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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 46 Review: Gone Fishing (Major Spolier Alert!!!!!)

With Gamou around who continues to speak about his plans saying he will change humanity. He talks about Utahoshi and even though he was with him he still never had a friend before. Gamou transforms into Sagittarius and easily defeats the riders. Gamou goes up to Pisces wanting her to join, but Ran refuses saying that she wants to fight along with Gen and the others. With that Gamou leaves giving Ran more time to think about things and what's weird is that Ran's switch is blue. He even leaves Hayami on the ground saying he will be dealt with later. Kengo tries to tell Gamou that he will be stopped, but he gets another spasm and the villains leave. In Kengo's mind he sees the Core Switch and when he clicks it the sound of a baby appears. At the Horoscope lair Gamou tells Tatsugami that Pisces switch is still developing which explains why is it blue. Tatsugami then talks about the Core Switch since he noticed that Kengo could be connected to it. Gamou sees no need to worry though since when the twelve switches are together nothing will stop him. At the Rabbit Hutch, Hayami is bandaged up. There Ohsugi finally finds out that Hayami was Libra. Gen comes back in as he tried to destroy the blue switch. Since Gamou doesn't know of the Rabbit Hutch it will be smart to keep Ran and the switch there. Ohsugi then finds out that Scorpio was Sonada (why didn't anyone tell him this). Ran wants to go see Haru, but since she is being targeted it wouldn't be smart for her to do that. Hayami wants to take action though and he has a plan to steal with switches from Gamou since he knows where they are. Gen agrees to this plan since it's the only option and Gen fully trusts Hayami. At Kengo's house he wakes up with Yuuki sitting next to him. The two soon start to about the past when it was only them, but now they have more allies even if Kengo used to be anti-social. At the school, Hayami takes the two riders to the lair. It seems Jake and Tomoko went to see Haru as Jake calls the Rabbit Hutch. Tatsugami is there and he kidnaps Haru and wants Ran to come to meet him for an exchange. Ran goes head first into danger and even when Miu and Shun trying to stop her she escapes. In the lair the three are attacked by the Gemini clone as it explodes. Gen and Ryusei get out and before they go to save Hayami they are attacked by the two maned Dustards. The two riders fight them and with Meteor using the N.Magnet and Fourze using the S.Magnet they finish the Dustards quickly. With Kengo he starts to look into the data of the flash drive. During this Yuuki is told about Ran through phone. Ran gets to the location and to save Haru she has to fight Tatsugami. Her switch turns to red as she transforms into Pisces. Soon Fourze appears, but Tomoko senses something odd. It was actually Libra and he continues to attack Pisces. Gen and Ryu appear and see Hayami taking the Pisces switch. There Hayami tells the gang that it was all an act to get the switch since Pisces needs to be developed into the red color. Tatsugami was informed of this as well and in the last episode when they were fighting he gave Hayami back his switch. Gen who completely trusted Hayami is completely ticked off at Hayami. Hayami then talks about how he still believed in Gamou and that he couldn't resist his power. A fight begins between the two riders and the two Horoscopes and after the riders go into their final forms Sagittarius appears. The rider run at him, but like last time they are defeated with ease. With all the Horoscope switches collected Gamou begins to open up the Warp Gate. Kengo appears though and knows about Sagittarius' weakness. It seems during the opening of the Warp Gate, Sagittarius is completely defenseless. Gen goes to finish Gamou, but Hayami takes the blow. Hayami is sent flying telling Gamou he did his final deed as the Dark Nebula kills him. Gen tries to show Gamou that Hayami was a friend to him, but Gamou only say him as a solider following him. Kengo gets frustrated and releases a strong power that cancels out the opening of the Warp Gate. Gamou leaves with Tatsugami as the team go to Kengo as the Core Switch appears from his body.
I have to mention something first of all. I have watched Kabuto again recently and I will do a review on it soon. Why do I bring up Kabuto though? This has something to do with Gamou and Emoto having the red eyes. So far there isn't an explanation for why they have them. I then recently saw in Kabuto that a Native Worm had the same red eyes. So does that mean Gamou and Emoto are Natives? If there is no explanation to this, that could be the only reason. I am probably over thinking things though. So continuing on with Gamou I am liking that he sees himself all alone. Since he is one of the only ones who has heard the Presenter fully. This probably makes Gamou thinks he is one of a kind and doesn't need to be with anyone else. I'm sure back then he has had friends, but when he first heard the Presenter he probably ditched any type of friendship away. So Gamou is an interesting villain, but his full character depth is coming a little too late since there are only two episodes left.
So I guess I was right about Hayami. He was putting up the act the whole time just to get the switch. I have to say he really pulled this off well. I mean he was really getting hurt even if Tatsugami didn't do all out on him. Hayami even tricked Gen which you can just say he was gullible, but he has gotten things before so it's surprising to see this. I was even tricked sort of since Hayami has shown doubtfulness before and was almost killed before. In the end Hayami stayed on Gamou's side because of his power and goal. He even gave his life for him I mean damn the remaining villains are being more impervious than they were before. Hayami was the one who pulled all the strings and he died for this. Hayami overall was a good villain and is easily my favorite in the series.
The heroes were easily being shoved around thanks to Hayami's plan. Ran didn't do that much compared to the last episode, but she never went to the other side. She continued to use the switch for good as she tried to save Haru. The Pisces switch being blue is interesting, but why is it only this Horoscope? Does this mean Pisces has hidden powers? It's sad we didn't get to see much from it since Ran was defeated quickly. For Gen this was a big knife in his back since he was fully trusting him. It reminds me when Jake tricked Gen in the beginning episodes. This time it is much more serious since a lot is on the line and the only reason Jake did it was to protect himself and he didn't really have friends. Hayami fully tricked Gen and has put many lives at risk. Also another thing that interest me is the Core Switch since it can do many things so far. In Kengo's head we see all types of switches going into him to make it. I think this means the Core Switch has full control over the switches which explains why he could cancel the Warp Gate. Why does the Core Switch have the sound of a baby, well by the preview of the next episode the switch is Kengo?!
The action was pretty quick, but it was much better than other quick ones. First the fight with the maned Dustards got fixed. Last time the final forms just took them out which wasn't interesting thanks to the far zoom. This time Fourze and Meteor combined the powers of the Magnet switches in a different way. The attack was very good as it looks awesome and is very effective. It generates a lot of power and traps the enemies inside. Ran didn't get much of a fight which was sad, but the riders fight the Horoscopes with the water around is always nice. I don't know why, but seeing suit action near water is always fun to watch since it can be very hard to do since the suits can be damaged by the water. So the action had more effort this time so I give a round of applause for that.
Easily one of the most impressive finisher in the series.
Overall the episodes doesn't act that much as the second part of this arc since Ran didn't do that much, but it's the final episodes so the last couple of episodes should flow with each other. I still like Ran being a hero even with being a Horoscope and Hayami was very devious in this episode. The action got a plus and the drama is still good right now. It's getting much closer to the finale and no matter what it's always sad to see a series go. I give this episode an A.
 Next Time: Is it finally Kengo's turn!

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  1. And I wish , however, that Hayami only pretended to because it would be interesting if he really betrayed the zodiacs.