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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 48 Review Switch On Your School Days (Major Spolier Alert!!!!)

After Kengo's demise Gamou and Tatsugamu return to the Hutch to taunt our heroes. Gamou gives Gen back the Fourze Driver so he can keep it as a momentum and if he does try to fight, the next fight will be to the death. The two Horoscopes leave the Hutch and there Gamou tells the rest of the club that he will give his final speech tomorrow. The two riders get out of the Hutch as it soon explodes. At night the gang are in a classroom and there Yuuki reads the letter she got from Kengo. The letter holds Kengo's last words to everyone in the club as even Gen is brought to tears. Also in it, is the possibility that he was killed by Gamou. He says that the gang shouldn't hate Gamou for this, but try to stop and help him. The next day arrives as Ohsugi tries to warn the other teachers about Gamou being the head Zodiart, but no one believes him. Soon Gamou gives his speech to everyone in the school as he admits to what he has done with the students. He thanks them for helping him evolve and in one hour he will leave to space as the land will be destroyed. After that Gen meets up with the gang as they are ready for the final battle. Gen only wants Ryusei to come along with him though, but he has an idea for the others. Soon the two riders transforms and ride on into the scene where Gamou is beginning to summon the Dark Nebula. Leo summons Dustards to stop them, but of course that doesn't work. Soon Leo knocks Meteor off his bike and their final confrontation starts. Fourze goes into Double Rocket States and uses the Limit Break to take Gamou down to the ground. There Fourze goes back to normal and fights Sagittarius hand to hand. Soon he changes into Elek States and uses the blast finisher, next was the Fire States finisher as it was ineffective against Sagittarius, but Magent States was effective as Gen slams the giant magnet at his foe while pulling off the Limit Break. Back to Meteor and Leo as they are giving their all. Soon Meteor goes into Storm form to absorb an attack and uses the Max Power of the spinning top. There he not only sends it's once, but twice with more power. Leo is sent flying to the ground and there Meteor Strom uses a Rider Kick and Leo uses his howl move. Both of their attacks knock them out of their transformations, but Ryusei wins as he knocks Tatsugami down. Ryusei there says he will decide his own fate and Tatsugami's body vanishes. Fourze then goes into Cosmic States and with his sword knocked both sides use a kick marking the first normal Rider Kick for Fourze. They both hit each other and there Fourze uses the Cosmic Limit Break once more to send him to the school. There the remaining club members appear to give a graduation ceremony for Gamou? Everyone thanks Gamou for building the school as they have great memories being here as Gen continues to fight out of suit. Soon Gen tells Gamou that the school will now continue without Gamou as he transforms again. He uses the Rocket Drill Kick finisher, but he boosts it up to twice it's strength as it defeats Gamou. With Gamou defeated the Dark Nebula disappears and Gen befriends him since that's what Kengo and his father would want. Gamou accepts his friendship, but he doesn't have long to live since he has forced his evolution too far. Gamou wants the gang to go see the Presenter and Gentaro promises that he will. When Gamou leaves the gang give him a bow goodbye. Gamou reaches to a playground and looks up to the stars as he won't be reaching the Presenter, but he know his students will as his body also goes into dust. Another day is upon us as Gen tries to throw away Kengo's letter since it just makes him cry everyday, but Kengo stops him! Kengo is not too sure, but he thinks Gamou did something. Gamou did as he used Aquarius' powers to revive the Core Switch, but for some reason Kengo can't find the switch and he doesn't have the headaches anymore so he's human now? Gen says that he shouldn't worry about that since he's alive and well! Everything is now over as the remaining teachers will make sure to care for the students without the chairman and principal. Shun proposes to Miu and she loves the ring, but she spots a big red ring being worn by a boy and she loves that ring even more. Ryusei wants Tomoko to visit him at his school, but she is worried about Ryusei's girlfriend. Ryusei says that he doesn't have a girlfriend, yet as this makes Tomoko happy as he leaves. Finally Haru and Ran appear and the Rider Club starts in a new era and as Gen says they will befriend aliens!
Goodbye Kamen Rider Club
Dang they put on one hell of a finale I must say. There was really one flaw which was Kengo comes back! They pulled a Double on us. It's really a quick one too as Gamou just did it because he felt guilty which is good and all, but it wasn't really needed. With Double and how Phillip came back it was still sad since Wakana, the only remaining family member dies as well. Philip will live on without his family, but he has been living with one as well. This time it was really just thrown in so that people would be happy. I still say that OOO had the best ending out of the three since Anhk still has a chance, but not right now. The other ending scenes were nice as we see Wizard is going to be in this world as well continuing what OOO did. The Ryusei and Tomoko shipping is still very alive and I bet there will be more when Fourze comes back. Then seeing the Rider Club flag waving again with the remaining a new club members was very nice as they will go meet the Presenter. So yea the pulled a quick one on us, but the overall ending is still great which I will get further into detail now.
First was the action and boy they delivered. With Fourze he used all of his States forms, but didn't use other switches along. I think it would have been better if they mixed switches belonging to the set of the form like Hopping and Elek. That part of the fight was still very good though as there was great work with wiring. The fight really went all over the screen, but it's very easy to watch and know what's going on (if only Bay would learn that). Also seeing Gen try the forms was interesting because Fire did nothing since Sagittarius is a fire type which Gen probably didn't know so he still had to adapt and change his plans in the final battle. Magnet was used and he just slammed Sagittarius with it which was awesome as it fast paced unlike the last times that finisher was used. Cosmic was used near the end as we got a Rider Kick from Fourze and dang it was a clash of kicks and looked amazing. There also could have been more different Switch combinations there, but oh well. The best part of the fight was Meteor and Leo. The beginning was simply a beginning as the two go hand to hand. Later Meteor uses the spinning top in an impressive way as it can be used twice when Max Power is used. Then comes his kick on Leo and Leo using his howl. Both of these attacks knock them out of their transformations which was just completely the greatest thing ever in the Ryusei and Tatsugami rivalry. Great work on the placement  and showing injuries on both of them. Then back to Gen who soon fought Gamou without Fourze which was odd, but still fun to see Gen still winning. Then the last finisher was the most powerful Rocket Drill Kick this was seen last time against the Scorpio Horoscopes and even though we don't see the enlarging of the rocket and drill the attack was still powerful and impressive. Overall the action in the finale was near perfect and all that was needed was more miscellaneous switches. It was well paced and threw a lot, but still made it easy to follow.
Next is how Gamou is dealt with. I really like that how the team shouldn't hate Gamou. Gamou did take the wrong path, but he was just doing what he wanted to bring humanity closer to a higher evolution. So basically the group shouldn't hate Gamou as a person, but hate what he has done and try to help him before he goes further. It's a much different treatment for a villain compared to many other series and not just including rider series. Another thing that was nice was how Tatsugami and Gamou went too far since they were probably the first two Horoscopes. They have probably got to used to their new bodies so with a Limit Break their bodies couldn't hold anymore. I guess this could explain Gamou's red eyes since he had the red eyes oh wait Emoto had those too so he was probably second. Also how the gang gave him a goodbye was very touching because even though he built the school for his own purpose there are still memories made and they won't forget that. Soon Gamou does one good thing before his death and I can see why. Gamou said his students will meet the Presenter and Kengo is one of his students so he wanted him to live on. There is also the chance he wanted Kengo alive is so he can go to the Presenter since he originally was supposed to go. In the end Gamou was a very different kind of villain who got a different treatment. The team helped him get back to being a good person which really impressed me. Gamou probably made it to my favorite villains.
Now to the heroes and as I said before I love seeing how they don't just fight because of Gamou. They are fighting to save Japan and to save Gamou. It's a really big noble thing and I still mostly see heroes defeat villains and that's it. Sure they were told by Kengo that they shouldn't, but I have a feeling Gen would still forgave Gamou. Remind me of what Kengo said, the scene with his letter was on the same level when Gen got Kengo back to his senses. I mean hearing Kengo's final words to everyone was straight up sad and seeing everyone's broken down faces just added so much. We soon see Kengo saying what is said by thought and he smiles a lot as he talks about his friends. Kengo said things he never did before and especially calling Gen his best friend. The final episodes of Fourze had these really hard hitting scenes as the cast really pull of great performances as we see them completely down. The gang is usually happy and even when sad moments happen they never got like this before. Overall one thing that Fourze will be remembered for are the cast of characters as it really built up a great friendship in the club.
When Gen cries everyone cries
Even though the series did pull a Double on us the finale is still great. First there wasn't really anything obvious that said Kengo was coming back unlike Double and OOO so it was more of a shock this time. I guess I was somewhat expecting it because of what the last two series did. Everything before that was really strong, the drama got me sad and then excited when it got to dynamic moments. Then the action was straight out great with perfect direction. I give the episode an A as I can't wait for the Kamen Rider Club to come back in the next crossover movie.
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