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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 39 Review: Storming The Castle (Spoiler Alert!!!)

In the previous episode of Gaim, Mai has been kidnapped by Micchy and he has completely lost it. Now Mai is in Micchy's grasps and that means she is closer to the Overlords themselves. Kouta wants to save Mai and now he has to trust one of his enemies to get into Yggdrasil Tower, Ryouma Warring.
Micchy at first was slowly going down the wrong path, but now he is clearly going down that path faster than ever! Micchy is still dealing with seeing his brother and even have arguments with him and he even offers his friends to be offered for Roshou. Things look bad for the kid and Kouta still wants to save him and I high chance even Mai feels this way also. She is seeing him at his worst and yet he thinks he got everything all wrapped up. Then there is the fact he is talking to himself and making himself angry, I can easily see how people were very split about this character. For one he has done a whole lot of wrong things, but again Kouta did as well even though he didn't know that Yuuya was an Inves. For many superhero series the saying "the ends justify the means" is highly used. Gaim though is breaking that down with just having the ends since Kouta still accepts what he has done as a sin. The same can be said for Micchy for his wrongdoings and everyone can redeem themselves later. I mean look at Kaito as well he uses power for his own use and he clearly knows that in the end he will have to do something that is labeled as horrible. Kaito doesn't mind because in the end his power will change the world as so he thinks and now Micchy is having that same thought process, it's just that Micchy is dealing with many psychological issues as well so he's twisted for that reason. Kouta has been told to change the world with his power and yet he still wonders how far he has to go and hopefully he can find that reason soon.
To really bring things to a full perspective about what I am talking about there was a scene in this episode that really shines. Ryouma makes a comment about how Jonouchi and Oren are probably dead from the horde of Inves. Kouta gets mad and starts acting irrational, but cannot still bring himself to punch Ryouma. Kaito though stops the argument saying that Ryouma is correct and yet he still gives him a punch to the face saying that he shouldn't be that cruel. Again Kaito knows that there are no means and the end is what stays true, but even he won't go as low by not respecting anyone who sacrifices themselves for any cause. Ryouma then is very much a man who just wants the end for his desires and he will use anyone to get to that. This series just opens up how "hero" characters just work by bringing out many different traits for each character. There is Kouta who is the noble hero who still wants to stay true to the idea of the hero by saving everyone. Kaito is the monarch, but not a cruel one he understands that people will do anything for a cause and some die for that and he will keep moving and have people follow him. Kaito has shown his view on what other people think though and if they got the power to do so then they are strong in their own way like we have seen his scenes with Mai. Then Micchy is the one who struggles and cannot find his path so he tries to go on both and when one completely breaks he will zoom through the only option left. I just hope this just stays true throughout the rest of the series.
Reminding me of Mai she is left in Roshou's care because Micchy knows that the others will be coming to save her. Even though Mai is in the forest and is left to hang out with the ruler of the Overlords she stays calm. Mai knows her friends will be trying to save her and she still has trust in Micchy. Roshou is confused and wonders why Mai still does trust him and her reason works with the theme I've been talking about. Mai simply says just because someone betrays you that they could still could be trusted. Many times betrayal shows a complete change of character and Micchy does change, but he changes too many times. If Micchy does find his way he could become a better person. Kouta killed someone before and yet he is still acting like a noble hero and wants to atone for his sins. Meanwhile someone like Kaito has been fighting Team Gaim in the beginning of the series and even ruled over the competition during the Inves games and yet he got people to group up together because they trust his power. Micchy though is still being a trusted fellow because Kouta and Mai know that he can be saved.
There was also a scene with Ryouma that really got my interest as well as he talks with Kouta about bonds and relationships. Ryouma says there are people who put great value in bonds or put no value in them. Ryouma is simply a man who is "afraid" by that he clearly means that he only wants to worry about his own life and his desires. He uses Kouta as an example, he says that Kouta should abandon his family and friends and not even worry about Yuuya's death because that way the stress will be gone. Kouta simply says he cannot do such a thing because those bonds what made him powerful and keeps him going. Ryouma just wants his own desires and will barely let anyone share his desires if they don't feel the same passion he does for power. Also Ryouma is a fun character, he is the mad doctor and he loves it! The best episode to show that would be the Kikaider episode because the glory that is Ryouma putting his brain into Hikaider is outstanding!
I mentioned that Jonouchi and Oren offered themselves for the cause and it seems like that because they had to fight many and I mean many Inves! If they did die there (which I bet they didn't), that would be a great glorifying moment for them. Now Oren being a soldier in a past it would make sense since I bet he has seen others do this during his time in the conflict. Jonouchi though is a different case; he was a coward for the majority of the first part of the series. Now he is going all brawn along with Oren and can actually keep his own up. Also knowing that these two won't die I want to see how they got out of that situation, did they really defeat all of those Inves? Either way it was a cool moment for these two minor characters and again moments like those makes any character memorable or luckily it was a good moment.
Along with that there was a bit more action compared to other episodes which is fine since there was enough character work in the previous episode. This episode is setting things up and yet following up on aspects as well. The whole heading to Yggdrasil Tower and having Mai with Roshou will lead to something big, We also got to see more of Micchy being crazy and being lost on his path. I usually see one or the other happen, but having both is hard to do. Episode thirty-nine does that well and even with the bigger focus on action there was a glorious amount of it!
I loved how Baron, Marika, and Knuckle have a fight together as this is pretty much the new Team Baron. Even with the fact they had to face many CGI models this episode knew how to do this and that is by throwing all of the CGI! There was a whole lot of it and that makes it hard to really focus on the models, but that's not bad. You know what they are and what is happening, but not getting the full focus actually helps since the CGI is not the best. So by throwing more it can create a bit of chaos, but that can be exciting in its own way. There was also the use of Watermelon with Knuckle as I love the idea of watermelon knuckles! The better fight was with Ryouma and Kouta though since we got to see more of Ryouma. I love the idea that Ryouma toyed with his own Genesis Drive to make him strong since that makes sense. He is a scientist and not the best fighter so he just gives himself some boost to make himself stronger than the usual warrior. Ryouma even makes his finisher has a big difference to it and it's such a cheap tactic. He summons images of himself to distract the enemy and then he sends the final arrow at them, how cheap is that? How Ryouma fights simply fits his character and he is a mad doctor who loves to take cheap shots, I love it.
Episode thirty-nine as I said before was a more action based episode, but they did know how to cram the important character plots as well. There is a great amount of set up for what is coming up as I can tell the fight with more Overlords is coming! Ryouma was absolutely glorious with how vile he is since he has a funny way of presenting himself. Then this episode is really making the themes easier to see as that could mean the really big moments will be coming since there aren't many episodes left. Still this episode gets an A- because even though it did feel good, there was a bit too much crammed in.
Next Time: What the HELL?!

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