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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Go-Busters Episode 16 Review: Friend or Foe (Spolier Alert!)

In the last episode Jin and J stole a large amount of Enertron and beginning the episode is the team thinking if they are actually an allies or not. Ryuji is also still stuck on the idea if it's him or not because he hasn't aged in the last thirteen years. One thing for sure is that Jin has escaped from the sub dimension, but how? Soon J is spotted as he tries to get into the Buster's base. He is knocking on one of the secret doors, but Jin isn't with him. Hiro is sent out to confront him and before anything can happen J faints from not having enough Enertron. He is soon taken into the base and given Enertron to recharge himself, but why did he not get any since he stole tons of it last time. The team wonders this and J says it was for Jin? J is asked more questions about Jin and J responds saying that he is Jin and that he came from the sub dimension. Other than that J doesn't know much else since he doesn't need to worry about things that don't involve him. He leaves, but the team follow him hoping they can find Jin. Going to enter he is thinking about the connection between the new Busters and the leak of Enertron. While looking at some footage he sees that something other than a Megazord was transported which explains how those two escaped the sub dimension. He wants to locate the new heroes and he does so by creating a new droid from a satellite. The peak of Enertron levels are caught by the base and Ryuji and Yoko go to take care of it. Hiro is now by himself and he is soon spotted by Jin and there he asks if everyone else is alive in the sub dimension. While Blue and Yellow are fighting Jin talks about the incident thirteen years ago and he was actually ticked off by the decision made. Many others including him were dragged into the situation just for someone's heroic act. Hiro loses his temper quickly and a fight ensues with Jin. If Hiro can defeat Jin in battle then he will talk more about the sub dimension. After the two transform the droid who got away from Ryuji and Yoko soon finds his location. Back to the fight and Jin is easily winning even when Hiro thinks of good counters. Their fight is interrupted by Enter and the droid. The droid uses homing missiles to attack Hiro and he barely dodges the first one. Soon Jin plays risky and gets the missile to target him as he jumps right for Enter as they both vanish in the explosion. The team thinks that Jin is dead as Enter comes back, but then J comes out and summons Jin? We then find out that the Jin in the real world is just an avatar like Enter and J is the marker for Jin. This means that both Enter's and Jin's body is in the sub dimension. After a group transformation and role call, the Megazord arrives, but Enter makes a change of plans as he makes it attack the team. Red gets into the Ace  and tries to fight it. Under's Beet's command Stag summons two new Buster machines! Blue and Yellow finish the droid with a duo special buster finisher and the Ace finishes the Megazord. Jin soon explains that he doesn't know about anyone else in the sub dimension since Jin was separated when he was transported in. The team still has hope though as Jin gives the team an old music box that was in the lab thirteen years ago.
Again I am very impressed with the new characters. Having Jin being an avatar keeps the mystery of humans in the sub dimension. Jin could be the only one all we know and it's still unclear if humans can enter or leave the sub dimension. It makes sense since J was a robot so it wasn't hard for him to sneak through. This can make things risky for Jin since Enter now knows the truth as well. I wonder if Enter was originally a human who was in the lab since he is also an avatar. Having Jin around just makes me think more of the sub dimension and his character didn't put any plot holes in the mystery as well. I was really surprised how Jin just went suicidal and jumped to Enter with a missile follow him. It definitely got a shock out of me that's for sure since you don't usually see Sentai heroes jumping the gun like that. One thing bothers me though, why did Jin need all the Enertron then? Was it just so that J could summon him back because Jin's avatar can't stay out that long in the real world or is it so he can stay? Maybe I missed something, but it's a little thing to think about. Other than that I am liking the new characters and I can tell Hiroya's acting has improved or maybe this character is easier for him to do.
Enter did some more than the last episode since he actually got into the fight this time. I am surprised actually Enter hasn't been fighting the team that much recently until now. He just leaves things to the droids, but much earlier. At least he can a good confrontation with Jin. The droid was also nothing that special since he wasn't like the vacuum roid and he only had one good attack, those missiles! I did like how the Megazord looked since it resembled the droid the closest so far. Heck I bet if it gets adapted they can make this roid enlarge and then use that mecha footage since they looked very similar. So the villains did have one good scene which was when they attacked Jin and Hiro, but then they were just usual villains being defeated.
Hiro had the most time with Jin which is surprising because I would think Ryuji would want to see him the most. It was an odd little match up, but when things got serious it got good. High chance if Ryuji heard what Jin said they still wouldn't fight. Hiro had a little spike in his emotions since Jin was bad mouthing his father who made the decision to go to the sub dimension. I still wonder if Jin really meant that though or was he just trying to see how Hiro would act? The ending of this episode was very nice with the music box since it was x-mas themed which was when the incident did occur. This again brings more questions to me though. I guess Jin just knows about everything which wouldn't be surprising, but if he never met any other human where did he get that from? Was he just in the room at the wrong time or was the music box a way of telling the team that everyone is alright? I am thinking too much probably and I shouldn't accuse Jin of lying to the team since not even he would lie or joke around with this serious of a topic.
.... Moegi stop writing that fan fic of yours!
The action was great thanks to Hiro fighting Jin. I like when heroes fight because it can lead to something good or bad. It was neither though since their fight got interrupted which disappointed me. We could tell Jin was winning, but Hiro was countering some of his moves. Jin did have a lead, but it was more slimmer than you would think. The droid didn't have too much since he just fought Blue and Yellow mostly, but those missiles were a good part. We also had a little longer mecha fight since it was time for the reveal of the new ones! These machines are pretty interesting since the biggest part that flies out is how they suck Enertron from the Megazords. They are flying mechs which reminds me of the Go-on Wings, but Beet's can be ground or flying. So basically they are insect mechs that can fly and be on ground so it's a combination of the Goraijers' and the Wings' mech.
Overall the most impressive things in this episode mostly goes to Jin, but he was still being introduced so it works well. Jin is a fun character and I can't want to see more of him later on in the series along with J. The fights were good and got to great suspenseful points that actually got me surprised for once. The droid wasn't much special as I said before and Enter did have good confrontation. So even with little questions in my head and Ryuji didn't get that much I still give it an A- because Hiromu did great in his part and the new mechs are great. This is also my 300th post, man I sure did a lot and it's only been a year and some two months
Next Time: Go-buster Beet!

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