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Friday, August 29, 2014

Shulk Revealed For Super Smash Bros!

I am so excited right now! I was watching the Nintendo Direct which was Japanese only so I wasn't expecting a trailer of any kind. Then the Smash logo came right at the beginning and when I saw the scenery I lost it. I knew of the many leaks that came out saying Shulk was in and I was confident he was going to be in. Still this is how I find out that the recent leak is real, the character I wanted the most in Smash 4! I may have ruined the other surprises that will be coming up in the next Smash game, but in the end nothing will ever get more excited than Shulk. He's been my most wanted for a long time and Xenoblade just keeps getting more love! I did an analysis post on this awesome newcomer, check it out ( First you should watch the trailer though as it was a really good one probably my third favorite newcomer trailer right behind Little Mac and Robin.

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