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Friday, February 7, 2014

Kyoryuger Episode 42 Review: AGAIN?! Why Kyoryuger Why?! (Spoiler Alert!!)

I just can't believe what the series just did, this is the opposite of what happened in episode twenty-nine. I will go on about that later, but let's at least get through most of the review before I go on a rant. This episode follows up from where the last one ended and even though I have recommended the series to do more two arcs for the story episodes, but now it even fails with that. Oh yea there is Christmas going on, Kyoryugers fighting Debos clones, and King King King.
For a follow up episode it really does this poorly as the major elements presented in the previous episode are mostly dropped. First for the Christmas focus it wasn't that strong in the first part, but here it's barely relevant. King had a discussion about the holiday, we saw kids cry, and the heroes enlighten their day. The monster is pretty much the same as before, but this time he is just there for the fights which is what Dogold wanted or should I say what someone else wanted. Another thing that was pretty much dropped was the Ucchi focus from the last episode. Ucchi was just in the fights just like the Santa monster and he had little scenes of dialogue. I was really expecting a final face off between Ucchi and Dogold since it should be time to start moving on... not now, I have to keep myself stable. What stays in this episode is more King focus, because we need more of that and the Debos clones which really felt underwhelming. Overall the first thing this episode fails at is being a follow up episode.
As I mentioned before the Debos clone fights have been brought to an end and it really shows how unnecessary they even were. First of all I have to question the heroes here, why the hell does a little change of a weapon make them stronger. I can see why Ian and Souji got a bigger advantage in the end as Spindai-oh goes Western with them. It's understandable since this robot took down a Debos clone pretty well and even though it was a quick finish for a new combination, it did leave with a bang. With Amy and Nossan they just got Macho and, automatic win! The same for Yayoi and the Spirit Rangers, but why did it take so long for them to finish their fight when Bunpachy was there before the sun even set. On top of that their finisher wasn't anything good since the whole thing was a really poor CGI model of the robot. Then for Torin all of a sudden he goes for the finisher. I will say though all of these fights just had a poor presentation because the suspense was already broken when it went for too long and now we just get a sudden finish to it, lovely.
So with Ucchi being dropped for this episode we got more King focus.... hooray. King talks with his father about how much he loves Christmas as he loves seeing families being happy together. His father starts to apologize because he wasn't there and didn't do what a normal father would have done. King is thankful for what happened though and it only gave him more of a appreciation for the holiday even more. This is actually something I can like since King is not having regrets and is happy for the life he has. It's a good trait to have and it really reminds me of Kamen Rider Wizard in many ways so thanks Kyoryuger you're making me think about a series I love more than you. During the scene, Torin returns and all of a sudden he reveals to Daigo that his father is the real King. It seems that his father can hear the Earth's melody and the whole time he was telling Torin when the Debos was attacking. I give credit that they kept that hidden pretty well, but this could have been brought up when Daigo was wondering what connected Torin and him. I'm going to focus on the positive here though I could actually like something about Daigo for once.
With the villains there is Dogold has his issue is still being focused on. He has a plan to try to take Daigo's father and this fails because of the Earth melodies that blessed him. The episode had Dogold being Dogold, just with a twist at the end which I will get to later. Other mentions here is that Aigarion comes back to get into the fights and he barely does much. Candy and Lucky didn't even do much, but that's the good thing here. The two are having issues of what to think about fighting on the side of Debos. Candy's reason is more logical because Nossan really opened up her eyes. The only reason I know of Lucky not being in the mood for fighting was because if he continues to fight and soon destroy the human race, there will be no more manga for him. So there isn't even that much for the villains except for two moments which I will get to after the next paragraph.
For the action I already mentioned how bad the giant fights were in this episode so we can ignore those fights. For the robot fight at the end it's pretty much the same. There are three robots this time, but it's nothing much. Gigant Kyoryujin got two attacks in, Pteraiden-oh got one attack, and Plezu-oh got one attack as well. Then it was off to the finisher and it's a cool idea to have the two robots help out with Gigant's finisher, but it's the same finisher still just with more beams. Even the on land fight was really disappointing since it was all ten Kyoryugers, but it's the same execution method as the last giant fight. The members just had one attack each and then it went straight to a finisher and even with all ten together for the ZyuDenchi finisher, it's still the same finisher! There was also Carnival Mode again, but it just cuts away from it until Daigo gets a big kick out of it. The action was really boring since the suspense was already broken from the previous episode and it just passed through them with flashy effects and not being actual fights.
Oh yea there was this moment, but it was so short, so who cares?
Now it's time.... Endolf does finally return as the whole time this plan was thought up by Endolf. The Christmas monster was actually made of resentment and not anger. During the whole time Endolf was being used a Dogold's body, he was taking control whenever he could and was even taking resentment from him. Pretty much, Endolf was just refreshing himself before breaking out of him. Now there is something here that I liked and something I really despise at the same time. Endolf was going to kill Dogold off, but the rest of his team defends him. Now I like that the villains are keeping some personal bonds to themselves, but I was expecting Chaos to just finish Dogold off. So in the end, the big twist of having Dogold using Endolf has a body is pointless since he just comes back in the end and Dogold is still around! So pretty much we are back to when Endolf was revealed as a new villain, so we are just backtracking even more. Why can't this series just make some big steps forward with writing off characters?
I can really think up a completely different episode that would have been much better. It would have been a goodbye for Dogold and actually put an end to his rivalry with Ucchi. When Ucchi delivers the final blow, Endolf then breaks out as he was waiting for the moment for Dogold's defenses to be lowered down. You can keep the Christmas part, the Debos clones, and everything else. This way it can actually be a follow up episode and bring an end for a rivalry and seeing that Ucchi has fought off his anger it seems fitting for the two to have their final duel. Also I mentioned before this so could have come earlier, like why wait over ten episodes for a weak twist like this? There is no impact, there is nothing changing, the series just added Endolf back into the series. It's like the writer for the series couldn't think of anything for Endolf in filler episodes so he just had him on a resting bench pretty much. I am happy that Endolf is back and with a few episodes left I hope he is going to be doing what he was doing before, but wow this whole thing just feels pointless.
That's about all I got for this episode. It was a pretty bad episode what more do I have to say. I am quite angry with the series right now as it brought back my anger from episode twenty-nine. There is no big movement except for additions there is no subtraction whatsoever. Along with that there were terrible fights and the okay build up ends up being wasted. At least I liked Daigo in this episode, I can't believe out of all the things I hate it wasn't Daigo. This episode gets a D-
Next Time: Souji's mother comes for a visit.


  1. After you are with kyoryugers can you make rant post?

    1. I think that will just be the series review even though I do have positives about the series as well.