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Friday, August 24, 2012

Poll Results #33

Did You Like Episode 43 Of Fourze?
Yes- 9
No- 3
Did You Like Episode 44 Of Fourze?
Yes- 9
No- 1

Would You Give Kaiketsu Zubat A Watch?
Yes- 8
No- 0
If You Have Seen Kaiketsu Zubat, What Do You Think?
It's great- 7
It's good- 0
It's bad- 0
It's horrible- 0

Did You Like Episode 15 Of Go-Busters?
Yes- 8
No- 0
Did You Like Episode 16 Of Go-Busters?
Yes- 7
No- 0

What Do You Think Of  Hiroya Matsumoto's acting?
It's improved- 7
It's good- 4
It's bad- 0
It's the same- 0

My Thoughts
The beginning of the Gemini arc was weak because the comedy wasn't funny to me, but the second part got more serious and finally seeing the past of Gen's and Yuuki's friendship really helped the arc. I haven't gone further in Zubat since there aren't more subbed episodes out, but hey Hi No Tori is doing other things too so take your time guys I am also loving the Ultraseven series. I am hoping the new characters will improve the series since these two are great so far. They have the Yuuto and Deneb relationship that I liked a lot about Yuuto and my favorite comedic parts of the Den-o series. Hiroya was not the best actor, but he has improved no doubt over the years. It could just be this type of character is easier to do, but it has been seven years so he easily had enough time to develop. Also another heads up, when Fourze is over and when I do the series review I will be making a new list. Recently I have gotten into the rider series again and I want to make a new one. A lot of the series I ranked before were series I haven't watched for a while so going back to them helped out. So I want to make a new list because a lot of my old opinions have changed. Finally this time it will be a full list of all the rider series I have seen.

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