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Friday, October 31, 2014

Update For November

This is probably the most least active month for me ever. I'm really sorry I have been dealing with a job promotion, classes, and other surprises like yesterday I saved someone's life. Hopefully this next month will be when I bring my A game though. I will continue to work for Herotaku so make sure to check out the website frequently to see if I got a new article on there because anything that isn't Toku will be on that website, I also post my Toku related content on there as well, but anything non-Toku is exclusive to Herotaku. I will give you my plans for what I hope this month will bring. First of all any episode review starting on November 1st will be Gaim only. I'm going to finish Gaim so that I can head onto Double/Drive. Now for those wondering I will be skipping Toqger for episode reviews. This is because the show is just draining me and reviewing that series is one of my most painful experiences of reviewing for this site. I will get a full series review like I did with Go-busters, just don't expect it to be a positive review... I do plan to do more month specials after November and some could be for Herotaku only as of right now I am doing a Smash Bros Special for Herotaku and it will end sometime in November. Who knows I could even try to stream some Smash Bros when the Wii U Version comes out as I will make an update on that when I make my choice, could be a day one release stream. Overall, I am planning to get back into motion so I'm sorry to active readers for not getting as much content as before, I'm coming back with a bang folks!


  1. How did you save someone's life?! Its fine if you don't want to say though.

    1. Someone just had a seizure and I was the second person on the scene, it was absolutely terrifying, but the person made it okay.

  2. Good to see you're fine Sean.
    I enjoyed your video game blog entries.

    Regarding ToQger... I'm sorry it hasn't been your cup of tea.
    I guess you didn't have enough "imagination" to enjoy it. lol
    I'm aware it has gotten... mixed review from older audience, but has been doing well with children. The toy has been selling incredibly well; rumor states that it has nearly outsold last year.
    Personally, I quite enjoy the show pretty well. It isn't perfect and it can be bit boring, but it's fine for what it is. Way better than Kyoryuger IMO.
    Still looking forward for series review.
    It's such a shame you haven't enjoyed sentai for 3 years.
    Hopefully, next year sentai would make it up.
    Apparently, it's going to be ninja (what a surprise!) called Shuriken (Ninja Star) Sentai Ninninger (...I'm not kidding, that is a REAL title). It's going to be 3rd ninja theme though, so I'm bit skeptical and optimistic.
    If you don't enjoy it... expect 2016 (40th anniversary) to hope for another Gokaiger-ish series. lol

    I'm looking forward to see rest of Gaim reviews and Double (which I enjoy; I'm still baffled, how a guy who wrote a decent series wrote KyoryuJERK is beyond me. I guess his specialty is Kamen Rider and not Sentai). But I digress.
    I'm also looking forward for Drive, which is another series written by Sanjo.
    Once you finished with Gaim, it would be very interesting to see you review 2 Sanjo Rider series; e.g. Double -> Drive -> Double...

    Take Care.

    1. The problem with Toqger is that the series barely gets any thought processes from my mind. At least with both Go-busters and Kyoryuger I could think about why those shows had their issues. Toqger though just keeps playing the same note many times. I may not like Toqger, but if it does well good for the show and those who enjoyed it. Still two Sanjo series would really be celebrating five years of Double.

  3. Yup expect an episode review of Gaim on Sunday and then I will try to keep it going on a pattern. Days for Episode Reviews: Sun, Mon, Fri, and Sat.
    Herotaku Posts: Sun, Mon, Wed, and Sat