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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 36 Review: True Melody

I'm sorry, but I had issues with my computer so I'm just going to give my opinions, for some reason nothing saved and I don't fell like doing everything again (next time I'm going to make sure I got copies). Episode 36 is much better than the previous episode, but shares similar flaws. First is Gotou who mostly did nothing, but to be a punk. He just got in the way and he never had any attempt at redemption which was disappointing. He even loses his memory in the end so yea he was mostly useless. The only thing he has done was show proof that the Core switch is still around. This is because of Gotou playing his music and it making the switches react to it. Gamou now knows that a student as the switch so now the plot thickens a little. Jake was great in this episode and I loved the final scene he had where he talks to himself. It was like he had made Gene as another half of himself and he soon gets rid of Gene. So yes Jake gives up on his dream, but it's for the best he said since he wants to cherish the present and his friends. The fights got a little better, but that's only because of the scenes with Leo and Meteor. Meteor actually got a win for once so it was nice to see that for chance and another thing that was different is that Meteor won with a strategy. He aimed for the right leg constantly and soon Leo's leg started to act up. Leo had to retreat for once and it was nice to see a fight like this because the series haven't had one for a while with Meteor. Overall a lot of things got better, but there was still that huge glaring mistake which was Gotou. I give it a B-
Gotou-chan not nice!

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