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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 47 Reivew: Goodbye Friend (Major Spolier Alert!!!)

After what happened the team went back to the Rabbit Hutch and is worried about Gamou since he still has the twelve switches. Meanwhile on the Moon, Gen and Yuuki go to see Kengo who is looking out to the Earth. Kengo says that he has learned about himself and knows about why he couldn't be Fourze and why he had the spasms. Soon Kengo takes off his helmet, but he is still alive somehow. Kengo then says he was born on the moon? Later on he starts to explain that he is the Core Child a form of life born from the Core Switch. The reason the Core Switch exists is to get samples of intelligent life for the Presenter. Gamou and Utahoshi were the first ones to find it and they were trying to solve the mystery of it so they can meet the Presenter. Utahoshi made the Fourze system so they could warp to him, but Gamou made the Zodiarts switch so that humans could evolve. When Gamou finished his switches he had Emoto kill Utahoshi, but the day before the attack the Core Child was born. Emoto soon say the child and decided to have it live with relatives and saying it was Utahoshi's son. With everything cleared up Kengo has to leave the Earth since he is a sample of human life. Going to Gamou he cannot activate the Dark Nebula since the Core Switch could be interfering. Gamou starts to stress out and soon attacks Tatsugami. Gamou cools down though and Tatsugami still pledges loyalty to Gamou since he shown him a whole new world. Soon Gamou activates his Supernova and his appearance changes. With this power Gamou is sure he can kill Kengo and destroy the Core Switch. Gen and Yuuki soon find Kengo at his house and there he asks Gen for the Fourze Driver. Kengo needs it so he can go back to the Presenter. Kengo knows he can use the Fourze Driver now because back then he simply didn't have enough power and the spasms he had was him gathering cosmic energy. Kengo has awakened now so he can use the Fourze Driver, but he isn't himself anymore. Kengo sees nothing, but a sample when he thinks about himself and not even Gen can convince him otherwise. Back at the Hutch the gang think more about the situation and don't want Kengo to leave, but that could not be an option. The door opens, but it's Tatsugami! Since Hayami reported about the Hutch the villains have finally found it. Ryusei takes him on and they have one awesome out of suit fight. Soon the both of them transform, but Tatsugami is still stronger. Ryusei tells Tatsugami that he will die by helping Gamou, but he doesn't care as he will happily die for Gamou. Meteor is defeated and then Leo starts to destroy the Hutch. Gen took Kengo to the space museum where they look at a model of the Earth. Gen sees that Kengo is still himself because he looked at the Earth the same way he did when he first saw it from space. Gen doesn't want Kengo to push himself since he has many friend who will easily help him. Kengo drops the act and starts to burst with emotions saying he is nothing, but a sample. Kengo doesn't want to leave, but his fate is to go back. Gen says his goodbye to Kengo saying he wants him to leave as a human being. He also tells Kengo to wait because soon enough they will get to the Presenter themselves someday. Yuuki also says her goodbye in a song format to try to keep herself from crying, but when hugging Kengo she begins to cry. Soon Ohsugi shows up to tell the team that the Hutch was attacked. When the three get to the Hutch Gamou appears saying he wanted to destroy this place since it should have been eighteen years ago. He tries to get the Core Switch from Kengo. Kengo says no and tells Gamou that he is not the chosen one since he is the only one returning to the Presenter. Gamou snaps and attack, but Kengo blocks the attack. Gen transforms into Fourze and Tatsugami joins the fight. Fourze goes into Cosmic States and soon the fight is taken outside of the Hutch which ends up breaking a window. Everyone gets out and before Yuuki gets out Kengo tells her that if he succeeds the Hole will vanish and Gamou cannot call the Dark Nebula again. He gives her a note and soon Ryusei closes the hole in the Hutch. Kengo gets out to help Gen as he blasts the two Horoscopes away. Ryusei transforms and gets the two in the Meteor aura as Gen gives Kengo the Fourze Driver and say their final goodbyes. Kengo uses the Fourze Driver, but Gamou uses his Supernova form and attacks Kengo with a powerful kick. Kengo is knocked down to the ground and drops the Core Switch. There Gamou destroys the Core Switch as Kengo calls out Gentaro's name as he dies.
This episode was very powerful as things get explained. I am not a fan of how it's saved for this episode since next is the finale, but it works here. I was expecting Kengo just being connected to the Core Switch, but the show still surprised me. Kengo is a whole completely different being and he took form of a human since that is the job of the Core Child. I was not expecting the Presenter being a big part in the plot since he just seemed like a god like entity, but no it did a lot. It brought the Core Switch to the moon which soon leads to Gamou and Utahoshi to have their fight. So even though it took a while to finally learn everything the main twist is very good. It gives us a really good insight on Kengo and explains all of his issues. This also makes sense when Kengo doesn't get his spasms in some episodes since the Cosmic energy must come in small or big waves at times. So overall it did take a while to get to it, but I say it's worth it.
The highlight of this episode was easily the scene where Gen gets Kengo to see that he is more than a sample. I mean that scene was really heavy as it was really going to be goodbye. Seeing Gen, Kengo, and Yuuki start to tear up just adds so much and Kengo didn't even die yet and I still cried to that scene. There was also an Orchestra verison of Switch On which sounds really good. It has a big dynamic feel, but holds the sad tone that the scene had. All the characters were going through a tough time because Kengo was going to leave and seeing everyone like this was really good. Even some points to Ohsugi who jumped right onto Leo to defend his students. Overall that scene alone made this episode have the best drama because of the pure sadness and the actors did very well with it. Also don't get me started on Kengo's death and how they ended it there was really good. With the trailer for the finale had the sad music and had us see everyone completely destroyed to know Kengo is dead. That just made me cry I mean it. One thing that Fourze did really well was the drama and the characters as the friendship motif works the best here.
There was a nice little bit of action for this episode like Ryusei and Tatsugami fighting. They didn't transform at first and seeing their fist fly at each other was amazing. I love fights like this and I can tell the actual actors did do some of the stunts in the scene also another good amount of proof is that those shows usually have their actors do some real physical work. Tatsugami has a street like fighting style when Ryusei has martial arts so seeing these two fight like this was really good. The rest of the action wasn't must, but seeing a fight in the Rabbit Hutch was good.
We got a background for Tatsugami in this episode which wasn't much and pretty simple, but one thing comes to mind. What about Hayami? We never really saw any background information when Hayami joined Gamou. He simply followed him like Tatsugami did. Also Gamou started acting differently which is showing that he is really want things done quickly. Too bad the Supernova form he had wasn't fully used and how it first appeared during his scene with Tatsugami was pretty random. I think they should have shown it when he attacks Kengo. That scene though was shocking enough though. I do like the Supernova Sagittarius, but it does remind me of the Red Nasca.
Overall this episode was very well done as next time is the finale. It really hit hard with deep emotions being shown and showing the series strongest points. Kengo was a really good character and seeing him die wasn't easy, but I hope they don't pull a Double and OOO on us. I give it an A.
Next Time: Will Gen go beyond defeating Gamou or will he forgive him?


  1. Thanks for your wonderful reviews, I really love kamen rider Fourze.

    About Hayami background the toei fourze site shows some images of his background that were cut from the episode. Here's the link:

    The text say's that Hayami was a astrophysicist.

  2. First I have to say thank you for your positive feedback and thank you for the little information as well.