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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Akibaranger Season 2!

Well it's no longer a rumor as the second season of Akibaranger is coming soon! There was no doubt this was going to come as Akibaranger was a huge series for Sentai fans. I have already praised Akibaranger a whole lot so I cannot wait for the second installment as I want to see what else they can poke fun at. I heard rumors of three more heroes as they are green, purple, and white. First it's a very different color scheme. If you remove green the team's color will be like Gekirangers'. Also I heard green will be a girl which would be interesting since a Sentai team with three females! Then there is the actual joke since fans were speculating that in Kyoryuger that a woman could be the green or black warrior. The biggest thing though is Go-busters since it was a failure in sales. I am hoping Toei doesn't just bash on Go-busters in the second season and respect it like the other series. Also I can't wait on who could be coming back for a cameo as we got Dekared and Boukenred last time along with Gekiblue's twin brother. There is no release date for the first episode, but I will guess it will come in April like last year. Heck there was even Superhero Taisen and with the Space Sheriffs being in will other Toku heroes be introduced in the Akiabranger universe?


  1. Glamador is beginning to sense Toei is trying to pull a Marvel/DC Comics deal and have ever-escalating crossover events until the continuity becomes so saturated with junk that things have to be rebooted and retconned to hell just to give it some semblance of sense before starting the process all over again....

    In other news, Glam got his Rising Dragon & Pegasus 2-pack in the mail today. It is extremely nice. Weren't you going to do a toy review or something? Recall you saying that just before Xmas.

  2. Well I only talked about the crossovers because Super Sentai is in Superhero Taisen, but that could easily be written out since Akibaranger is strictly a Sentai world with copies of Metal Heroes. The thing is that I was expecting a different thing, mostly a Kuuga figurine there were problems though so I had to cancel it. That's the reason why I did the Kuuga series review to act as the replacement.

  3. Aw, that's a shame. any other neat junk lying around the place to talk about? Snap a few pics, ramble about how show-accurate it is, accessories you'd like that it did and or didn't come with.

    Review an old Megazord or somethin'. My personal favorite is the Thunder Megazord (dunno who the Japanese counterpart is, he looks like a samurai.)

  4. I could review one in the future sometime since I have Kamen Rider The First SH Figurarts. With my spring semester coming really soon I will probably be doing mostly episode reviews for a while