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Monday, August 13, 2012

Go-busters Episode 15 Review: Boost Up For Buster!

Alright I am going to try catching up with Go-busters now since I am very behind. So expect more buster reviews. The episode begins where 14 left off as we see the new Busters. Kuroki is surprised to see the gold hero along with his silver robot. The two even start to fight a little. With the other Busters, Gori accidentally drops Ryuji's collection of keepsakes. Gori keeps these items around so that one day they can feel nostalgic for Ryuji. Hiro and Yoko look around and find a picture of him when he was in school and a paper. It was for placing second in a robot competition and Ryuji starts to look back. He remembers someone who he idolized the most as he was the judge who ranked him second. It seems that Ryuji's sempai was also a victim of the Messiah outbreak thirteen years ago. Going to Messiah then he is getting angry at Enter for failing once more and not having enough Enertron to make the new Megazord. Enter is questioning that fact and finds out that there is a leak. He goes back to the real world and makes a new droid from a vacuum as it drains Enertron from cars. The Busters appear to fight the grunts and the droid. Soon Beet Buster and his robot J appear as Ryuji starts to recognize Beet's voice. The two take on the droid until it decides to retreat. Soon Beet shows his identity and Ryuji's insight was correct as it his sempai, Jin. The three are shocked to see a man from the sub dimension. Back at the base Kuroki talks about why he was keeping this a secret since he doesn't fully trust Jin and J. Ryuji thinks it's a trap since Jin hasn't age at all as he shows a picture of him thirteen years ago. The droid continues to drain Enertron  as Hiro is the first to appear. He transforms and stops him from draining. The others show up, but they are soon completely beaten up by the droid who snaps. The Megazord will soon appear and the team cannot defeat the droid. Jin and J appear though as they transform into Beet and Stag Buster. The three decide to leave the fight to them as Ryuji believes it really is Jin. This is because Jin mentions about J not being perfect, but he likes that. Jin had the same ideal back then as he doesn't aim for perfection. The team enter their machines and fight off the Megazord. The Megazord can also drain Enertron as well, but they soon plug the vacuum and finish it with Gobuster-oh. Back with the new heroes they finish the roid with a duo finisher. Afterwards all seems well, but Jin and J steal a truck which had all the drained Enertron. The team tries to chase them, but they couldn't catch up in time as they now question the two even more.
Episode 15 was very straight forward as they introduced the new heroes in the usual way. Not all the information is clear about them and there is a sense of distrust. Their reveal reminds me of Gosei Knight's appearance since both came out from nowhere and the heroes aren't sure about them. So far I am liking the new Busters, first I love the insect motive and their designs are really good. These two remind me of Yuuto and Deneb from Den-o since Jin bickers with him and even smacks him around at times. I do like that character trait which is way I like Yuuto and Deneb so I hope these two can be similar as that could help the humor of the show. Their theme song is very surprising as it's very different and reminds me of music from Spanish countries. The song is still very good though since it has a great sense of action and it has a great rhythm. Their first was also great as they do fight well together. I am really liking that a Buddyroid is a Buster as it shows that Jin feels differently about how the Buddyroids should be handled or he just wanted a partner in battle. They have a great device from transforming and the sounds for it sound better than the Buster Braces. Overall I am impressed by these two and I hope they have a good background. One more thing, Hiyora is remember for his bad acting in Magiranger. I didn't really think he was that bad, but he has improved with this carefree character.
A genius who doesn't aim for perfection
Everything else in the episode was pretty bland though. Enter didn't do that much, the team just mostly fought. Ryuji interacted the most out of the usual gang since he was flash backing and remembering who Jin was. I did like seeing Ryuji thinking it was a trap because of how Jin hasn't changed. It shows that Ryuji thinks of the other reasons and won't jump in just because it's his sempai. I was hoping for the commander to do a little more than just talk with Jin, but his insight was alright. I do have to say though Enter did have one great moment where he summoned the droid as he was wearing the maid like outfit just cracked me up. It was so simple, but it reminds me of the last episodes where we see him playing an instrument as he waits for progress. So there wasn't that much interaction from the other characters sadly, but hopefully that should change in the next episode.
Striking fear to all of his foes
The action was nothing that special expect for the reveal fight for the new heroes. I did like the droid for this episode mostly when he snapped though. He reminds me of my brother at times as he can be quiet, but when you start to bother him he snaps. Seeing the droid going crazy in the fight did make the overall action somewhat better. Also it shows a little more emotions with this droid which is something that not most droids have even my favorite one. I really did like the first fight for Beet and Stag Buster as it was the basic reveal fight, but had a great song and nice direction. Their weapons are their transformation device which can be a gun and a pretty big blade. Too bad the two don't combine like the original Busters' weapons, but having something different is better I guess. Overall the reveal fight is the highlight and then there were just little added factors to make it shine some more.
Also it was a quick mecha fight like usual
Overall the episode doesn't have much shining factors, but the new heroes are shown greatly. I like the ending a lot since it just gets the heroes to question Jin's motives even more. Is he really a good guy or is he acting on his own? So I give the episode a B+ as there are a scarce amount of great things, there are still good things and nothing bad really.
Next Time: Oh boy I can hear Moegi writing her fan fic already.

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