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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Uchuu Keiji Gavan the Movie Trailer!

By October 20th the new Gavan movie will come out, but first is the trailer. The Metal Hero franchise hasn't really been brought up for a long time until Gokaiger had a team up with the first one Gavan. The movie easily got very popular and thanks to that another movie for the Metal Heroes as come will this be a revival? First thing is that the main focus will be a new Gavan called Gavan G so far the trailer doesn't explain that much (mostly because there are no subs yet). We do get a good look at the new villains and see Kenji Ohba as the original Gavan for one more time. What really surprised me is that there will also be a new Sharivan and new Shaider. New Sharivan is played by Riki Miura who was Geki Violet from Gekiranger and playing New Sharivan is a more recent popular actor in Toku, Hiroaki Iwanaga who has been R5 and the first one to be Kamen Rider Birth (Date-san!!). I do like how they are bringing in the other heroes in this movie, but so far by looking at them they look identical to the originals. Which is weird because look at Gavan G since he has little differences I was expecting the other two to have some differences as well. Either way I can't wait for this movie as it really screams Metal Hero and not only because it has the Metal Heroes. The movie is going to play the cards that the Metal Hero franchise is known for so there will be great tribute elements. If things go well there could even be a whole new Metal Hero series, but that's stretching it.

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