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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 28 Review: Bird Control (Spoiler Alert!!!)

For this episode of Kyoryuger, Endolf continues his conquest for Resentment, but it seems he has other plans as well.
The first thing to mention is how great Endolf is in this episode. This is only his third episode and he is already thinking of great plans. First he starts his plan by finding a method to get his emotion, resentment, and Candy's emotion, happiness from one person. To make this even better this part of the plan was all a distraction. I will admit that I only knew this because of where the previous episode left off at. Personally I think that part shouldn't have been included since it does ruin the surprise in the episode. So even though Endolf found a way to get both emotions he was only using Candy so that he can get her to sing a song. His true plan was to capture Torin, but for what reasons?
Endolf's reasons for wanting Torin connects back to his past and a big part of his character. I will say I knew something had to be coming up soon ever since Torin had his fight with Chaos. Torin said that Chaos is his rival and we even get a little more details about the two. Chaos easily holds a grudge on Torin for a much bigger reason than just being defeated by him. I do remember myself wondering why these two are at each others throats for such a long time. Also I was even wondering who Torin was because he is clearly not a dinosaur in any form. So before I do get to the big reveal, I am happy that Torin got this character moment and I do like this moment so that is just another positive.
It ends up that Torin is actually a part of Debos and that he is Chaos' younger brother. I will have to say the whole brother part of the twist wasn't needed. This is because Torin could have just been a good warrior and follower of Debos during the time. Or maybe Chaos had some leadership over him, but started to appreciate him more than a soldier. This will get to when Torin betrays Debos and sides with the Dinosaurs since that would have left a bigger imprint on Chaos since he trusted Torin. I would guess the same does apply since they are brothers, but it just seems to be the easy way out. I will call crap on why Torin never told the team since this is some serious news that if brought up the wrong time could make the team think wrongly of him. Still for a twist, I wasn't expecting it.
What I even like more is how Chaos and Endolf was treating him. They were easily not trying to pick up an ally, but just trying to get the team off guard. Chaos even goes to brutality by having Endolf clipping one of Torin's wings. This would then probably explain on how Torin is having problems with fighting since he needs to live in the Frozen Castle like the other creatures of Debos do. I also love how Chaos proves the team of how Torin is a Debos by using the regenerating water on him since it only affects Debos. Torin becomes a giant and this alone proves that Torin is in fact a Debos. The series did do some good things to hint at this, but still keep it a secret even though the part with King's father was rather dumb and not needed.
Going back to the first half of the episode at first I was thinking it was going to be flaw. My reason was that it seemed rather too focused on the fight during that time. When thinking about it though, it actually works very well since Endolf had that whole part of his plan be a distraction. In a way it was like Endolf tricked the audience watching the show. So again I give props to Endolf once more, even though I do feel like the fight could have finished off the Hunter monster, but oh well I bet he will finished off with something special, like Carnival mode probably. It just felt wrong to have the first fight end with the monster running away since he could have done it much sooner and made the first half anti-climatic. Still having the first part of the episode still give the villains something of use like happiness and resentment was really good.
This guy made it a little funny, so quirky.
Now for the overall team dynamics it was rather strong, even though it was focusing heavily on Torin's character and back story. Everyone had a reaction to what was happening and when Torin attacked the team it was hard to watch him attack the team like he did. Then in the first fight, there were some good team moments along with using some different batteries. There were even teaming up moments that we haven't seen for a while. I am happy to see all of this happening because the series is picking itself up from a below average slump. Going on how the team was handling the situation was how I was expecting, but I wouldn't think King would go straight for Kyoryujin to help Torin.
Another good dynamic was how the villains were being used greatly as well. First is Candy, most of the times I am never happy with her since she just does the same thing. Thanks to Endolf though he gets her to perform a new song that makes Torin go berserk. I really loved this version of her song since not only did it sound dark and a little creepy at times, it was still very upbeat in a messed up way. I even love the presentation of the performance since she was wearing all black and acting a big more vicious than usual. I even love the moments when she was hacking at her own men. Chaos really stepped up in this episode since he was telling the story and just making things worse for the team. Endolf doesn't need anymore explanations since he was just on top of everything. The only weak part was Dogold in this episode since he just comes out of nowhere and tells the team about Endolf. I don't know his reasoning and even he doesn't know, so that was odd.
The action was very high and yet it got mixed around with some drama. Now for the first part as I said before I was very happy with the use of new batteries. Now I will say one strange moment for the action was when it cut to Endolf catching Torin. It really cut in the middle of the song and quickly came back to it. Personally, I think the fight should have just went out fully, because I could easily guess that Endolf had enough time to catch Torin even if the Hunter left in the middle of the fight. For the second part of the fight I did like how King was trying to save Torin had had to fight Chaos. Then when Torin attacked the team I liked how they did it since the last person to be sent flying was Nobu. I was expecting King to be the last person since you know it's King. Also I liked the mech fight since again, the team was thinking of a way to save him. Ucchi tried to get  the smoke ball that Lucky uses on giant monsters. Sadly they couldn't get it in time since Torin has the team stab him while in battle. Overall the fights were well done as they got mixed in nicely with the drama.
Another really strong episode for the series even with some hiccups here and there. Some of the story execution was off and there was odd cutting moments. The fights were still good though and the actual twist itself was presented well. I do wonder how this will continue in the second part as I give this episode an A-
Next Time: Carnival Mech weapons?

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