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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 14 Review: Educational Bombing

With this episode of Kyoryuger, Amy's butler has put in order the Gentle Day. This is where the butler will follow Amy and be evaluating her because she is not acting the way she is supposed to. Meanwhile Lukcyrou is given a chance to summon a monster and have a plan to defeat the Sentai. What's in store for out heroes and why was Lucky chosen?
I am still trying to understand why Chaos chosen Lucky to give a shot at the team. We always see him act like a brat and he is easily the weakest of the villains. Maybe Chaos just wanted him to learn something since the MOTW soon did that. I mean if I think about it, will Lucky even affect the emotional gauges and if not that makes him more useless. I guess he got lucky when the monster thought of a plan of wanting to destroy the Kyoryuger's base. I was never a big fan of this villain since he isn't much and still isn't much of a big villain. Going on with that I really only like Chaos and Dogold since they did a whole lot. Then I give Sorrow some points cause I love his design. Candy is just plain creepy that's all you need to know. With Lucky he is an inexperienced child that would rather relax and have fun. I will say though at least he's a good contrast character for someone else.
So yes there is another person who lacks experience and acts unlike all the others from their team. That is Amy since this is a focus episode for her and Lucky and her act very alike. She even has someone being extremely strict with her. So it's a nice connection for these two characters to have as it gives something to Lucky at least. With Amy this has been an issue before since she wants to be herself, but she is part of a high classed family. The butler also knows about her being a Kyoryuger since he saw Amy transform in episode two. So during this special day for Amy, she isn't all that happy about how strict her butler is being to her. Then she takes any chance to fully relax and let her be herself. Again it's a nice contrast between a hero and a villain as this does make some nice moments where I can laugh.
Going on with the idea of comedic moments I have to say the ones in are good, but there were also some a missed chance. The first big thing was that Lucky did in fact get in the base. The four men chased after him into the base and had to do ending roll call very quietly which made a small explosion. This is because they were in their base and didn't want to destroy it themselves. Sadly it just cuts away then and we missed a really good chance at a comedic fight. I mean the four guys can't go completely wild like they usually do and it's Lucky they are fighting. We have seen Lucky do some odd moves on Amy before so it would have been nice to see him mess around with the heroes. Or at least see him get the pummeling of his life. Also it would be interesting to see Torin getting involved since he is in the base now so he can really fight with no worries. I feel like it had to be cut for some reason or they just didn't have enough time for a fight. At least everything else didn't seem completely useless, well except one scene.
We had another useless moment where the narrator talks all of a sudden and it was not needed at all. I know it was a quick couple of seconds, but wow. First the scene is when Lucky is going to leave the base, but he finds a manga and it's the volume he has been waiting for. Then the narrator has to tell us that Amy follows the same series for that quick moment. I know this a show for kids, but I think they can put two parts of a puzzle together. Also we even see Amy reading the volume at the end of the episode so again it was pointless to have the narrator talk. This happened before when Amy was seen using the remote with her feet and the narrator just yells at the audience to not do this. Again that was so needed. I know it was one moment in this episode, but I have a feeling that there will be more moments like these and I am not going to happy about them.
Now onto the character usage in this episode and sadly everyone doesn't get a part like they did in the last episode, but hey the butler came back! Again it's nice to see reoccurring characters as they are minor, but whenever you see them you go, "Hey he/she came back!" Going on the butler character is alright though, he's a strict man trying to enforce Amy to be more of a classy lady. It's nothing too special and he has his reasons since I bet Amy's parents could easily blame him for how Amy is acting. Then he had a moment where he thought he was being too strict since the monster tells him that he sees the pain of teaching her cause of how she acts. This makes him think that he is being too strict, but I think there is a difference since he is human and the monster did kidnap someone. Also the butler doesn't hurt Amy at all unlike the monster which he does with Lucky. So yea he's an okay character and I like how he is called Gentle-san.
(I couldn't find any other image for this guy!)
For the MOTW he was another Chaos monster since he had all three of the faces on his body. I guess Chaos was the actual person who made him and just based it on what Lucky hates the most. The monster has a huge school theme to him. His whole head is a chalkboard, he wears glasses, wields a baton as a weapon that has a little bit of a shock to it, and there are many other school items on his body. Also this is based on what Lucky hates the most so he is a very strict teacher and punishes Lucky whenever he is wrong. He soon gets made at Amy since she acts too carefree and this causes him to kidnap her and the chance for Lucky to get her gun. The monster even gives her a test then. He was more of a comedic monster though, but I give credit to him since he did his research on Gold.
Yea Ucchi was involved in this episode as well, but it was not that big compared to the past episodes. He was just there at the right time since he was going to teach Amy about making tea and drinks I would guess since he is a samurai. Also Amy uses tools that are old so I bet Ucchi would know a lot. Also Ucchi does come in when the team is comforting the butler about being strict towards Amy is for her own good. Also we got another fight with him, I will get to that later, but the amount of fights he is getting is pretty high already. I know he appeared in episode ten, but this wasn't really his focus episode. It was Amy's and she didn't even get to fight. It does make sense though since her gun was stolen. Still I was expecting her to do something to the monster to get some revenge for tying her up.
Now surprisingly there was a little mech fight before the Ucchi's fight. When Amy got kidnapped, two giant grunts appeared and the four guys took them out with their individual mechs. Sadly they use the same effects for each of the CGI mechs except for Ankydon. They even used the footage from episode one when Gabutrya bites the foe and spins around it for the finisher. The only difference is that they added the CGI mechs at the end. This was a pretty boring fight then since it was just reusing footage. Then we had the whole team use Raiden Kyoryujin to throw a bomb into space. That's another thing I need to talk about, the bomb kept expanding and at one point they just use an exercise ball. I mean the thing was small, but I was going "okay it's a bomb". When it got bigger though I was just laughing to see the lines on the ball. It really took the feeling away from it. Also ditching a bomb into space.... sounds familiar. Yea it's a trope in the Sentai franchise or mostly Toku in general. The bomb that gets thrown away into the sky or space as it blows up then. Hey at least the team had a flying mech or they would have been screwed then.
Now for Ucchi's fight, it was pretty short, but as I said before the MOTW did some research. He knew about Gold's weapons and was then blocking his attacks. Gold easily got tricky though as the two were clashing at one point as he shot the monster's eyes with his device. Then he began to fly and slash him. There was even the Sentai member having unknown strength trope since the monster knew that his baton would be more powerful than Gold's sword. It fails of course as Gold says his rage goes far beyond the monster's expectations. So yea the overall action was okay at best since the mech fight was just there and at least the monster had the image of being somewhat of a challenge.
This episode is alright, there is some good comedy here and there. I really liked the Amy and Lukcy comparisons as it even establishes their rivalry more. Sadly somethings weren't the best as character interaction was the highest. Also the butler was only okay since there wasn't anything to special being done with him. Then the action was bland with the mecha fight and Gold's fight was too short. Also some of the comedy doesn't work out. I would give this episode a C+
Next Time" Pteraiden-oh get's Macho!

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