode 22 and wow was it great or not? I was actually surprised that Hakura wasn't the Zodiarts, but I guess I was a little curious when the Pegasus gave itself away at the last episode. This is probably the best "red herring" that the series has done yet because I was suspecting Hakura to be the next Horoscope since the teachers are mostly Horoscopes. I am really hoping that Kijima will be a good villain because I really liked the character in this episode. He was a funny guy and he shows a lot of intelligence with him plotting his scheme and even fighting potential since he picked up kickboxing from watching Hakura. The fights were amazing like last time as more switches are being used and seeing Gen actually learn some moves was great. That is one thing rider series haven't been doing lately, the rider actually learns some moves. Usually how riders get help in fights is mostly an upgrade, but this time Gen gets training from Hakura and I hope he will use some of those moves throughout the series. I am also hoping that we see more of Hakura as she is a fun character because now she is happier and can easily teach Gen some moves like we have seen in this episode. I am also guessing that she could help Ryusei soon if his identity is revealed in the series or she just notices him fighting some Dustards. Overall it’s an amazing episode with great drama and fights from before and Nao Nagasawa is such a great actress, an A+
Next Week: Meteor is in trouble!

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